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    How to create and secure your corporate wifi connection

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    Is your corporate wifi secure enough? Here are some tips for securing your connection.

    The internet connection through the challenge wifi is now widespread in any company, and allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously and wirelessly. Over the years, the routers and hotspot systems that manage the wireless connection have evolved to always guarantee greater safety. In fact, cases of penetration into the corporate computer network through the wifi connection are not rare.

    For this reason it is important to pay attention to how configure the network, avoiding to choose cheap and poor quality components that could be easily bypassed by some attacker. Here are some important tips for securing your corporate wifi network.

    1.Choose a secure ISP service

    In order to choose an ISP manager, it is essential to be well informed about your area. Knowing which managers have the most coverage is possible select your ISP that offers the best services, with the right connection speed for your business. It is important to evaluate and verify if the speeds expressed in the contract are respected by carrying out connection tests. This ensures a reliable and long-lasting connection.

    2. Select a suitable internet connection plan

    It is necessary to choose a sufficient connection to the company, therefore capable of supporting important loads and correctly managing multiple users connected at the same time on the internet line. For example, you can choose a plan with unlimited bandwidth and without restrictions, to be able to connect all day.

    3. Choose a suitable router and hotspot

    Once the ISP service and the connection plan have been selected, the right hardware equipment must be used to manage the wifi internet connection or via hotspot. On the market there are many types of routers and systems for sorting internet data, but it is recommended to always rely on well-known brands, with sophisticated protection systems and firewalls.

    Some inexpensive routers may have major security bugs easily hackerabili. This could be a major risk to the security of corporate data and information.

    4. Use a strong password

    Before you can use and share the wifi internet connection with all company employees, it is important to set a strong and secure password. In order to generate a effective password uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and special characters can be used. Making the password complex greatly reduces the possibility of hacking the wifi network, protecting your computer structure from any external attacks.

    How to create and secure corporate wifi connection: conclusions

    In order to improve corporate IT security, it is of fundamental importance to secure your wifi network to avoid intrusions by some malicious person, which could compromise sensitive data and information.

    If you want test your IT facility company, you can ask us for a Penetration Test to identify critical points and flaws in your protection system.

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