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    How to recover data from a physically broken or damaged hard drive

    How a hard drive works

    The microprocessor in your PC is the component that takes care of data storage and computing.

    But it's the hard drive that gives your computer its own the memory prodigious and allows you to store digital photos, music files, text documents and more without any hassle. 

    I dishes are the most important parts: a small hard drive usually has only one platter and each side has a magnetic coating. 

    The larger units have a series of plates, stacked on one central spindle, with a small gap between them. 

    The platters rotate up to 10.000 revolutions per minute (rpm) so that the read and write heads can access any part of them.

    • Differences between external hard drive and internal hard drive

    Le main differences between an internal hard drive and an external hard drive are:

    - Location

    - Protective ability

    - Speed 

    The internal drives are designed to store all your data and media files on your computer. 

    However, these files can be damaged by a virus or accidentally deleted. 

    The purpose of an outdoor unit is to add an extra layer of protection to the internal drive of the computer, in case any damage occurs.

    That's why external hard drives are often used for backup.

    Finally, it should be noted that the indoor unit is designed to operate much faster than an outdoor unit.

    How to recover data from a physically broken or damaged hard drive

    Rule number 1 is: avoid do-it-yourself.

    Opening a hard drive outside of a clean room is like giving it the final blow.

    So the first thing to do is to look for a data recovery company as a date, call the toll free number 800 211 637 or open a ticket and explain the problem in detail.

    This concept is especially true for companies and professionals, whose data can be worth millions of euros.

    Therefore, avoid wasting time, money and patience and contact our Customer Service: saying that we work miracles does not give a good idea, since we have also recovered data from hard drives reduced in this way.

    To make sure that the problem is really due to the hard drive and not to another component of your pc, which may have caused an error when starting your computer, remove the hard drive and connect it to another working computer. 

    If you can see the files from that drive on the working computer, extract everything essential for you and make copies.

    Otherwise, open a ticket: we will take care of recovering data from your physically broken or damaged hard disk.

    Why contact data recovery professionals

    As companies and individuals are increasingly dependent on technology, too the dangers of potential data loss they have become very high. 

    That's why you need to understand exactly when you need to contact a data recovery company. 

    In order to prevent data loss and give you the best chance of protecting your information, our experts recommend shutting down your system immediately as soon as you spot the first sign of failure.

    • The clean room

    The clean room of

    Any failed computer or disabled device, using a sealed hard disk drive (HDD), should only be opened and repaired within an appropriate cleanroom.

    The so-called clean room or clean room it is an aseptic work environment in which the air is from 10 thousand to 50 thousand times cleaner than the air we can find in a room. 

    The idea behind this process is to filter out microscopic matter such as dust and smoke particles, airborne microbes and aerosol particles. 

    These tiny materials damage the delicate surface of the hard disk platters, on which your data is saved. 

    At this point you will have understood that if you really want to recover your data, it is time to contact data.

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