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    Download WhatsApp on iPad

    Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the live of the tutorial and spiegarti how to download WhatsApp on iPad, it seems only right to make some clarifications about the procedure that I am about to illustrate to you.

    Since, as already pointed out above, the official WhatsApp application is not yet compatible with iPad, the only solution that Apple tablet owners have at their disposal to use the famous messaging service is to resort to Web WhatsApp.

    As you surely know, WhatsApp Web is the interface that allows you to access WhatsApp directly from your browser, using your computer or any other compatible device. However, it has an important limitation: it can only repeat the content of the WhatsApp app installed on the phone.

    This means that, in order to work, WhatsApp Web requires an already active installation of WhatsApp (therefore with a phone number already registered to the service) and a support smartphone, which is turned on and connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or data network, it makes no difference). If you want to learn more, you can read my tutorial on how to use WhatsApp on PC.

    That said, you have two ways to use WhatsApp Web on your iPad: the first, safer but also more limited, is to visit the WhatsApp Web site from Safari and create a quick access icon to the service on the home screen; the second, a little more convenient but also potentially risky, is to use app for WhatsApp Web available on the App Store.

    Among the main differences between using WhatsApp Web in Safari and downloading a dedicated app lies in the notifications: if you use WhatsApp Web via Safari, when you exit the browser you will not have the WhatsApp notifications on the iPad. Using, instead, some of the apps for WhatsApp Web available on the App Store you will also have notifications in real time, like on your smartphone; however you will have to deal with the presence of advertising banners and with the fact that they are still unofficial solutions, which could stop working at any moment or hide some unpleasant surprises in terms of privacy (as far as the apps distributed on the App Store are generally safe and controlled by Apple).

    You ask me if, through this method, it is possible ‌ Download WhatsApp on iPad without iPhone? The answer is “nì”, in the sense that you need to have a support smartphone on which the WhatsApp application is already installed and activated: whether it's an iPhone or an Android terminal, it doesn't matter.

    In reality there would also be a procedure to install the WhatsApp app on the iPad, but it is so long, complex and risky (it does not always succeed and it could stop working at any moment) that I do not recommend it: yes it would be about running the jailbreak on iPad (a procedure that in itself I do not recommend, due to the little use it now has), extrapolate the package .ipa of WhatsApp from a iPhone (using special PC programs), copy the file to the iPad and then activate the app using a different phone number than the one used on the iPhone.

    As you can easily imagine, much better to accept some limitations imposed by WhatsApp Web and proceed as I am about to describe you. I would say, therefore, not to waste any more time chatting and to immediately take action. I bet you will be super satisfied with the final result!

    Download WhatsApp to iPad for free

    Do you have your smartphone close at hand? Well, then get ready to download WhatsApp on iPad using one of the solutions that you find illustrated below.

    As mentioned above, they are all free (except for some possible in-app purchase in third-party applications, to remove advertising banners) and can be used on any iPad model, even those without mobile data network support. Yes, you got it right: put my suggestions into practice and you will not only succeed in download WhatsApp on iPad for free, But also to download WhatsApp on iPad without SIM; all with minimal effort. Good fun!

    WhatsApp Web in Safari

    Let's start with the most stable and secure solution, which does not involve installing third-party apps on the iPad: WhatsApp Web via Safari.

    To take advantage of the possibility offered by WhatsApp directly from Safari, open the latter on your iPad and use it to visit the (if you are reading this guide directly from iPad, you can press here to get to the WhatsApp Web page). Once this is done, you have to put the iPad in communication with the WhatsApp application installed on your smartphone, by framing the camera with the phone's camera. QR code present on the iPad.

    If you use a smartphone Android, start then WhatsApp, select the scheda Chat, press the ⋮ button (top right) and select the item Web WhatsApp from the menu that opens. At this point, click on Ok ho capito, allow the app to access the camera (if needed) and scan the QR code on iPad. If there are already active WhatsApp Web sessions, to scan the QR code displayed on the iPad, you must press the button + located at the top right.

    If you use a iPhoneinstead, start WhatsApp, select the scheda Settings (bottom right), go up WhatsApp Web / Desktop, allow the app to access the camera (if needed) and scan the QR code on iPad. If there are already active WhatsApp Web sessions, press on the item Scan the QR code to scan the QR code displayed on the iPad.

    Well. Now you can already use WhatsApp on your tablet, via Safari. What I advise you to do, however, is to create aquick access icon to the service, so you can start it as if it were an app, without having to open Safari and type each time the WhatsApp Web address or recall a bookmark (which you can still create by pressing theshare icon, at the top right, and selecting the item Add bookmark from the menu that opens).

    To create the quick access icon to WhatsApp Web on the home screen, select the Safari tab in which the service is open, press on theshare icon (the square with the arrow, top right) and select the item Add to Home from the menu that opens. Therefore, assign a name to the icon and press on the item Add (top right), to complete the procedure.

    In case of second thoughts, you can delete the WhatsApp Web icon from the home screen of your iPad simply by doing a prolonged tap on it, selecting the item Delete bookmark from the menu that is proposed to you and confirming.

    PadChat for WhatsApp Messenger

    If you find the previous solution too limiting and, above all, you want WhatsApp notifications on the iPad, you can try PadChat for WhatsApp Messenger: a free application that brings WhatsApp Web to iPad enriching it with notifications. It includes several banner ads, so I wouldn't recommend it, but sadly, if you necessarily need notifications, you don't have much of a choice. Another thing I want to emphasize is that the application sends notifications as long as it is active in the background, so you will have to take care to open it every now and then in order not to lose this functionality.

    That said, let's take action: after installing PadChat for WhatsApp Messenger via the iPad App Store, launch the application, close the advertisement and granted the receipt of notifications by the latter. Then scan the QR code via the smartphone, as explained in the previous chapter and that's it.

    Now you just have to use the app normally to participate in your chats on WhatsApp, just like you would in WhatsApp Web via browser.

    Should PadChat for WhatsApp Messenger stop working (as mentioned, these unofficial apps are not destined to last long, unfortunately), I suggest you do a simple search on App Store, with the term WhatsApp, and browse the apps available at the moment (trying to download the ones that have positive ratings and comments).

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