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    How to convert BMP to PDF

    How to convert BMP to PDF on Windows

    How to convert BMP to PDF

    The simplest program for transform BMP to PDF under Windows it is PDFill FREE PDF Tools. If you remember I have already talked about it on other occasions, it is a free suite that includes numerous tools to edit, create and convert documents in PDF format.

    To download it to your PC, connect to its website and click on the button first Download now located under the heading Get the entire PDFill package and then on the button Download Now (o Download now) for two consecutive times. Then start the executable PDFill.exe click her cousin Yes and then Next.

    Therefore accept the conditions of use of the software, putting the check mark next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement, and complete the installation by first clicking on Next twice in a row and then on install e Finish. You may experience the download of Ghost Script, a free software necessary for the proper functioning of PDFill FREE PDF Tools.

    If at the end of the setup Windows prompts you to download the . Net Framework (another free component essential for the functioning of PDFill FREE PDF Tools), accept by clicking on the button Download and install this feature.

    At this point, you just have to start PDFill PDF Tools (Free) and click on the button Convert images to PDF to call up the image to PDF conversion function. Next, drag the BMP files to be transformed into PDF into the program window and use the buttons Move up (move up) e move down (move below) to sort the images as you like best.

    Finally, click on the button Save as, choose the folder in which to export the PDF and click on Save to complete the operation. If necessary, you can also adjust the page margins and the space that must pass between one photo and another within the PDF: just specify the desired values ​​in the fields Margin from image to new PDF page edge (to adjust the page margins) e Space between images (to set the distance between images).

    PDFill FREE PDF Tools supports the vast majority of BMP files but could give some problems with those of type BMP 5.0 (the latest version of the specification). If you encounter error messages related to BMP 5.0 files, before giving the images to PDFill FREE PDF Tools save them again in BMP using Paint or transform them into JPG following my guide on how to convert BMP files to JPG.

    How to convert BMP to PDF on Mac

    How to convert BMP to PDF

    Do you use a Mac? Then I have great news for you: you can create a PDF document using your favorite BMP images without resorting to any third party software. All you need is Preview, the application that OS X uses by default to open photos and PDF files.

    If you don't believe it, try these simple steps now: open the first photo to be inserted in the PDF, select the item Miniature from the menu Vista Preview and drag all the BMPs you want to add to the document into the sidebar that appeared on the left.

    Then, order the thumbnails of the images with the mouse according to the arrangement you want to keep in the final PDF file and press the key combination cmd + a on the Mac keyboard to select all thumbnails.

    Finally, go to the menu File> Print Preview, set the item Save as PDF in the drop-down menu PDF located at the bottom left and choose the folder in which to save the PDF. Easier than that?

    How to convert BMP to PDF online

    How to convert BMP to PDF

    Don't feel like installing programs on your PC? No problem. you can transform BMP to PDF also online, using the free Online2PDF service that allows you to generate PDFs starting from images in BMP format (and more) without registering and without using third-party plugins. Works on all browsers and operating systems.

    To use it, connected to its home page, click on the button Select files located at the bottom left and select the BMP files to convert to PDF. Then order the photos using the mouse and click on the button Convert to download the final PDF document.

    If you want, by clicking on the button Image-to-PDF options You can also adjust settings such as page layout, margin thickness, and zoom level for photos. Attention: you can upload a maximum number of 20 photos for a total weight of 100 MB.

    How to convert BMP to PDF

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