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    How to convert VOB to AVI

    Convert VOB to AVI on Windows

    Freemake Video Converter

    How to convert VOB to AVI

    If you need to convert VOB to AVI and you are using a Windows computer, you can also turn to Freemake Video Converter: it is a universal converter that can handle all major video file formats without any problems. It also includes an advanced function that allows you to merge two or more movies during conversion: ideal when you have VOB format movies split into several parts and want to get a unique AVI video. Its biggest flaws are the presence of promotional content in the installation package (which you can deselect) and the impression of a logo plus the inclusion of a screen at the beginning and end of the converted videos (which you can remove by purchasing the full version of the program for € 9,95 / year or € 19,95 one-off).

    To download Freemake Video Converter on your PC, connect to the program's website and press the button Free download. Once the download is complete, open the installation package you just obtained (FreemakeVideoConverter.exe) and pigia prima su Yes and then on OK. At this point, remove the check from the item that concerns the sending of usage statistics to Freemake Video Converter and click on NEXT. Then put the check mark on Custom installation, deselect the option related to AVG Tune-Up (to avoid the installation of additional promotional software) and press on NEXT. Repeat the same operation on the next screen (instead of AVG Tune-Up you will be offered another program and complete the setup by clicking on NEXT per due turn consecutive.

    Once the installation procedure is complete, start Freemake Video Converter, press the button + Video located at the top left and choose the videos in VOB format to convert. If you need to merge multiple movies into one, move them with the mouse in the order you like and move up ON the levetta Merge files located at the top right.

    Then click on the icon In AVI located at the bottom left and start the conversion of the selected videos by pressing on Converted. If you want to adjust the resolution and quality of the output file select one of the options available in the menu profiles (Eg. HD 720pHD 1080p o Add your profile to manually set all the parameters), while if you want to change the destination folder of the movie click on the button [...] located at the bottom right.

    Format Factory

    How to convert VOB to AVI

    Did the software to convert VOB to AVI that I have already proposed to you have not been able to attract your attention in a particular way? No? Then try now Format Factory. It is a "universal" converter capable of working with many different video formats, also capable of extracting audio tracks from videos, ripping DVDs and performing many other advanced features, all for free.

    To download it to your computer, connect to the download page of the program's website and then click on the link Download Format Factory xx (direct link). Then wait for the download of the Format Factory installation file to be started and completed, then open the software package just obtained (FFSetupx.xxxexe) and click your Yes. Then click on the button Install and finally presses on end.

    Therefore wait a few moments for the program window to be visible, remove the check marks from the two options on the screen (Install Format Factory to system menu tray e Install Picosmos Picture Tools) and click your OK. Then drag the VOB file or files to be transformed into AVI in the program window and select the item REVIEWS from the list that opens. Then click on the button OK and start the conversion procedure by pressing the button vai located at the top on the right.

    If you want, you can customize the output video parameters (quality, resolution etc.) by clicking the button Settings in the screen that opens after dragging the VOB file into the Format Factory window. You can also change the destination folder of the AVI file (which is usually the same folder as the original video) by clicking on the button Modification.

    Do you want your computer to shut down by itself after conversion? It can be done, really! To do this, just tick the box next to the option After conversion: Turn off Computer located below before converting your files and that's it.

    Convert VOB to AVI on Mac


    How to convert VOB to AVI

    Even in the Mac environment there are converters that are able to transform VOB to AVI in a flash. Among the most interesting I point out Adapter, a well-known no-cost convert that features a simple but well-finished user interface, which supports all major file formats and which includes several interesting options.

    To start using Adapter convert VOB to AVI, download the software immediately from its website by connecting to it and clicking on the button Download Adapter. Once the download is complete, open the package in .dmg format that contains the program and drag the Adapter icon into the folder Applications of your Mac.

    Then start the software by double clicking on its icon. In case an error message appears, right click on the Adapter icon and select the item apri from the menu that appears (this is an operation that must be performed only when the application is first started).

    At this point, click on your button Continue to start downloading and installing FFMPEG on your computer (this is an open source software that acts as an “engine” for the Adapter) and, once the operation is complete, drag the files in VOB format you want to convert to AVI in the software window. If you have selected multiple VOB files, you can also change their order as you see fit by simply dragging their previews up or down.

    Then choose the item Video> General> Custom AVI from the drop-down menu located at the bottom and then click on the Conveert button to start the conversion procedure.

    If you have special needs, before starting the conversion you can click on thegear to display the Adapter advanced settings panel. By doing this, a bar will appear on the side of the screen through which you can adjust all the various settings to your liking. Personally I suggest you select the option Same as source in correspondence with the wording Resolution and option High o Very high at the item Quality so that the AVI videos have the same resolution and quality as the starting files).

    Please note: In addition to Mac, Adapter is also available in a specific version for Windows. The operation of the program on Microsoft operating systems is roughly the same as on macOS / OS X.

    Smart Converter

    How to convert VOB to AVI

    Another resource I can suggest you to use if you are interested in converting video to AVI on Mac is Smart Converter. It is a simple but decidedly free for Apple branded computer that allows you to easily transform all major video file formats, including VOB, without spending a cent (as easily understood by the name itself). Try it immediately and you will see that you will not regret it.

    To install Smart Convert, connected to the Mac App Store Online page dedicated to it, press the button View in the Mac App Store which is on the left. In the Mac App Store window that will now open on the desktop of your Apple computer, click on the button Get/Install the app and if prompted, enter your Apple ID password to complete the operation.

    Now, launch Smart Converter via its icon that has been added to the Launchpad (in addition to the folder Applications), drag the movie on which you intend to go to act in the window displayed on the screen and then use the drop-down menu More located at the bottom right to select the item DivX.

    Finally, click on the button Convert to start the conversion and wait for it to finish. The output file will be saved in the folder Movies> SmartConverter from the Mac.

    Convert VOB to AVI online

    How to convert VOB to AVI

    If you prefer to avoid downloading and installing new programs on your computer but still need to convert VOB to AVI I am happy to inform you that you can rely on CloudConvert. This is an excellent free converter that can be used directly and comfortably from any Web browser that is very effective in conversion operations (not only of videos but also of other file formats!) As well as extremely simple to use.

    The only limitations to consider (which can be circumvented by signing up for a pro account) are that the maximum number of files that can be converted every day is 25 (10 if you don't register by creating a free account), that their weight can be equal to a maximum of 1 GB and that no more than 5 conversions can be performed simultaneously. Also, conversions cannot take more than 25 minutes (if they take longer, they are automatically stopped).

    To use the service, connect to the main CloudConvert page and click on the button Select files to select the file on which to act "manually" from the computer or presses on freccia rivolta verse il basso next to it and choose the video to convert by taking it directly from the Internet (providing the URL) or from one of the supported cloud storage services. Alternatively, you can drag the movie directly into the browser window, using a simple drag and drop.

    If you have special needs, click the button with the wrench that you find next to the name of the video. In this way you will be able to access the section through which you can adjust all the different parameters related to the movie (eg resolution, quality, codec used, etc.). When the changes are complete, click on Okay to apply and confirm the changes.

    At this point, click on the button Start conversion located at the bottom right, wait for the conversion of your movie to be completed and download it to your PC by pressing the button Download that you will see appear next to his name. If you have not made any changes to the default settings of the browser you are using, the converted video is saved in the Download from your computer.

    Other useful resources

    How to convert VOB to AVI

    In conclusion, I remind you that it is also possible to “rip”, that is, convert DVDs to AVI directly (without copying the VOB files to the PC). If you are interested in learning more about the matter, I suggest you consult my guides on how to convert DVD to AVI on Windows and how to extract video from DVD with Mac through which I have proceeded to tell you about it in great detail.

    How to convert VOB to AVI

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