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    HandBrake (Windows / Mac / Linux)

    The first of the video converters I want to suggest you to experiment with is HandBrake. Haven't you ever heard of it? Strange, he is very famous. Either way you don't have to worry, we can fix it immediately. It is a great open source software for converting video files without spending a cent. It is extremely simple to use, has a fairly basic user interface and allows you to generate MP4 or MKV movies from all major video file formats. It also integrates a whole series of ready-to-use profiles through which it is possible to further simplify the conversion procedure by simply selecting the one of interest. Sure, it doesn't offer much variety in terms of output but if you don't have any needs other than those in question it's definitely worth a try.

    To use it, you must first download it to your computer. To do this, the first step you need to take is to connect to its official website. Then press the button Download HandBrake, open the file HandBrake-xx-Win GUI.exe just downloaded on your PC and first click on Si, Then Next, its  I Agreeinstall and to conclude on Finish.

    If you are using a Mac instead, open the package in .dmg you downloaded from the program website and copy the HandBrake icon into the folder Applications of macOS. Then right-click on the software icon and select apri from the menu that appears in such a way as to circumvent the restrictions imposed by Apple against unauthorized developers.

    You are now ready to use the software! Then start HandBrake by clicking on its icon and then presses the button Open Soruce in the program window that appeared on the screen and select the video on your computer that you want to convert into one of the two supported formats. Then select the conversion profile that best suits your needs from the list on the right (if you are using a Mac and cannot view it you must first click on the button Toggle Presets located at the top right). Alternatively, you can also select the profile Normal to create a standard video.

    Finally, verify that the desired output video format is selected in the drop-down menu Container (its Windows) oppure Size: (on Mac) and start the transformation of the movie by clicking on the button Start encode (its Windows) oppure Home (on Mac). Then wait for the operation to be completed. By default you will find the output file in the same location as the input file.

    I would also like to point out that if you have special needs and you also want to intervene on audio, subtitles and any chapters of your video file, you can use (before starting the conversion, of course) the options attached to the relevant tab in the program window.

    Adapter (Windows / Mac)

    Another excellent software that can undoubtedly compete for the position of the best video converter is Adapter. It is a free program based on FFMPEG, well-known open source software for processing multimedia files, capable of transforming all the main video file formats together: MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, FLV etc. It has a nice user interface and is also sufficiently intuitive. It offers several preset profiles and a good degree of customization of the video characteristics through the on-screen settings.

    To download it to your computer, connect to its official website and press the button Download Adapter found on the home page. After that, if you are using Windows, open the file Adapter-xxxexe just obtained, click on Si, Then OK and subsequently on Next. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the agreement and click again on Next for six consecutive times, then press on install and to finish click on Finish. During the installation procedure they will also be downloaded from the Internet FFmpeg (the aforementioned free and open source component essential for the correct functioning of the Adapter) e VLC (the famous media player which in this case is indispensable for viewing the previews of the files to be converted).

    If you are using a Mac instead, open the package in .dmg just downloaded and drag the software icon to the folder Applications of macOS. At the first start of the Adapter you will be asked, even in this case, to download FFMPEG. Click on the button Continue to accept and wait a few seconds for the procedure to be completed.

    Then, drag the video to convert in the main window of the software (if you do not display it automatically on the desktop, start the program), go to the drop-down menu at the bottom center and choose the output format you prefer. In Video> General find all generic file formats while clicking on options AppleTabletsNintendo etc. you can get videos optimized for various models of smartphones, tablets and video game consoles.

    If you need to fine-tune the output video parameters, please also click thegear which is located in the lower left and use the options that are shown to you in the right sidebar. If you want to add subtitles, watermarks or audio tracks to the videos to be converted, you must instead drag them into the field Layers located at the bottom of the right sidebar.

    Then you can start converting the video by simply clicking on the button Convert. By default, the output folder is that Video on Windows and that Movies your Mac.

    Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

    Another great software that I recommend you try if you use a PC with Windows installed is Freemake Video Converter. This is an additional program for converting movies at no cost that allows you to work on all major video file formats and create videos compatible with all the most popular devices. The only thing that must be taken into account is that it adds a watermark to the converted video and screens with its logo at the beginning and at the end of the latter: two limitations that can only be removed by purchasing the paid version of the program ( 9,95 euros per year or 19,95 euros one-time).

    To download Freemake Video Converter on your PC you need to connect to the software website and click on the button Free download. Once the download is complete, open the software installation package FreemakeVideoConverter.exe click her cousin Yes and then OK e NEXT. If you do not want to send anonymous statistics on the use of the software to Freemake remember to remove the check from the item Help improve Freemake software by automatically submitting anonymous usage statistics and problem reports to Freemake.

    Then select the option Custom installationpiggy back his NEXT and uncheck any options below to avoid installing additional promotional programs. Then click on NEXT and wait for all the files needed to install Freemake Video Converter to be downloaded from the Internet. When done, click the button end.

    Then wait for the program window to appear on the desktop and click on the button + Video top left. Then choose the file to convert, indicate the output format using the buttons located at the bottom and use the drop-down menu profiles in the window that opens to select the quality of the final file you want to obtain. Then click on the button [...] to specify the folder to export it to and start the video transformation by clicking on the button Converted. The default output folder is that Video.

    I also point out that if you need, by clicking on the icon scissors you see appear next to the thumbnail of each video before conversion you can also trim and rotate the movie to your liking.

    Format Factory (Windows)

    As an alternative to all the above software you can try, always on Windows, Format Factory. It allows you to convert all major video file formats but also music and photos. It has a user interface completely translated into citt脿n, it is very easy to use and offers several useful options.

    To immediately download it to your computer, connect to the program's website and click on the button Download site 1 (if the download does not start, try clicking on the other buttons). Once the download is complete, open the FormatFactory installation package FFSetupx.xxxexe and click the button first Yeson that one Install and then end.

    After the installation is complete, remove the check marks from the two screen options (Install Format Factory to system menu tray e Install Picosmos Picture Tools) and click your OK. Now, make sure the tab is selected Video from the left sidebar (and if not, select it yourself) and click on the icon for the file format you want to convert your files to. Then click on the button Add files and select the video to transform.

    Finally, click the button Modification to select the destination folder of the converted video and click on first OK and then vai to start the procedure.

    Other video converters

    Did the above software not thrill you and are you looking for alternatives? Then try the programs listed below. I'm sure you will be able to find at least one that will satisfy you.

    • Any Video Converter (Windows / Mac) - It is one of the most popular free video converting software out there. It supports a variety of different formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, DVD, WebM and MP3, and allows you to create movies compatible with iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, PSP and other portable devices .
    • Total Video Converter Lite (Mac) - It is one of the best free video converters for macOS on the Mac App Store. It supports all major video file formats, including HD, and provides its users with a wide range of different conversion profiles.
    • Movavi Video Converter (Windows) - Another great no-cost video converter that supports a good number of both input and output formats. It also integrates some additional features such as the one that allows you to extract audio from movies, the one thanks to which you can create animated GIFs and so on.
    • Free Media Converter (Windows) - A free software for PC that allows you to convert and compress videos in various file formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, ASF, VOB, MPG, WMV, MP2, FLV, SWF, MOV and many more. It also supports the conversion of DVDs to compressed file formats (eliminates some of the most popular copy protections) and is capable of extracting audio tracks from movies.
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