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    How to create a Facebook poll?

    How to create a Facebook poll?

    Want to create a poll on Facebook? In this article, we'll show you how to do it. Organizing a survey on Facebook is an informed choice, because it allows you to reach a large audience very quickly.

    Whether you are a business or an individual, obtaining the opinions of many people on a given topic is a necessary need in many cases. In the internet age, even pollsters are turning to social media to conduct serious surveys. It is possible to easily create a poll on Facebook, although the functionality has some limitations.

    Facebook: how to create a poll?

    Things have changed in the new version of Facebook on the web and on mobile. The process is different depending on whether you want to create a survey on your personal account, on a Facebook page or in a discussion group. You can create a Facebook poll from a page or a discussion group. On personal profiles, you can now only do this via Stories from a smartphone. However, this option has one limitation: you can only create a two-question survey.

    How to create a survey using Facebook Stories?

    • Open Facebook on your smartphone (Android or iOS).
    • Press Create a Story at the top, in the Stories section
    • In the options available at the top, press Survey.
    • Tap in the field ask a question to enter your survey question. Then tap the Yes and No fields to customize the responses. As a reminder, you can only create a two-question form in a Story poll.
    • Once you've added your questions, tap Done at the top right.
    • Tap Privacy at the bottom left to choose who can see your survey.
    • Finally, tap Share to post the poll.

    Create a poll in a focus group

    • Open the group in which you want to create a poll. The process is the same on Facebook web (PC) and on smartphones.
    • Click on the button Create a post
    • In the small window that opens, click on the three horizontal dots (…) just below.
    • A menu unfolds with several options. Click on Survey.
    • Write a description of the survey, fill in the options. These correspond to the questions.
    • As you can see from the screenshot above, it is possible to add additional options to the survey, allow multiple responses (multiple choice) or allow respondents to add options.
    • When everything is ready, click on Publish.

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    Create a poll on a Facebook page

    To create a poll on a Facebook Page, you must now go through the publication tools. Follow the process below.

    • Go to your page.
    • In the right menu, click Publishing tools.
    • Click on the gear icon at the bottom left and then on Classic publication tool.
    • From there, you can create a poll by following the method described in the previous section (Create a poll for groups). The process is the same.

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