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    Google Chromecast: the best compatible apps


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    Google Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV or devices running Android TV make it easy to enjoy audio or video content thanks to Google Cast. Don't know how to use it all? Here are the must-have apps to enjoy the best features of Chromecast.

    Chromecast with Google TV //

    Chromecast makes it easy to stream app content from your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer with the Chrome browser to a big TV screen. Note that Android TV televisions and boxes also integrate Chromecast technology, called Google Cast. Whether you are on Android or iOS, many applications allow you to take direct advantage of your Chromecast.

    If you've been offered a Chromecast and you're not sure what to do with it, here's our pick of the best apps to have for a roundup of the different uses available to you.

    Classic TV channels

    You don't have a TV box, but a simple TNT tuner, or even a simple screen that you only use to play video games? Do not panic ! Your Chromecast paired with the Molotov app will give you the ability to watch live TV channels. Two things to know that said: some features such as recording programs require a paid subscription and TF1 group channels are not available on Chromecast via Molotov.


    Download Molotov Free APK

    As an alternative, we can offer you the Salto service which offers both a catalog of films, series and documentaries to watch in SVOD, but also access to TNT channels.

    Salto - TV and video streaming

    Download Salto - Free TV & Video Streaming APK

    Otherwise, you can still enjoy replay or live TV tools provided directly by the TV channels apps. This is particularly the case with which includes the channels of the Spain Televisions group (Spain 2, Spain 3, Spain 4, Spain 5 and Spain Ô) or Arte TV.

    Obviously, we cannot forget the MyCanal application, from Canal +. This allows non-subscribers to access unscrambled live and delayed programs, access VoD programs (paid) and TV guides.


    Download myCANAL free APK

    Watch sport

    Certain sports disciplines also have dedicated applications allowing you to broadcast the matches of your favorite team.

    NBA App

    Download NBA App Free APK

    You can also find all the programs broadcast on beIN Sports via the channel's app, which broadcasts the matches of a slew of sports of all kinds.


    Download beIN SPORTS CONNECT free APK

    In addition, if you are passionate about football, the RMC Sport application is necessarily to be taken into account since the group's channels have exclusive rights to several key football competitions.

    RMC Sport

    Download RMC Sport Free APK

    Video streaming services

    Many devices, game consoles or televisions directly integrate Netflix, but it is sometimes easier to use your smartphone, especially at a friend's house when their own profile is not configured. The Netflix app is also compatible with Chromecast.


    Download Netflix Free APK

    This is also the case for other VOD or SVOD services, such as OCS, which offers all the HBO series (Game of Thrones, Veep, The Sopranos, Westworld, Silicon Valley, etc.) or Google Play Films which allows to easily view a large catalog of purchased or rented footage.


    Download OCS Free APK

    Note also that Amazon has been able to bury the hatchet with Google, which allows its Prime Video application to be available on Chromecast. The SVOD platform also has some very interesting exclusives, such as the series The Boys.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Download Amazon Prime Video Free APK

    We must also mention the Disney + service which provides access to the Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney universes, but also to many content from Fox with the Star catalog.

    Disney +

    Download Disney + Free APK


    Audio, video, there are podcasts of all styles. The opportunity to cite the excellent Podcast Addict which, in addition to being ultra pleasant to use, has the advantage of being Chromecast compatible. However, it is not the only application of its kind and we could also cite the interesting alternatives that are Podcast Republic and Podcast Player.

    Podcast Addict

    Download Podcast Addict Free APK

    Plex for Android, l’indispensable

    The Plex application, allowing you to manage your home mediacenter, is compatible with Chromecast. You can therefore stream your personal content (photos, videos, etc.) from your phone equipped with the application to your TV to which a Chromecast is connected. Convenient to show your vacation photos to the whole family and find all your videos on the various devices in your home with ease.


    Download Plex Free APK

    If you don't like Plex, you can also try the BubbleUPnP experience. The app allows you to stream content from UPnP and DLNA media servers, but also if they are stored in the cloud of the most popular storage services, or in your phone memory.

    BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA

    Download BubbleUPnP UPnP / DLNA Free APK

    The video player

    To play videos stored locally on your phone or tablet, a few applications will perfectly fulfill this role and we recommend in particular the famous VLC service which is perfectly compatible with the Chromecast. The already acclaimed application on PC is just as powerful on Android.


    Download VLC Free APK

    As an alternative, we draw your attention to Videostream which will meet your requirements.

    Video stream Chromecast: Mobile

    Download Videostream Chromecast: Mobile Free APK

    For streaming music

    Spotify, Deezer and YouTube Music, the music streaming heavyweights, are compatible with Chromecast. Convenient for viewing your playlists "in a big way" and if your television is associated with a sound system worthy of the name. Remember that the Google service can also display a fireplace on your screen for very warm evenings.


    Download Spotify Free APK


    Download Deezer Free APK

    YouTube Music

    Download YouTube Music Free APK

    Note also that the Apple Music service is Chromecast compatible. So don't hesitate to take advantage of it if the apple platform is your favorite.

    Apple Music

    Download Apple Music Free APK

    Finally, if you are the type to listen to music stored on your phone, the Shuttle + application is in our eyes the most complete music player.

    Let's not forget YouTube and Twitch

    Does it need to be specified? You can cast YouTube videos from your phone to your TV. Even on connected TVs, natively or via a box, those who have tried know how tedious it is to do a search by pointing the cursor with a remote control: you might as well go through the smartphone. It's much simpler and faster.


    Download YouTube Free APK

    If you're not necessarily a gamer, but you like to watch amateurs and professionals take their toll on their opponents, we highly recommend that you install Twitch which is also Chromecast compatible.


    Download Twitch Free APK

    View photos stored on your phone

    Nostalgic for the slide evenings of yesteryear? To show your loved ones your holiday photos on a big screen, it is also possible to go through a Chromecast. The easiest option is still to use the Google Photos app.

    If you're not a big fan of cloud storage, no problem: you don't need to have the online backup option enabled to use it.

    Google Photos

    Download Google Photos Free APK

    What if we play?

    The Chromecast Ultra can be transformed into a gaming console thanks to Google Stadia, the cloud gaming platform launched by the web giant. Remember to equip yourself with a controller and take a look at the list of games compatible with the service.

    Do not hesitate to consult our dedicated file to learn more about Google Stadia.


    Download Stadia Free APK

    Some titles are also directly available on the Play Store and transform the smartphone into a controller while the action takes place on your TV screen. The game Angry Birds Friends is thus available on Chromecast: a classic of the genre that needs no introduction.

    Angry Birds Friends

    Download Angry Birds Friends Free APK

    Just Dance Now will make you eliminate the excesses of the holidays in music. The multiplayer aspect of the title is one of its great strengths.

    Just Dance Now

    Download Just Dance Now Free APK

    A little productivity can't hurt

    There are a few apps that let you work on your big screen using your Chromecast. To be really efficient, we will recommend you especially Polaris Office, a proven and efficient suite.

    Polaris Office

    Download Polaris Office Free APK

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