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    How to convert PDF to PPT


    How to convert PDF to PPT

    The first among the services to be able to convert PDF to PPT that I want to suggest you to use is Online2PDF. It supports the conversion of documents weighing up to 50 MB and consisting of up to 50 pages, if you upload multiple documents at the same time the upload limit increases to 100 MB in total. The output format can be both PPT and PPTX. Try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

    So connect to the home page of the service using the link I just reported to you, click on the button Select files present on the web page that is shown to you and select the PDF file (or files) to convert to PPT. Then select the item PowerPoint 2003 or older (* .ppt) o PowerPoint 2007–2013 (* .pptx) give menu to tendin convert to and presses the button Converted to start the conversion first and then the file download.

    If you don't want to convert the whole PDF but only some pages into PPT / PPTX, by clicking on the icon scissors at the top right you can specify the range of pages to include in the final presentation.

    At the end of the conversion procedure, if you have not made any changes to the browser default settings you will find the file transformed into the new format in the folder Download from your computer.


    How to convert PDF to PPT

    iLovePDF is a very valid alternative to Online2PDF. Its free basic plan, with no registration, allows you to convert only one file at a time and has an upload limit of 200 MB. The paid plan, which costs 3,99 euros per month, allows you to process up to 3 files at a time and raises the upload limit to 300 MB in total. Let's see how it works.

    To convert PDF to PPT with iLovePDF, linked to its home page using the link I just indicated and drag the PDF file to be transformed into a presentation in the browser window. If your file is on Google Drive or Dropbox, click on the relevant button, connect to your account and select it.

    Then click on the button Convert to PowerPont which is located at the bottom and wait for the document to be first processed and then automatically downloaded to your computer, in the folder Download system (if you have not changed the default settings of the web browser in use, of course).

    Online Convert

    How to convert PDF to PPT

    As an alternative to the above services, you can contact Online Convert. It is in fact another excellent solution that allows you to convert PDF to PPT or PPTX at no cost. It supports the upload of only one file at a time with a maximum weight of 100 MB.

    To use it, connected to its home page via the link I indicated earlier, select the item Convert to PPT or the voice Convert to PPT give menu to tendin Document converter and click on the button Choose File / Browse to select the document to turn into a PowerPoint presentation. So press on the button Convert file and wait for the file to be processed first.

    If the file to convert is online or on your Dropbox or Google Drive account, you can also upload it directly from there by typing the url in the appropriate field or by clicking on the button of the cloud storage service of interest and selecting the element on which to go to act.

    When the conversion is complete (it should only take a few seconds), the download of the PPT or PPTX document obtained with Online Convert will automatically start. If not, click on the link direct download link to start the download manually. You will find the converted file in the folder Download of your computer (provided you have not made any changes to the default browser settings).


    How to convert PDF to PPT

    Another great online service thanks to which you can convert PDF to PPT is without a doubt Zamzar. This is a well-known and reliable online converter that allows you to act on various types of files, including those in question with a maximum total weight of 100 MB per upload. It's super easy to use and what's more, it's extremely convenient. I'm sure you won't regret trying it at all.

    To convert PDF to PPT with Zamzar, the first thing you need to do is to connect to the home of the service via the appropriate link and then click on the button Choose files ... and you need to select the PDF document on your computer that you intend to convert.

    Now, set the option ppt o PPTX from the drop-down menu located under the item Step 2, type your e-mail address in the field under the heading Step 3 and then click on the button Convert to start the file transformation process.

    Then wait for the file conversion procedure to start and when the operation is completed you will receive an email containing the link to download your PDF file exported to PPT or PPTX, depending on the choice made previously. Then click on the link in the e-mail message and then press the button Download now placed next to the name of the file to download on the web page that will open in the browser. If you have not made any changes to the default settings of your web browser, the converted file will be downloaded to the folder Download Of computer.


    How to convert PDF to PPT

    In conclusion, I want to talk to you about Cometdocs. It is an online service that allows you to convert a wide range of files, primarily PDFs, with an upload limit of 150 MB. It allows you to process a maximum number of 5 files per month, moreover, unlike the other services mentioned above, it requires you to enter an email address to download the presentations.

    If you want to try it, connect to its home page using the link I have just indicated and click on the button Go to Web app. Then drag the PDFs to convert to the center of the page, select the tab Convert and drag the documents to be transformed into PowerPoint presentations in the box that appears at the bottom left.

    Finally, select the icon to PowerPoint from the box located at the bottom center, type your e-mail address in the text field located on the right and press the button Convert. Within a few minutes you will receive the download link for your presentations by email. Easier than that?

    How to convert PDF to PPT

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