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    Bosch Tassimo My Way test: the pod coffee maker signs its revival

    Bosch Tassimo My Way test: the pod coffee maker signs its revival

    Last September, Bosch presented its latest capsule machine, the Tassimo My Way. If this small name could suggest some routines of use could not be more monotonous, the reality is very different. Indeed, this new machine marks a renewal within the catalog.


    This year, Bosch launched not one, but two capsule coffee makers. After presenting the Vivy 2, here is the German manufacturer lifting the veil on its Tassimo My Way. Some might think that with such a name, this coffee maker takes up the ergonomics and/or the principle of Tassimo machines. However, there is nothing. With the My Way, Bosch focuses above all on the personalization of recipes. What confuse many Tassimo coffee lovers, since the T-Disc system which is the pride of Tassimo automates the preparation of drinks, by adjusting the quantity of water necessary and its temperature according to the pod inserted in the machine. So what about this new version launched at €119,99? Does it sit on its fully automated concept?

    Ease of use

    The Tassimo My Way differs a little from its elders by its design, which this time goes off the beaten track. Larger than the previous models, the My Way remains quite light (2,7 kg) and can therefore be placed on a shelf.

    The Tassimo My Way is unlike any of its predecessors.

    As so often, plastic is in the spotlight, including on the "false" chrome parts. The material used is not of poor quality, the machine does not give the impression of fragility, especially when lifting the top cover to insert the T-Discs or even when removing the cup rest. All the elements seem solid and should hold up well to the test of time and handling.

    The cup rest, which is quite wide by the way, can be adjusted in height to adapt to the size of the cup, which avoids splashing – a significant point. Three heights are available, for small and large cups, then for mugs.

    Three levels are available for the cup rest.

    As for the water tank, it is relegated to the rear of the machine. Its capacity of 1,3 l is sufficient not to force the user to refill it too often. It is accessible behind the black plastic cover, it is removed and inserted by pulling it upwards, which allows it to be kept in a straight position; it's more practical than on the Vivy where you had to lean it. When there is not enough water in the tank, the machine locks up and prevents any preparation, which is a very good thing because no capsule is thus sacrificed. We appreciate this behavior all the more in the face of certain machines which, like the Nespressos, do not hesitate to waste very expensive capsules.

    The water tank with a capacity of 1,3 l is accessible at the rear of the machine.

    Where the Tassimo My Way differs considerably from previous models is in its control panel which offers many options, more than usual. The sensitive keys allow you to adjust the intensity of the aroma (light, medium, strong), the length of the coffee in the cup (small, medium, large) as well as the desired temperature (lukewarm, hot, hot). 4 numbered keys are added to program 4 different recipes. The instructions, very explicit, clear and illustrated, help to personalize your drinks very easily, which is very pleasant.

    The control panel with sensitive keys.

    This Tassimo My Way machine therefore provides many customization options, which can come to qualify the default settings offered by the T-Disc system. The machine takes into account all the settings relating to the drink depending on the capsule inserted (amount of water, temperature and intensity), and the user can then adjust these settings to his liking to have a more or less short coffee, hot or intense. And the ease with which these customization options are accessed (by maintaining pressure on the central key until the end of the preparation) somewhat enriches the experience, while granting more freedom.

    Easy maintenance

    All removable parts are easily removed and can go in the dishwasher. However, we strongly recommend manual washing to prolong their life.

    Like its predecessors, the Tassimo My Way incorporates an indicator light that lights up red when the machine needs to be descaled. This option is particularly rare on machines in this range, and yet so useful. As a reminder, maintenance has an impact on the performance and longevity of a machine.

    Finally, where we criticized the Vivy 2 for letting a few drops escape after preparing a coffee, the Tassimo My Way is certainly better optimized and manages the end of the flow perfectly well, without leaving a trace. Thus, the machine remains intact in all circumstances.


    Neither really slow nor really fast, the Tassimo machines prepare the first morning coffee in a fairly decent amount of time. The My Way preheats in 26s, which is quite fast, and takes 40s to extract a long coffee (110ml) with the default settings. It therefore takes 1 min and 6 s to make the first coffee in the morning from the start of the machine. The extraction time necessarily differs according to the drink selected, the information being provided to the machine by the T-Disc. It takes 53 s to make a mug of coffee (230 ml).

    For the second cup, it takes 53 s, which is a bit long for a ready-to-use coffee machine. Between each preparation, the machine again preheats a little shorter than the first.

    Power Consumption

    In standby, the machine consumes 0,3 W and since it does not have an on/off switch that can reduce its consumption to 0, its rating is penalized. Its peak consumption when preparing a drink reaches 1 W, a value in the average of the models tested (which oscillate between 366 and 1 W). And with regard to the preheating time (000 s), it remains quite contained.


    With 51 dB measured, we can say that this machine is among the quietest. This is the lowest value we found.

    Availability of capsules

    More than a coffee machine, the Tassimo is a multi-drink machine. If the coffee it prepares is less appealing than that of other machines on the market, it offers an interesting versatility for families or those who like to vary. And this is one of Tassimo's strengths.

    Tassimo does not offer compatible pods marketed by major retail brands, T-Disc system requires. On the other hand, T-Discs are quite easily found in supermarkets or on the Internet.

    Readers' taste

    We have chosen not to rate the taste of the coffee ourselves, the criterion being subjective. You, readers, have the opportunity to vote to rate the coffees you have had the opportunity to taste, at home, with friends, on vacation...

    In the case of drinks made with the Tassimo machine, coffee is not very popular with our readers, since 46,4% do not know its taste. Of those who have tasted it, the majority (18,8%) give it a 3-star rating.


    • Ease of use and maintenance.

    • T-Disc system with optical barcode reading for automatic setting.

    • Customization options for more freedom.

    • Silent.

    • Descaling detector.

    • Catalog of beverages.

    • Availability of capsules.

    Weak points

    • One cup at a time.

    • Consumes electricity in standby.

    • Preheat between each preparation, even consecutive.

    • No compatible capsule.


    Note globale

    With the Tassimo My Way, Bosch upsets the Tassimo codes a bit and marks a real break in its catalog. This new machine offers more freedom to users who wish to break free from the fully automatic T-Disc system. And that's a very good thing, because these additional options (intensity, quantity and temperature settings) are in principle reserved for automatic machines with a grinder. In fact, this coffee machine will delight those who want to play with recipes and are looking for a catalog of varied drinks. Espresso lovers, on the other hand, go your way: its pressure of 3,3 bars is not sufficient to make it.

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