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    How to convert weights

    Convert weights online

    Let's start this article entirely dedicated to how to convert weights by analyzing the best online services in the category. Choose the one you prefer, they are all very good.


    How to convert weights

    The first of the web tools to convert weights that I want to recommend you to use is Converticious. It is an online service at no cost and in cittàn that is very simple to use and that does only one thing but does it very well: convert all existing scales and units of measurement. It works on all popular web browsers and to use it there is no need to download various programs or plugins to your computer.

    To use it, connected to its home page, click on the icon Weight then select the initial unit of measurement from the left column and then the one in which you want to convert a specific value from the column located on the right. Then fill in the field Enter a value placed in the center with the value you want to convert to the previously selected unit of measurement and then click on the button Convert.

    You will then see the converted value appear at the top, in a yellow box. By clicking on the item Copy which is on the side you can also quickly copy the result of the conversion just obtained so that you can then paste it where necessary.


    How to convert weights

    Another great online converter that I invite you to consider is that of YouMath. It is a quick and easy tool to use not only to convert weights but also all other units of measurement. Unlike what has already been proposed, the units of measurement cannot be selected from a list but must be entered by hand.

    To use it, first connect to the converter web page and then type the value and the initial unit of measurement in the field Size (Eg. 25 kg) and type the unit of measure you want to convert to in the field Convert (Eg. gr) then click on the button Converted.

    Once this is done, you will see the result of the conversation appear in the section below. In addition to the conversion you have explicitly selected, you will also be offered other possibly related conversions.

    Converting weights from a computer

    Now let's move on to the specific tools for computers. As I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, you can succeed in your intent by resorting to the use of the tool Calculator already included as standard on Windows and Mac and its converter function. For more info keep reading, you will find everything explained in detail right below.

    Windows 7

    How to convert weights

    If you have a computer with Windows 7 installed at hand, you can make a conversion between weights by turning to the included calculator "standard". To use it, open the Start menu clicking on the button with the windows flag located at the bottom left of the taskbar, search for the term calculator and click on the relevant result in the list that is shown to you.

    Once this is done, you will see the calculator window appear on the desktop. Then call the converter function by clicking on the item Show on the top left menu bar and choose the option Unit conversion from the menu that opens. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can also call the converter function by pressing the keys together Ctrl + U.

    At this point, select the scale Mass (Weight) from the first menu, select the type of unit from the menu located in the center and the target one from the menu below and fill in (using the numeric keys on the keyboard or the buttons on the screen) the field below the item Da with the value you intend to convert. In correspondence with the field below the item A you will then find the result of your conversion.

    Windows 8 / 8.x

    How to convert weights

    Are you using a PC with Windows 8 / 8.x installed? Then call up the calculator by clicking on the button Home (I cheer with the windows flag) located at the bottom left of the taskbar, type calculator in the search field at the top right of the Start Screen and select the icon with the green background from the results you see appear.

    At this point, clicca sulla voce converter at the top left and select the scale Weight top menu. Type (with the keyboard or with the buttons on the screen) the value to be converted in the first field, use the menu below to indicate the source unit of measurement and specify the target unit from the menu below. You will then be able to view the result of the conversion in the second numeric field.

    Windows 10

    How to convert weights

    If, on the other hand, what you have is a PC with Windows 10 installed, you can call up the calculator tool by opening the Start menu by clicking on the icon windows flag at the bottom right, by typing calculator in the search field that is shown to you and clicking on the corresponding result.

    In the window that will open on the screen at this point, click on the button Menu top left (the one with the three lines horizontally), go to the section converter via the context menu that appears and selects Weight and mass.

    Then indicate through the menu at the top the initial unit of measurement and from the menu at the bottom the one in which you want to convert and type the reference number (using the buttons on the right or the numeric keypad of your keyboard). You will then see the result of your conversion between weights appear.


    How to convert weights

    Are you using a Mac? As I have already told you, even in this case you can convert weights using the calculator built into the system. Then call up the calculator by accessing the Launchpadby clicking on the folder Other and then on the instrument icon Calculator. Alternatively, go to the folder Applications and double-click the calculator icon.

    Once the application window on the screen is displayed, type the value you want to convert (using the keyboard or by clicking on the buttons on the screen), click on the item Converted at the top left and select Weight and mass ... from the menu you see appearing.

    Then use the dialog box that has opened on the calculator to set all the parameters to carry out the conversion procedure. Via the menu From: you have to select the unit of measure of origin and through the menu A: you need to set the one you want to convert to. Then click on the button Converted to know the result.

    I would also like to point out that as well as with the calculator you can make conversions between weights (and not only) also using Spotlight. How you do it? Very easy! Call up Spotlight by clicking on the icon magnifying glass at the top left of the system tray or by using the keyboard shortcut cmd + space bar, type in weight and unit of measurement you want to convert (eg. 25 kg) and… in the right part of the window displayed you will see the result of the conversion automatically appear in all the other available units of measurement. Convenient!

    App to convert weights

    How to convert weights

    Do you need a weight converter to always have at hand on your smartphone or tablet? Then use one of the special apps that you find indicated right below and you will see that you will not regret it. They are very simple to use and there are some for both Android that for iOS other than Windows Phone. Choose the one you think will do the most for you and download it now.

    • Bosh converter (for iOS and for Android) - One name, one promise! It is in fact the app of the famous German company producing various power tools as well as components for cars. It allows you to perform the most varied types of conversion as well as, of course, that between weights. It is free of charge and does not include advertising.
    • Unit converter (for Android) - An excellent application for Android devices through which you can make all kinds of conversions. Note the fact that landscape mode can also be used, ideal when you find yourself acting as a tablet.
    • Angstrom (for iOS) - This is a very valid application for iPhone, iPad and even for Apple Watch that allows you to convert various types of units of measurement and currencies. It has a well-finished and sufficiently intuitive user interface. Basically the application is free but to unlock all conversion units you need to make an in-app purchase of 2,99 euros
    • All in 1 Converter (for Windows Phone) - A good unit converter specifically for Windows Phone devices. It is sufficiently intuitive and allows you to perform well over 20 different types of conversions including, of course, those relating to weight and mass. A real must have of its kind on WP.
    How to convert weights

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