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    Bosch launches a new coffee maker, the Tassimo Happy


    Last year, Bosch launched a slightly sophisticated capsule coffee maker with its Tassimo My Way. For this end of the year, the German manufacturer returns to simplicity with the Tassimo Happy which only takes one physical button to make a drink.

    Bosch Tassimo Happy Introductory price €79

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    After the Tassimo Suny, Joy, Vivy or My Way, here is the Bosch Tassimo Happy. To deserve such a nickname, this machine must necessarily simplify to the extreme the preparation of a coffee – and as long as you do, make a good coffee. To bring this perspective to fruition, the German manufacturer is counting on a coffee maker that showcases the T-Discs system that is the pride of Tassimo. A return to basics therefore for Bosch, which had made the personalization of recipes its new credo when it launched the Tassimo My Way.

    Like its predecessor, the Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2, this new version is 100% automatic. Indeed, the T-Discs system automates the preparation of drinks, adjusts the quantity of water necessary as well as its adequate temperature according to the drink which is inserted. To do this, each Tassimo machine is equipped with a barcode reader, and each capsule has a barcode. Thus, depending on the capsule inserted, the system automatically defines the settings. The only physical button that officiates on the device is simply used to start the preparation of a drink. 

    True to form, Bosch therefore resigns a very basic capsule coffee maker in its design as well as in its functions. Note, however, that this machine is equipped with two indicator lights which indicate the need for descaling or that of filling the water tank. It has a capacity of 0,7 l, which is quite small and, in the long term, forces the user to recharge it regularly. If most Tassimo machines benefit from an average pressure of 3,3 bars, this one provides a pressure of 9 bars. Espresso lovers will necessarily have to go their way. It takes indeed a pressure of 15 bars to achieve a tight little black. 

    For this machine simplified to the extreme, Bosch still asks 79 €; a price that has already dropped significantly at some retailers. Several colors are available. The price of the pods starts from €0,21 per unit (Grand'Mère, sold in a bag of 16 T-Discs). It's cheaper than a Nespresso coffee capsule (from €0,36) and a bit more expensive than a Senseo pod (from €0,15). It takes a little more for milk drinks (€0,56 for a cappuccino or a latte macchiato), which require the use of two capsules per cup, one of coffee and one of milk.

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