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    How to create ePub from PDF

    Caliber (Windows / Mac / Linux)

    The first of the resources to create ePub from PDF that I want to suggest you try is caliber, probably the best tool on the market for carrying out the operation in question. It is a free and open source program usable on Windows, macOS and also on Linux that allows you to create and manage digital libraries completely. In addition to allowing you to transform PDF files into ePub, it also allows you to transfer books to tablet ebook readers and read books in digital format directly on your computer.

    To start using it immediately, first connect to its website, click on logo of the operating system you are using and select the link Download Caliber on the page that is subsequently shown to you. When the download is complete, open the executable file you just obtained, click on Yes / Run, check the box next to the wording I accept the terms in the License Agreement and complete the installation procedure by first pressing on install and then Yes e Finish.

    If what you are using is a Mac, open the downloaded .dmg package and drag the Caliber icon into the folder Applications through the window that appeared on the desk. Then go to the folder Applications of macOS, right-click on the Caliber icon and select apri from the menu that appears to start the program.

    Once the Caliber window is displayed on the screen, follow the initial configuration procedure that is prostate by setting the language of use of the program, selecting the folder on the computer in which to save the books and specifying the ebook reader model or tablet you own. When setup is complete, click on the button Add books at the top left and select the PDF documents you want to turn into ePub.

    Then wait for the import procedure to be started and completed, then select the documents just imported from the central part of the program window and click on the button Convert books located at the top left. In the window that appears, select the item EPUB from the menu Output formats at the top right and click the button OK which is below.

    If you want, before starting the conversion procedure you can also intervene on the various parameters relating to appearance, structure, index, etc. of the final ePub file in low to what are your needs and preferences. Just use the tabs on the left side of the window that you see appear after clicking on the button Convert books.

    Once the conversion procedure is complete, you can view your books in ePub format by selecting the title from the Caliber library and then clicking on the item Click to open which is in the sidebar on the right. The folder in which the newly converted files were saved will then open.

    AnyBizSoft PDF to EPUB (Windows)

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for a specific conversion program that does not offer other functions for the management of e-books, you can rely on AnyBizSoft PDF to EPUB. It is a software for Windows operating systems only that, in fact, allows you to convert PDFs into ePubs to read them on iPad and iPhone and various mobile devices, including e-book readers, in an extremely easy and fast way. It is paid, but it is also available in a free trial version (the one I used for this tutorial of mine) that allows you to freely convert the first five pages of any PDF document. Let's see in more detail how it works.

    The first step you need is, of course, to download the program to your PC. To do this, connected to the download page on the Softpedia website, click on the button Download at the top left and then select the link Trial Version (Regnow).

    When the download is complete, open the executable file obtained, click yes Yes / Run and, in the window you see appear on the desktop, press the button Next and then on the button Run. Now, click on again Next, accept the terms of use of the program by placing the check mark next to the item I accept the agreement click her cousin Next three consecutive times and then on install e Finish to finish the installation process and start AnyBizSoft PDF to EPUB.

    Nella finestra che si apre, click on your button Free Trial to start using the free trial version of the program. Then click on the button Add Files ... who is at the top of the software window to select PDF files (even protected) you wish to convert to ePub or add them via drag and drop and start the conversion process by clicking on the button Convert bottom right. At the end of the procedure, you will see a specific warning appear on the screen.

    If you want to select the folder in which to save the converted PDFs yourself before starting the conversion, click the button [...] which is at the bottom and indicates the reference position. Alternatively, you can choose to save the ePub files generated by the program in the same location as the source documents by selecting the option Save target file (s) in source folder, which is always at the bottom.

    Then I would like to point out the possibility, if you deem it appropriate, to intervene on the program settings relating to the test colors and images and to the formatting of the texts by clicking on the button Options which is in the win alo part of the AnyBizSoft PDF to EPUB window.

    Zamzar (online)

    Do you need to convert only a few PDF documents to ePub and don't feel like downloading and installing special programs on your computer? Then you might want to consider using Zamzar. In fact, I'm talking to you about a zero-cost and easy-to-use Web service that allows you to create ePubs from PDF while maintaining the formatting of the texts and leaving the original quality practically unchanged. It also allows you to carry out various other conversion operations but at the moment, I don't think you care. Note that the upload limit is set at 100 MB in total and, in addition, to download the converted files, a valid email address must be indicated.

    To use it for your purpose, connect to the Zamzar home page and click on the button Choose files ... corresponding to the section Step 1. In the window that opens, select the PDF file you want to act on. Alternatively, drag the document directly into the browser window, at the writing Drop your files here that you will see appear.

    If, on the other hand, the file you want to work on is online, click on the tab URL Converter of Zamzar and fill in the field that you find in correspondence with the wording Step 1 with its link.

    When upload is complete, choose the item epub from the drop-down menu attached to the section Step 2, type your e-mail address in the text box corresponding to the section Step 3, pig sul sul bottone Convert che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della sezione Step 4 and in the window that opens click the button OK.

    Once you have started and completed the upload of the document to convert, you will receive an email from Zamzar (it could take several hours, the service is a bit slow). Open it, click on the link inside it and click on the green button Download Now in the new web page that will open to download the PDF transformed into ePub on your computer.

    Convertio (Online)

    As an alternative to Zamzar you can contact Convertio, another useful online service for converting PDF documents (as well as other file formats). It allows you to upload files with a maximum size of 100 MB and the converted documents can be saved directly on all those that are the most popular cloud storage services.

    To serve, visit its main page, press the button From a computer and select the files saved on your PC that you want to convert to ePub. Alternatively, drag them directly into the browser window. You can also upload the files on which to act via Dropbox or Google Drive, just click on the relevant buttons on the screen and login with your account.

    If, on the other hand, your files are on the network but not on a cloud storage service (or in any case not one of those supported), press the button with the chain and enter the relative link in the appropriate field. To add more links click on + Add another URL.

    Then select from the drop-down menu in on the right the voice EBOOK and then that EPUB  Image then presses the button Converted which is below. When the transformation is complete, click the button Download to download the newly obtained ePub files on your computer or click on the buttons with the icons of the cloud storage services to save your documents on one of the latter.

    To ePub (Online)

    To conclude, I want to tell you about another online service that can be useful for creating ePub from PDF. It's a matter of To ePub. It is easy to use, does not impose any particular limit in terms of upload and protect user privacy because all the data uploaded to its servers are eliminated definitively over 1 hour.

    To try it, connected to its home page, click on the button EPUB and drag the PDFs on which you intend to go and act in correspondence with the wording Drop your files here.. If you prefer, you can also manually select the PDF files to transform by clicking on the button first Upload files.

    Therefore, wait for the sectioned documents to be uploaded to the service and for the conversion procedure to be started and completed, then click on the button Download that you find on the preview of your files to save them one at a time on your computer. If you prefer to download the files all together, click on the button DOWNLOAD ALL down.

    How to create ePub from PDF

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