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    Apple TV+ is available: price, catalog and how to get 1 year of free subscription

    Apple TV+ is available in around 10 countries including Spain, as long as you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or other compatible device. Those who purchased an iPhone, iPad or Mac after September 2019, XNUMX get free access for one year.

    Apple TV+ is available: price, catalog and how to get 1 year of free subscription

    After Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, Apple TV+ is available and adds density to an increasingly large – and potentially expensive – streaming video platform offering.

    Apple TV+: service price

    Apple TV+ is offered cheaper than Netflix, at €4,99 per month. A 7-day free trial period is available – after which the subscription will automatically renew.

    How to subscribe to Apple TV+

    Subscribing to Apple TV+ is very simple:

    • If the TV app doesn't already exist on your Mac, iPad, iPod, or iPhone, download it from the App Store or Mac App Store
    • Launch the TV app
    • Follow the instructions to subscribe

    How to cancel Apple TV+

    It suffices for this:

    • On your iPhone or iPad go to your iCloud settings
    • Choose Apple TV + and Unsubscribe

    Note that the termination of the service is immediate (you immediately lose access). Above all, do not cancel the service during your trial period: you will no longer be able to benefit from free months.

    Which devices are compatible with Apple TV+?

    Originally, the TV+ service was mainly compatible with Apple devices:

    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod
    • Mac
    • Apple TV

    But Apple recently ported the app to other platforms, including third-party branded Smart TVs and set-top-boxes:

    • Samsung Smart TV 2018 and later
    • LG Smart TV 2018 and later
    • Smart TV VIZIO 2016 and later models
    • Roku
    • Amazon Fire TV

    Apple TV+ also exists on the web, such as Netflix and Prime Video, which now allows access to the service from any PC (Windows/Linux) via the site Note that the Apple TV application has also been spotted in a Microsoft Insiders test for Xbox One, Series X and Series S consoles. Suggesting an imminent arrival.

    Apple TV+: how to get one year of free subscription

    New iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac compatible with the latest version of iOS (13.2), iPadOS, tvOS or macOS (Catalina) purchased after September 10, 2019 from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller are eligible for one year of free subscription.

    To enjoy :

    1. Turn on your new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD or Mac and sign in with your Apple ID
    2. Open the app Apple tv
    3. The offer must be presented immediately after the launch of the app if applicable scroll down the screen until the offer appears
    4. touch Enjoy 1 Year Free (Enjoy 1 year free)

    You will not be charged during the one-year free trial period

    Apple TV+: catalog at launch

    The service does not rely on quantity, but a handful of qualitative content:

    • Amazing Stories : new series from Steven Spielberg
    • The Morning Show : a series around a morning talk show, by Jennifer Aniston, Reese Whiterspoon and Steve Carell
    • See : new series with actors Jason Momoa and Alfree Woodward
    • Little America : a humorous program on immigration, by Kumail Nanjiani
    • Helpsters : a youth program to teach children to code while having fun
    • Little voice : a romantic comedy by JJ Abrahms
    • Toxic Labor, a series on mental health, by Oprah Winfrey who is also preparing a Talk Show billed as “the most stimulating book club in the world”

    On peut citer également : Dickinson, For All Mankind, Snoopy dans l'Espace, Ghostwriter, Oprah's Book Club, The Elephant Queen, Servant, Truth be Told, Little America, Hala, Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, Visible: out on television, The Banker, Home Before Dark, Home, Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth, Fraggle Rock, Beastie Boys Story, Defending Jacob, Trying, Central Park, Dads, Greyhound, Little Voice, Greatness Code, The Oprah Conversation, Boys State, Ted Lasso, Long Way Up ou encore Tehran.

    New releases should also arrive in the coming months, including On the Rocks, Tiny World, Becoming You, Doug Unplugs, Stillwater, The Earth at Night in Color, Mariah Carey Magical Christmas Special and Billie Ellish (documentary).

    Apple TV+: subtitles, multilingual dubbing, family sharing… features

    Apple TV offers qualitatively very accomplished features: according to our tests, the language selection for subtitles and dubbing is particularly extensive – which is probably not surprising for a service launched simultaneously in a hundred countries.

    Read also: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Canal+ Series, OCS, Disney+, Apple TV+ – video streaming comparison

    Apple TV+ is also eligible for iCloud Family Sharing (which lets you share your subscription with family or friends).

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