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    Types of Ransomware and How to Recover Files

    Ransomware has evolved strongly. Here are the various types and what are the methods to recover files.

    Types of Ransomware and How to Recover Files

    Over the past few years, viruses that encrypt files asking for a ransom to be able to decrypt them, that is ransomware, have had a great impact even in your country. There have been many people who have found themselves with unusable files, renamed with particular extensions without the possibility of recovering them.

    The moment a PC gets infected from this kind of virus, you can recover files without paying the ransom, or do you have to give up?

    In recent months there have been some developments that have made it possible to decrypt files through a series of solutions that are not easily applicable by the user. So it is advisable to contact specialized companies, such as , to attempt to recover the encrypted files.

    There are several types of ransomware which cause various damages to a system. The various types are analyzed below.


    These are particular malicious software that are normally sponsored aggressively as if they were utility programs to improve and optimize the system. In these cases the user download the software voluntarily and installs it, convinced that he has found a new Windows maintenance program. Some scareware may promise to repair the registry or to increase the speed of the operating system.

    The scam materializes when a series of errors and problems are found on the PC, often bogus, and the user is invited to purchase a license software to solve the problems. Then the user is enticed to purchase the license, but in reality it is just a scam payment triggered by the ransomware.

    Virus lock screen

    This type of ransomware is very dangerous, because it displays one in full screen lock window and the PC cannot be used. In order to unlock the screen you have to pay the ransom, otherwise the computer will remain unusable. Fortunately, even though this virus is quite hostile, data recovery experts can recover files through other tools, without having to pay the ransom.

    Ransomware that encrypts files

    These viruses are among the most aggressive and difficult to eliminate. Unlike those seen above, the virus cripta i file present on the PC, but does not block the screen. The user can continue to use the computer, but the main files and documents will be inaccessible because they are encrypted. It is the ransomware that has caused the most damage in recent years, and is present in many more or less powerful variants.

    Usually the contagion occurs by downloading and opening the attachment of a really well done email. There have been many companies that have lost important documents due to this virus. To decrypt files the ransom must be paid.

    Types of Ransomware and How to Recover Files

    In some variants it is possible to decrypt the files by following particular more or less complex guides, without having to pay the ransom. However in some cases you could risk it compromise files forever, destroying them permanently, so it is important to contact an expert in the field to attempt decryption.

    At the moment no expert can guarantee the recovery of encrypted data. The success of the recovery depends on the variant of the virus. In fact, there may be less aggressive variants than others, with which it is possible dencrypt documents.

    Ransomware File Recovery: Conclusion

    Ransomware is a type of malign software which can cause numerous problems and data loss. If you want to try to recover the files without paying the ransom, you can contact. We can operate on a large number of variants, and we apply all our experience and knowledge gained to try to decrypt the files.

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