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    Data recovery from a burnt hard drive

    This is how we operate when burnt hard drives are delivered to us. Analysis of a real case.

    We at Infolab Data have all the necessary equipment to attempt to recover data from a burnt hard disk. Recently in one of our offices we have been delivered hard drives that have withstood a major fire. Some parts of the media were burned out, as the hard drives were exposed to very high temperatures. In addition, water and foam were used to put out the fire, which inevitably wet the hard drives as well.

    Given the truly extreme circumstances, the I recover the data it seemed impossible. We proceeded by examining the state of the hard drives, opening them in the laminar flow hood. Then the inside of the disc was fixed and cleaned. In addition, the electronic and mechanical parts were checked. It consisted of a Western Digital hard drive and a Seagate.

    After all the operations performed, we were able to successfully recover the 95% of the data. In the following image it is possible to see the exact area, indicated in red, where the supports were found. It is clear that this is a major fire, and we are proud to have been able to restore most of the files successfully.

    If your storage medium is damaged in a fire, you can contact us for advice. We can help you recover your files.

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