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    How can I not lose data from my computer?

    How can I not lose data from my computer?

    How can I not lose data from my computer?

    Is Data Recovery the only solution in case of memory media failure? How can I protect and protect my data which are sometimes precious memories, other times they are called work?

    It can happen that a disk of your PC or Tablet breaks, it can be a hard disk or a USB stick, a memory card or an SSD, any memory medium and, making sure that this never happens, there are two possibilities. It usually happens suddenly for a variety of reasons beyond our predictions, for sure bad luck has to do with it every time.
    Suddenly we lose important documents, valuable business computer data or memories of our life. Photos of graduation, wedding, family on vacation or business projects. The reasons for this blackout can be the advanced age of the support, a fall, an accidental immersion in water (the iPhone dropped into the toilet? Can it happen!), A power surge or even a manufacturing defect.
    One of the possibilities is to have provided regular backups, here the expert suggests you to keep the two twin memories in separate rooms for a variety of good reasons, or to protect the data with a cloud solution. That is, worrying about the security of your data in time is always the best thing to do, but only a small minority of us digital users do it.
    The second possibility is to resort to the expert hands of those who work in data recovery. In this period there is a boom of companies that promise miracles on disastrous media and most of the time keep their promises. One of these is Data, a leader in the field of Data Recovery from any medium, with Operations Centers scattered throughout your country and now present in every city. This is an important factor, the proximity allows you to deliver and collect your computer in the hands of an expert who will recover the memory of your life, because years of work and / or personal data are none other than your own. existence, enclosed in a small container that sometimes decides not to work anymore.
    In reality it proposes a third solution, very ingenious and convenient. This is the Preventive Data Protection Program or more simply IPSP, an acronym for Protection Service Plan. A guarantee system that protects the data contained everywhere and, if the crime of losing them should happen, we do not have to spend a euro to recover them. Except of course for the new support where to transfer them. What could be easier for those who buy a new laptop than to insure it with a few euros? Not from the smears of the cover, those are forgotten after a few days, but what is most precious in it: your data, your work and your life. Or your company's servers, if you are an entrepreneur you know how important they are. There are two formulas, one is called HAPPY SAFE and can be done on new or purchased media within two months, of whatever type they are, including Pen Drives and photographic memory cards to be clear and the second BUSINESS SAFE, to guarantee you with a small expense, the maintenance of the data contained in the memory.
    To explain better, the cost to insure the data of the Tablet or iPad, just bought or within 60 days, is less than 16 euros for one year and less than 35 for three years, the same for an HDD.

    For more information visit the page: https: /// ipsp-insurance-data
    Or the first two points remain and above all hope to never have to deal with this type of problem.

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