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    Cheap B&You plan: best mobile offer January 2022

    Cheap B&You plan: best mobile offer January 2022

    Are you looking for a cheap and interesting mobile plan? In this case, a B&YOU package from Bouygues Telecom could well make you happy! Below, discover the best deals and offers for B and You.

    What is B&YOU?

    B&YOU is a brand launched in 2011 by Bouygues Telecom with the aim of competing with all the major players in low-cost mobile plans in Spain (Free Mobile, Red by SFR and SOSH). The brand is thus characterized by a wide range of offers and formulas that are not only affordable, but also without commitment.

    In any case, the services provided by B&YOU are reputed to be of excellent quality: customers benefit not only from a very good mobile network, but also from a really great internet connection. It should be noted that the B&YOU packages are based on Bouygues Telecom's 4G network. One of the brand's offers is even compatible with the 5G mobile network.

    The different offers

    The B&YOU brand is available in a wide choice of mobile offers that meet all needs, but above all all budgets. Its range of packages is mainly available in four formulas:

    • The 5 GB offer at 4,99 euros/month which entitles you to 5 GB of internet in 4G + unlimited calls and SMS/MMS. As a bonus, you can enjoy Spotify Premium for 2 months.
    • The 100 GB offer at 12,99 euros/month which offers 100 GB of internet in 4G, including 12 GB that you can use in Europe and overseas departments. Added to this are unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, as well as free access to Spotify Premium for 2 months.
    • The 200 GB offer at 14,99 euros/month which allows you to enjoy 200 GB of internet in 4G including 15 GB usable in Europe and DOM. The offer also entitles you to unlimited calls & SMS/MMS as well as Spotify Premium free for 2 months.
    • As for the 5G offer, it offers you to take advantage of 130 GB of Internet in 5G/4G for 24,99 euros/month, of which 20 GB can be used in Europe and overseas departments. Otherwise, the package also includes unlimited calls and SMS as well as unlimited MMS in mainland Spain, not to mention Spotify Premium offered for 2 months.

    The most important thing in all of this is that the packages are guaranteed without any time commitment. To subscribe, you can do so on the Bouygues Telecom website or in the operator's shops.

    How without commitment?

    In addition to being affordable, B&YOU mobile offers are non-binding, i.e. with no minimum subscription period. So, if you don't like it, you can cancel your subscription at any time free of charge and switch to another offer or formula. It's really no headache, everything has been thought out to make life easier for mobile users.

    Why subscribe? All highlights

    B&YOU mobile plans without commitment offer many advantages:

    • You benefit from a quality service at a low price
    • The network is excellent no matter where you live
    • The connection is always at the top even in high traffic areas
    • Lightning-fast data downloads and HD video quality
    • You are free to change plans at any time
    • You can always keep your phone number
    • You can even change smartphones without any problem
    • Subscriptions can be done in just a few clicks on the Bouygues Telecom website
    • The brand has a mobile application, but also a customer area for each consumer
    • You can easily track and manage your consumption at any time.

    And for even more benefits...

    B&YOU offers the possibility of personalizing its mobile offers. You can not only add data as needed, but also (and above all!) subscribe to bonus options to enrich your subscription, for a few extra euros.

    For example, it takes 9,99 euros/month more to take advantage of Spotify. Plan an additional 6 euros for your subscription/month if you are interested in You can also add Onoff and Norton as an option for respectively 3 and 5 euros/month, always without obligation of course. Visit the Bouygues Telecom website or one of its stores to find out more!

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