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    How to activate the QR-Code generator in Vivaldi?

    Want to quickly and easily share a URL to someone near you on their mobile device? The simplest might well be the QR-Code solution integrated into Vivaldi .

    You still have to activate it, because it is not by default.

    How to activate the QR-Code generator in Vivaldi?

    1. Go to Vivaldi settings. These can be found in the aptly named “Settings…” menu. », accessible at the very top left of the interface.

    2. Go to the “Address bar” menu on the left. There, it is the box “Generator of QR-Code” which it will be necessary to check.

    3. Now to the right of the address bar is a QR-Code button which, when clicked, will offer a QR-Code for the currently visited site. All you have to do is scan it to open the site directly.

    Note that this tutorial concerns the desktop version of Vivaldi, but that the Android version also offers a QR-Code system for sites via the “Share” menu.

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