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    How to access blocked YouTube


    How to log into a locked YouTube account

    Is your YouTube account blocked, as you are unable to access it because you have forgotten your login credentials? In this case, know that you can start the credential recovery procedure thanks to which it is possible to solve this kind of problems. Let me explain how to proceed from both a computer and a smartphone and tablet.


    How to access blocked YouTube

    recover YouTube password from computer, click here to connect to the service access page, specify theemail address of your Google account in the appropriate text field and then click on the button NEXT. Now, click on the link Forgot Password? and write the last password you remember.

    Don't you remember any? If so, click the link Try a different methoduntil a password recovery method you like is suggested. In my case, I will use an email address that I had set up on my Google account as an alternative recovery method. If you are offered a different one, I urge you to follow the instructions shown on the screen to be able to recover the account.

    If you have also been suggested to recover your account using an e-mail address that you had previously provided, click on the button Send and wait for the account recovery code to be received at the email address in question. Then open the message that contains the code, write it in the appropriate text field and then click on the button NEXT.

    Finally, fill in the text fields Create password e Confirmation that appear on the screen providing the new password you want to set to protect your account and click on the blue button Change Password, to save the changes made. Then click on the link Continue your YouTube to log into your account and that's it.

    I remind you that, by changing the password of the Google account, that of YouTube and other “Big G” services will also be changed.

    Smartphones and tablets

    How to access blocked YouTube

    It was preferred recover the YouTube account using a smartphone or tablet, first start the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device, press the little man icon at the top right and tap the blue button Log in, down.

    At this point, you consent to the use of Google com to log in, type theemail address associated with the YouTube account you intend to recover, tap on the link Forgot password? and type, in the appropriate text field, the last password you remember.

    If you don't remember any, tap on the link Try a different method, until you are offered a recovery method that you like. In my case, I decided to recover using an alternate email address. If you too have decided to act in the same way, after writing the alternative email address in the appropriate text field, tap the button Send and wait for the verification code to be sent to you with which to recover the account. When you have received it, enter the code in question in the appropriate text field and tap the button NEXT I will continue.

    Now, provide the new password you intend to use to log in to YouTube by entering it in the text fields Create password e Confirmation, then tap the button Change Password to save the changes made. These changes, as previously specified, will affect your Google account and all the services associated with it.

    How to get into YouTube blocked

    Your boss has blocked certain sites from being displayed on the computer in the office and, therefore, you would like to know how to enter blocked youtube? Let me explain how some useful solutions work.


    How to access blocked YouTube

    FilterByPass is the first solution that I invite you to try to try to enter YouTube despite the fact that access to the famous Google video sharing site has been blocked on your PC. This service is free, easy to use and is specifically designed to "bypass" any blocks applied to YuoTube.

    To use it, connected to its home page, write the address in the text field immediately after the wording Surf Anonymously and then click the red button Surfing. In this way, you should be able to log back into YouTube and access the multiple content published on the famous “Big G” video sharing platform.


    How to access blocked YouTube

    If the solution I proposed earlier for some reason did not allow you to access YouTube, you can try Preproxy, which is a sort of Web proxy database that is very easy to use and which is compatible with practically all major Internet browsers. Even if its interface is a bit retro, I'm sure it will be useful for you.

    To use it, go to the home page of the service, scroll to the bottom of the web page displayed and locate the section Proxy for Videos & YouTube. Then click on the link YouTube proxy site, write the address in the text field at the top (if necessary), select the server you want to use by ticking the corresponding box (eg. UK Proxy Server o US Proxy Server) and click on your button on Proxy to access YouTube. Easier than that?

    What to do in case of problems or doubts

    How to access blocked YouTube

    If you have encountered any problems or are unsure how to access the YouTube account that is blocked, I suggest you contact Google to try to find a solution. I remind you that there are various ways to get in touch with the Mountain View giant, such as thehelpline and that way Twitter.

    I also remind you that you can try to solve some problems yourself, by going to the main page of the official YouTube guide and writing in the text field located at the top the keywords that identify your problem.

    I also recommend that you take a look at the articles linked on this page of the YouTube help center, as some may be useful for solving common problems, such as those related to accessing your account.

    How to access blocked YouTube

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