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    Health pass and QR Code for trips and restaurants… How does it work on the phone?


    What is the health pass? Is the health pass compulsory? How does the health pass work? What are place QR Codes? How does the QR Code work in the restaurant? Difference between sanitary pass and QR Code Comments

    The health pass and QR Codes in closed places are put in place as part of the deconfinement in order to continue to fight against Covid-19. Here is everything you need to know about how these devices work on your smartphone and the TousAntiCovid application.

    How do the health pass and QR Codes work against Covid-19? //

    Deconfinement continues its course in Spain to prepare for life after the Covid-19 crisis. We hear a lot about the health pass, QR Codes to access certain places and of course the TousAntiCovid application.

    So as not to be overwhelmed by this flood of information, here is a small file to take stock of the health pass, the "QR Code place" and the nuances to know between these two notions. In particular, we will see together how it all works on your phone with TousAntiCovid.

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    Let's start with an important clarification. It should be noted that the Spanish Parliament has definitively adopted the text of the law on "exiting the health crisis" and, in accordance with the requests of the European Union, this is based enormously on the use of a health pass.

    Update of August 05, 2021: while President Emmanuel Macron had already announced that the health pass would become compulsory from July 21 for all events with more than 50 people (compared to 1000 so far), the Constitutional Council validated the extension of the said health pass to restaurants and bars as well as long-distance public transport (train, plane) from 9 August.

    What is the health pass?

    It is essential to understand what the health pass is and to know what it is for. Roughly speaking, this is a measure allowing a person to show that they are not at risk of infecting other people by proving that they have been vaccinated, tested negative for Covid-19 or recently recovered from the disease. .

    Vaccination against Covid-19 is one of the ways to benefit from the health pass //

    Please note, the health pass is not intended to last forever. The law provides temporary implementation until September 30. "The use of the health pass cannot go beyond the period fixed by law", writes the government on its official website.

    Is the health pass compulsory?

    We inevitably ask the question: is the health pass compulsory or not? Well, yes and no. Concretely, the health pass will be requested in certain specific cases which are divided into two systems:

    1. an "activities" health pass to access events bringing together more than 1000 people. This threshold increases to 50 people from July 21;
    2. a “border” health pass for travel within the European Union.

    During a televised speech, Emmanuel Macron announced that the health pass became mandatory for all events bringing together more than 50 people. This new rule comes into effect on July 21. Before that, the limit was up to 1000 people.

    Thus, on July 21, cinemas, theaters, stadiums and shopping centers are also affected by the health pass in addition to major festivals, exhibitions, fairs and concerts.

    That's not all, the president also mentioned a mandatory presentation of the health pass for restaurants and bars, but also for long-distance public transport such as trains and planes (on internal flights). The Constitutional Council validated the application of this measure as of August 9.

    How do I get my health pass?

    As we said, the health pass is all about proving that you do not pose a risk of contamination with Covid-19. There are three scenarios for this:

    • a vaccination certificate with complete vaccination schedule;
    • a recent negative PCR or antigen test result (48 hours for crowded events, 72 hours for travel);
    • a positive PCR or antigen test result of more than 15 days and less than six months (to prove that you have recovered recently).

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    Regarding vaccination certificates, their validity under the health pass will depend a lot on your personal situation and the type of vaccine. We detail all this in a file dedicated to vaccination certificates on the TousAntiCovid app. Important precision before going any further: the people who flash your health pass do not have access to your health data. They will simply know if your pass is valid or invalid.

    Do not hesitate to consult our tutorial on how to download the health pass document so you always have it with you for your trips. Now let's take a look at the QR Code place to go to a restaurant.

    QR Code in restaurants: what you need to know

    Several places such as cafes, bars, restaurants, sports halls, nightclubs or even places with standing public again welcome visitors indoors. However, to do this, these establishments are required to report your visit (unless you stayed on the terrace). In fact, the measure almost never seems to be applied. Here's how it all works, though, so you don't get caught off guard.

    They can either do it via a reminder book on paper by writing down your details by hand, or with a QR Code to read with TousAntiCovid. It is precisely this second option that we call the "QR Code place".

    TousAntiCovid (AntiCovid / StopCovid)

    Download TousAntiCovid (AntiCovid / StopCovid) Free APK

    By flashing a QR Code in a restaurant, for example, TousAntiCovid will estimate that you have spent at least two hours in this establishment and will send you an alert message if an outbreak of Covid 19 contamination is detected during the period during which you were inside this place. So do not re-scan when you exit otherwise the app will think you were there for four hours.

    How to flash the QR Code in a closed place with TousAntiCovid?

    Once in the establishment, all you have to do is open the TousAntiCovid application on your smartphone and scroll to the section Reminder notebook where you will find the button Scan a QR Code location which you will need to press. You will then be able to read some details about the device - especially with regard to respecting your anonymity. Tap the blue rectangle at the bottom I scan.

    Grant the requested permissions on the phone, if applicable, then scan the QR Code presented to you in the restaurant, gym or bar you frequent.

    By the way, be aware that if you try to flash the QR Code that will be presented to you without the TousAntiCovid application, you will be redirected to a download link.

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    What is the difference between the sanitary pass and the place QR Code?

    Confusion can arise here between the place QR Code, which we have just described, and the health pass measures. To avoid confusing the two, remember the following:

    • the place QR Code allows you to know if you went to an enclosed place at the same time as a contaminated person and therefore to know if you have been exposed to Covid-19;
    • the health pass is used to prove that you do not pose a risk of contamination for other people, because you have been vaccinated, recently tested negative or have recovered from Covid-19.

    To eat at the restaurant, indoors, you will have to scan a QR Code place, but no need for the health pass. //

    The two devices share one thing in common: the use of TousAntiCovid if the user wishes.

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