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    GPS without internet connection: the best Android and iOS apps


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    Without an internet connection, it is still possible to use the GPS of your phone at no additional cost. To do this, find our selection of offline GPS applications available on Android and iPhone.

    A journey on Google Maps // Source: TechnologiesTips

    Among other tech objects, the smartphone has replaced GPS for many to navigate on a daily basis, whether by car, on foot, by bike or even to find oneself in public transport. However, there is still a constraint to this: the presence of an internet connection. Fortunately, there are GPS navigation apps that work perfectly offline.

    Whether you are abroad, your package does not offer you a sufficient data envelope or you are traveling deep in a white zone that your operator does not yet cover, you will always be able to find your way thanks to our selection of best GPS apps available without an internet connection, both on Android and iPhone.

    Note that if you have internet access, you can also find live traffic information to avoid traffic jams with this selection of applications.

    Free applications

    Google Maps

    Present by default on all Android smartphones and installed for a very long time on the market, Google Maps is THE reference when it comes to following a route while Apple Maps is only just beginning to compete on the accuracy of its mapping. But beware: by default, Google Maps works entirely online and loads maps in real time.

    To use the GPS without an internet connection, you must first download the map of the region. In a few seconds, you can download data for an entire country and use Google Maps without internet. However, the downloadable area is not infinite.

    Google Maps

    Download Google Maps Free APK

    Here WeGo

    Previously owned by Nokia, Here WeGo is free mapping software bought by an automotive consortium including BMW and Audi, among others. It is the most complete GPS application without internet connection with more than a hundred country maps to download.

    It offers turn-by-turn voice guidance with detailed information and mainly integrates public transport data (metro, bus, tram, etc.) in more than 1300 cities.

    In addition, if you temporarily have an internet connection (at the hotel for example), you can plan your route with additional information, such as traffic jams, in order to find the fastest route.

    Here WeGo

    Download HERE WeGo Free APK


    Maps.Me is one of the most popular apps (over 120 million downloads), when it comes to using offline maps. It allows you to download maps for most countries in the world with a complete map of cities down to street names.

    This allows the application to also be able to calculate complete routes on foot, by car or by public transport, always offline.

    When connected to the Internet, allows you to bring together the points of interest of several services, such as hotels referenced by Booking, but also classic restaurants, distributors, transport stations, etc.

    Importantly, Maps.Me is completely free, but incorporates some non-intrusive advertisements. A subscription allows you to get rid of it and support the developers.

    MAPS.ME - Offline Maps, Navigation & Guides

    Download MAPS.ME - Offline Maps, Navigation & Guides Free APK


    OsmAnd, based on the famous Open Street Maps, allows you to download maps of any region and even immediately offers to save a general map of the world to facilitate GPS navigation.

    The application offers great knowledge of roads around the world thanks to its open source map system which can be completed by the community. However, OsmAnd's interface is complex (but complete) to learn, and the display of maps can take a long time.


    Download OsmAnd Free APK

    Paid applications

    The three applications which follow are undoubtedly the most complete offline GPS, but you have to put your hand in your pocket to use them during navigation. They include a lot of options and you can benefit from a trial period. Sufficient for a week's vacation, for example. The champions of this sector are Sygic, TomTom et Co-pilot, all three capable of operating without an internet connection… and without ever getting lost in the maps.


    Sygic is surely our favorite paid GPS app. It offers a clear and intuitive interface, as well as interesting options for navigation: recording the location of your parked car, a history of the places visited in a travel book, and the SOS mode allowing you to locate the emergency services. nearest and contact them. In short, it is an extremely complete GPS.

    The application is free, but offers many of its features for a fee of 49,99 to 99,99 euros.

    Sygic Navigation GPS & Offline Maps

    Download Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Free APK

    CoPilot GPS

    CoPilot is a great alternative to Sygic. With its ability to download maps of all continents, it also offers speed indications, a compass and nearby hotels or car parks. The application is also suitable for heavy goods vehicles with adapted routes.

    CoPilot GPS is free for 14 days. Subsequently, you must subscribe at the price of 14,99 euros per year.

    CoPilot GPS - Navigation

    Download CoPilot GPS - Navigation Free APK

    TomTom Go

    As a leader in GPS navigation, TomTom is looking for its place on our phones with TomTom Go. This offline GPS application offers some very practical features such as lane guidance so you never miss your motorway exit, danger zone alerts or another mode of favorite places.

    TomTom Go is free if you drive less than 75 km in the month with the app. If you exceed this limit, you must take out a one-year subscription at 19,99 euros or 3 years at 44,99 euros.

    TomTom GO Mobile - GPS Traffic

    Download TomTom GO Mobile - GPS Trafic free APK

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