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    Google (Gmail): how to activate double authentication

    Google (Gmail): how to activate double authentication

    Google and Gmail are grouped around a unified connection system which authorizes the use of double authentication. This can be used via a mobile application (Google Authenticator), a code received by SMS, by call or by physical key. Lots of flexibility for a service that allows access to all your accounts. Here's how to enable two-factor authentication on your Google Account.


    Activate two-factor authentication on your Google account

    Double authentication, also called two-factor authentication or 2FA, increases the level of security of your Google account. This authentication method is very relevant because your Google account allows access to many services. Including your Gmail address, YouTube and others. Suffice to say, a hack is the last thing you want.

    To find out everything about two-factor authentication, we advise you to read our special 2FA file.

    Choose double authentication

    • Log into your Google account
    • Click on your avatar then on Manage your account


    • In the tab Safety click on Two-step validation and log in again.
    • By default, Google offers the configuration of a smartphone as a second validation factor. At the bottom, select more options to view the alternatives (Security Key and SMS/Call).
    • Click on Continue and follow the instructions according to the chosen method. If you have opted for SMS, a confirmation code will be sent to you to validate and activate double authentication.
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    From now on, a second code (or the physical key) will be asked if you connect from a computer or smartphone other than the one you usually use. This new mode of authentication should therefore not really change your habits very much. But will add extra security that is very difficult to circumvent.

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