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    How to convert RMVB to AVI

    How to convert RMVB to AVI on Windows

    If you use a Windows PC, I suggest you try Any Video Converter Free which is a very intuitive multimedia file converter able to handle all video formats without compromising their quality and avoiding - within the limits of possible - the synchronization problems between audio and video that often relate to movies in RMVB.

    Per scaricarlo sul tuo computer, collegati al suo Sito Internet e clicca sul puls free Download. Next, open the software installation package (avc-free.exe) and click on the buttons Yes, OK e NEXT four consecutive times. Therefore remove the check mark from the item Join Anvsoft's customer experience improvement plan not to send program usage statistics to Anvsoft and click on NEXT.

    At this point, put the check mark next to the item Custom installation, uncheck AVG PC TuneUp to avoid downloading additional promotional software on your computer and finish the setup by clicking on first NEXT and then Install e end.

    Perfect. Now you just have to start Any Video Converter Free, press the button Add video located at the top left and select the file to convert to AVI. Then expand the drop-down menu located at the top right and select the item Customized AVI movie from the section Common video formats.

    Finally, set up Original the drop-down menu Video size located at the bottom right and click on the button Converted to start converting the video.

    If you want, you can also customize the audio and video bitrate by selecting the items Audio settings e Video settings from the box located at the bottom right and choose the folder in which to save the output video by clicking on the field Destination in the box Basic settings.

    How to convert RMVB to AVI on Mac

    If you are using a Mac and you need the convert RMVB to AVI, you can open the Mac App Store and look for Total Video Converter which can easily “digest” RMVB videos and convert them into a wide range of formats optimized for various devices. 

    To download it to your computer, look for it, as mentioned, in the Mac App Store and click on the button Free / Install the app located at the top left. Alternatively, click on the link I just provided and click on View in the Mac App Store.

    When installation is complete, start Total Video Converter using its icon that appeared in the OS X Launchpad and drag the RMVB video to be processed into the program window.

    At this point, select the voice Video File> AVI> XVID AVI from the menu that appears at the top, choose the folder in which to save the output file and click on Choose to start the conversion.

    How to convert RMVB to AVI

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