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    How to choose a data recovery company

    Have you lost your data? Here's how to look for the right company to get them back.

    How to choose a data recovery company

    La loss of data, especially in the business environment, it is a very unpleasant event that can cause enormous damage. You can lose valuable information, such as customer data, accounting documents, project files, and more.

    Obviously this is an event infrequent, and when it occurs it is difficult to find someone to turn to to recover the data.

    The first spontaneous gesture is to go on the internet to look for a data recovery company, perhaps with rather cheap prices and in your area, without making sure of the quality and methodologies used by the company to perform the information retrieval.

    However, the rush to look for the lowest possible price could make you select the wrong data recovery company unreliable. Here are some tips for determining how to choose the exact and most competent company in the data recovery industry.


    Support for the main brands of hard disk, ssd, pen drive

    The company to choose must have the ability to operate with various media, in order to guarantee data recovery on a wide range of devices.


    Availability of the clean room

    In order to work directly on the hard drives and repair the internal mechanical parts, it is important that the company has a clean room in which to open the hard drives without risking to compromise the support.


    Observe other people's reviews and comments

    One of the most common actions taken to choose the right data recovery company is to go to search engines to evaluate reviews and feedback released by other people who have already used the services. In this case, any false or negative reviews released by the competition must also be taken into account.


    Online reputation and social networks

    In addition to search engines, you can search for comments and any feedback on the main social networks or reference sites such as Trustpilot, to evaluate people's opinions.

    It is also of fundamental importance to observe if the company responds to questions from users, to see if there really is someone who interacts with people in case of problems or concerns.


    Avoid companies that offer guaranteed recovery

    Data recovery cannot be 100% secure, there are so many variables that come into play during information retrieval. For example, if the hard disk has been damaged irreversibly, without the possibility of recovering the documents, then the data cannot be recovered. So be wary of companies that guarantee safe recovery.


    Distribution on the territory

    To assess the importance and the credibility of a company data recovery, you can also observe the number of offices on the national or international territory. If a company has several offices, it means that it is able to handle a large number of requests.

    Furthermore, if the company's offices are distributed throughout the national territory, you can search for the closest office to your business, in order to know exactly where the analysis of the device from which data is retrieved is made.


    How to choose a data recovery company: conclusions

    How to choose a data recovery company

    Choosing the right company to recover the your files it is certainly not to be underestimated. Before deciding who to send your media to to attempt recovery, it is important to consider the main points listed in this article.

    La is a European company, with a large network of structures located throughout your country. It is possible to find the nearest office and ask for one advice by contacting us at this page. We offer a data protection, prevention and recovery service to protect companies and individuals, avoiding possible loss of information.

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