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    Asus FX570Z review: testing a highly sought-after laptop

    Asus FX570Z review: testing a highly sought-after laptop

    The Asus FX570Z is one of the most sought-after computers on TechnologiesTips, certainly due to its sub-$700 price tag. So it was time to see what he has in his stomach and if he really deserves your attention.


    The Asus FX570Z is not a much talked about computer. However, it is one of the most consulted by the readers of our site. It seems to attract your interest thanks to its attractive technical characteristics (AMD Ryzen 5 processor and GTX 1050 graphics chip) and its attractive price (less than 700 €). But beware of the trap.


    Plastic, It's Fantastic ! On this chassis, Asus has chosen all plastic of poor quality. What it gains in lightness, it loses in design, the plastic giving it a cheap patent appearance. In addition, the grainy plastic creaks under the fingers and does not seem to be solid.

    Visually, Asus gives us a brushed surface on the hood. Nevertheless, the manufacturer adds a touch of originality with a turquoise border of the most beautiful effect which saves the table a little. However, the Asus FX570Z has nothing to stand out from the competition.

    This model has a keyboard that is far from being a success, with a fairly short stroke and unpleasant keystroke feedback, even if the keystroke remains relatively precise. This mediocre keyboard is, however, correct compared to the touchpad, whose on-screen cursor is often lost during user manipulations and which squeaks with each press.

    The connection is for its part very correct, since the PC offers a USB Type-C port, a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, an Ethernet as well as a microSD card reader, all this in addition to the traditional mini-jack socket.

    Using a screwdriver, it is possible to open the PC. However, it only opens on the side of the keyboard and does not leave much amplitude to access the components; unless you remove the plugs connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. A dangerous operation to be reserved for very experienced users. It is then possible to add a 2,5 inch SSD or RAM.

    During our usual test protocol (Metro Last Light benchmark for one hour), the Asus FX570Z never exceeded 37°C on the surface. As for the noise, it remains relatively discreet (40 dB (A)), which is quite correct in game. The hiss is therefore audible, but not very annoying.


    The 15,6-inch TN panel displays a definition of 1 x 920 px. The screen / facade ratio is low (only 1%), but this is far from being the main problem of this PC. 


    contrast 290:1


    Delta E 12,2


    temperature 12K

    During our visit to the lab, the FX570Z panel delivered very poor results. This is one of the worst screens passed in our columns. The contrast measured by our probe drops to a poor 290:1. The temperature rises to 12 K, very far from the video standard (200 K). The screen therefore pulls severely towards the blue. The average Delta E was measured at 6, which testifies to displayed colors that are very far from reality. On closer inspection, no screen color is true to the original color.

    From left to right, the gamma curve, color temperature, and delta E.

    The maximum brightness is not terrible either and is limited to 230 cd / m², which does not facilitate work outside. The persistence is for its part correct (measured at 8 ms) – TN screen obliges.

    So we have the impression of looking at a catastrophic screen that is ten years behind. Just watching a dark video is a real pain.


    The Asus FZ570X is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 2500UI processor (4 cores, 8 threads, frequencies ranging from 2 to 3,6 GHz) supported by 8 GB of RAM and has a 512 GB SSD. Solid characteristics which provide good power, without sparking either.

    During our usual test protocol (video editing, photo editing, file compression, 3D calculation), the Asus PC reached a score of 71 on our scale of values, an honorable score. It is thus placed neck and neck with other models in the same price segment, such as Huawei's Matebook D. The FX570Z will therefore be able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks in good conditions, but may find itself struggling with heavy video editing or advanced photo editing.


    The FX570Z features an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB) graphics card that brings some graphics power to the PC. However, that does not make it a gaming PC. During our usual test protocol (settings in Ultra mode, definition in 1 x 920 px, vertical synchronization deactivated), here are the results obtained on the sequences of our test games:

    Metro Last Light : 47 i/s
    Rise of the Tomb Raider : 20 i/s
    Civilization VI: 32 i / p
    Assassin's Creed Origins : 26 i/s
    Far Cry 5 : 22 i/s
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 : 33 i/s
    The Witcher 3 : 23 i/s

    Very average results as it is. However, by cutting back a little on the quality of the graphics – by putting them on “medium”, for example – the player can easily go beyond 40 fps on the most recent games.

    Mobility / Autonomy

    With its weight of 1,96 kg, the Asus FX570Z is not really designed to be transported everywhere, even if its plastic chassis makes it lighter than aluminum. Its 15-inch format allows it to find a place in a large bag.

    Autonomy is disappointing. During our usual test protocol (Netflix under Chrome, brightness set to 200 cd / m², headphones plugged in), the PC shut down after 4 h 8 min. A disappointing score which places it below the market average in this segment.


    On the loudspeaker side, the FX570Z tried to save the furniture thanks to pre-installed software (AudioWizard). Once the Music profile is activated, it provides balanced sound and intelligible voices. Also noteworthy is controlled distortion… and that's the least it could do, given the ridiculous power of the speakers. Indeed, they emit a sound so weak that it becomes inaudible in a somewhat noisy environment. In addition, these speakers are placed in the front, in the corners, which is the worst possible placement on a laptop, the sound being very far from the screen and muffled by the surface on which the PC is placed.

    The headphone jack shows very good results in the lab. Maybe it just lacks a bit of power.


    Weak points


    Note globale

    The Asus FX570X has a very correct configuration at a very attractive price. However, the sacrifices made on the screen, the speakers, the keyboard and the autonomy are too important to hoist this portable at least in the average of the market. We advise against it.

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