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    How to convert photos to PDF

    Convert photos to PDF on Windows

    How to convert photos to PDF

    If you are using a Windows PC, I highly recommend that you turn to JPEGtoPDF. It is a free application, small but extremely effective, which allows you to convert JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIF images into PDF documents in a few clicks. Just think: to use it you won't even need to run one of those boring installation processes, just download it and start it with a simple double click on its icon.

    So, are you ready? To download JPEGtoPDF on your computer, connect to the program's website and click on the button Download; then open the archive, extract the contents into any folder and run the executable JPEGtoPDF.exe.

    At this point, presses on the button Thêm tập tin located at the bottom left of the window that has just opened and select all the photos you want to include in your PDF. When completed, check that the images are all in order. Otherwise, select the ones that are out of place and move them up or down by clicking on the buttons, respectively Move sel up e Move sel down.

    To conclude, click on the button [...] located at the top right, select the folder in which to save the PDF and press the button Save PDF to start creating the document.

    If you want, you can also change the margins of the document pages and the position of the photos in them. In the first case, you need to select the item cm located at the top and set the margin space in the text fields placed under the heading Margins. To change the position of the images in the sheets, from centered to top left, put the check mark next to the item instead Top-Left corner.

    Turn photos into PDF on Mac

    How to convert photos to PDF

    Do you use a Mac? Then I have great news for you: you can convert photo to PDF without installing any additional programs on your computer, all you have to do is rely on Preview.

    The procedure you need to follow is really very simple. Open the Finder, select all the images you want to insert into your document using the combination cmd + click and open any of the selected photos by double clicking on its icon.

    A Preview window will appear with thumbnails of all images to the side. At this point, arrange the thumbnails in the order you prefer (ie the order you want to be respected in the final PDF); if you want, add more photos to the document by dragging them into the Preview sidebar and invoking the command Print from the menu Fillet.

    Finally, expand the drop-down menu PDF located at the bottom left of the pane that has just opened, select the item Save as PDF from the latter and choose the folder in which to export the document. Easier than that?

    Turn photos into PDFs online

    How to convert photos to PDF

    As mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are very valid solutions for converting images to PDF even online. I immediately recommend a couple that do not provide restrictive limits for uploading and protect the privacy of users by automatically deleting all the files that are uploaded to their servers within a few hours.


    CloudConvert is a universal converter, that is an online service through which you can convert text documents, Office files, videos, images, music and much more.

    Among its many functions there is also the one that allows you to incorporate JPG, PNG, BMP etc. images. in PDF documents that are generated "on the fly", without having to download additional programs or plugins to your PC.

    To use CloudConvert, connect to its home page and drag the photos you want to transform into PDF onto the button Select files (or presses the button to select the files "manually"). Therefore, arrange the images in the order you prefer, click on the button Start conversion to start the creation of the PDF and, at the end of the operation, press the button Download which appears at the bottom right to download the final document to your computer.


    SmallPDF is an online service dedicated to editing, creating and converting PDF files. For convert photo to PDF with it, linked to its home page and drag the images you want to include in your document into the browser window.

    So wait for the upload to be completed, arrange the thumbnails of the photos in the order you want to be respected also in the final PDF and, using the buttons located at the bottom of the page, choose whether to generate a document in A4 o US letter, with the pages oriented in horizontal or vertical and with narrow margin, wide margin or with no margin.

    Finally, press on the button Create PDF now and, at the end of the creation of the document, click on the button Download the file to download the PDF with the images to your PC.

    How to convert photos to PDF

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