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How to delete messages copied on WhatsApp

Delete WhatsApp messages copied to smartphones and tablets

Have you copied a message received in a WhatsApp chat in the memory of your smartphone to bring it back to a friend of yours, but now you are terrified of pasting it again in the same conversation, thus risking to make a fool? Don't worry, you can easily remedy this by releasing (or replacing) them notes (o clipboard) of the device, i.e. that dedicated area of ​​the operating system where everything that is copied (or cut) through the system functions ends up. Below I will show you how to complete this operation is on Android that of iOS.


A device is possible Android, the quickest way to delete copied WhatsApp messages is to replace the contents of the clipboard with a random sequence of numbers: to do this, press the icon in the shape of handset to open the app Telephone, do tap sul numeric keypad located at the bottom right (in practice, you have to start the manual dialing of a number) and type a sequence of digits of your choice.

When you are done, double tap on the numbers you just entered and, from the small menu that appears on the screen, select the item Size or the voice Copy: in this way, you will replace the previously copied message with the highlighted numbers; consequently, if you were to use the Paste option by mistake, you will see the previously entered numbers appear on the screen and not the “offending” chat message.

If you wish, you can do the same operation using "random" text as a filler: to do this, start any app that allows you to type something (eg the app Messages), access the text entry field, type a random sequence of characters and, after double-tapping it, select the option Cut / Copy from the menu that appears on the screen: the result is practically identical to that seen above.

Alternatively, you can delete the message from the Android clipboard using the app Clear Clipboard History, available for free on Google Play. Once the app is installed, all you have to do is start it (it is identified by the name CCH Clear): after a few moments, the Android clipboard memory will be reset, together with the WhatsApp message copied to it, and replaced with an empty space.

Finally, you need to know that some versions of Android (such as those installed on different Samsung Galaxy, for example) have an integrated functionality for managing and deleting notes: to access them, start the app Messages, fai tap sull 'text entry area and then performs a prolonged tap on the same.

At this point, choose the option Clipboard from the small menu proposed to display the list of the most recently copied items: identify the WhatsApp message of your interest, make a prolonged tap on the same and presses the button Delete to “unload” it from the memory. Alternatively, you can clear the entire clipboard by tapping on the icon basket placed at the top of the list.


 iOS, therefore for iPhone iPad, the speech is very similar to that seen on Android: the simplest (and most immediate) method to get rid of a copied WhatsApp message is to “replace it” with a random sequence of characters.

To do this, start an app that allows you to write text, for example the app Notes, recalling it from the Home screen of the device, tap, if necessary, on the button Continue and use the button located at the bottom right (the one in the shape of square with pencil) to create a new note. At this point, type one or more letters in the text area, make a prolonged tap on the latter and select the item Copy from the list of proposed options and that's it: the previously copied message will disappear from the clipboard!

Alternatively, you can clear the system clipboard using the app commands (formerly known as Workflow) by Apple, which allows you to set up "quick actions" to be performed, using native iOS procedures. If you don't already have it, you can get the app by downloading it for free on the App Store.

Once you have the app, start it via the icon located on the Home screen of the device, press the button Start e fai tap sul pulsating Gallery located at the bottom right. Once this is done, type in the sentence Clear clipboard in the search field located at the top, presses the box of the same name displayed on the screen (marked by an icon in the shape of scissors) and tap the button Get quick command to add it to the library immediately.

Now, to add a shortcut directly to the Home screen, tap the button library located at the bottom, tap the button (...) placed on the edge of the icon related to the action just added and press the button sharing (The square with up arrow) placed at the top. Then, tap the button again sharing, choose the item Add to Home from the proposed menu and presses the button Add located at the top right.

The game is done: starting from this moment, you can quickly empty the contents of the clipboard (together with the WhatsApp messages saved in it) by touching the icon Clear Clipboard previously created (which will also be available in the Commands app widget available in the iOS widget menu); when you are done, you can go back to using the device as usual.

Note- If you wish, you can combine the newly created action with a Siri shortcut. To do this, launch the app commands, sfiora il pulsating library located at the bottom, touch the icon for the previously imported action and press the button in the shape of switches placed at the top. Finally, click on the item Add to Siri and follow the on-screen instructions to record a new voice command.

Delete WhatsApp messages copied to PC

Do you usually rely on WhatsApp for PC or WhatsApp Web and are you looking for a method to delete copied messages? The speech is similar to that already done for smartphones and tablets: even desktop operating systems (such as Windows e MacOS, for example) have a memory area dedicated to notes (clipboard), designed to contain everything that is cut / copied using the appropriate functions. As you can easily imagine, for delete WhatsApp messages copied to PC it is sufficient to delete the contents of the system clipboard: below I will explain how to proceed both on Windows that of MacOS.


If you have it available Windows 10, you can delete the entire contents of the system clipboard in a few moments, thanks to the “advanced” manager installed “by default” in the operating system.

How? I'll explain it to you right away. Using the keyboard, press the keys at the same time Win (the one with the Windows flag) e V: if everything went well, you should see the clipboard manager (and any messages residing inside it) on the right side of the screen. To clear the contents of the clipboard, simply click on the button Erase everything And that's it.

If the method described above does not work, or if you have Windows 8.1 or earlier, you can delete the clipboard by manually issuing a specific command. To do this, call up the window Run application premendo the combination of tasti Win + R, enter the command inside it cmd / c echo off | clip and click on the button OK: if everything went well, a Command Prompt window should open and close within a few moments, a sign that the Windows clipboard has been emptied (and the WhatsApp messages residing inside them destroyed).


Unlike what we saw for Windows 10, MacOS does not have a built-in functionality for deleting notes: however, it is possible to complete this operation in an extremely simple way using the terminal on the Mac.

First, bring up the Mac clipboard viewer by clicking on the menu Edit> Show clipboard: in this way, you should see on the screen the contents of the entire clipboard saved in macOS, including the “offending” message to be destroyed.

Once this is done, start the terminal calling it from the folder Other of Launchpad (l'icona a forma di rocket annessa there Dock bar), type in the command pbcopy </ dev / null and press the button Submit keyboard: if all went well, the OS clipboard should be emptied instantly. You can find out by looking at the clipboard window, which was opened earlier.

Delete messages on WhatsApp

Wait, you are telling me that you did not find the steps described in the previous sections of this guide helpful, as you are, instead, looking for a method to delete messages received on WhatsApp?

You must know that, even in this case, it is an extremely simple operation: what you have to do is start theWhatsApp app on your smartphone or tablet, access the chat on which you intend to intervene and make a prolonged tap on the message in question; if you stand on Android, you can select multiple messages together by subsequently tapping on each of them; if, on the other hand, you are on iOS, you need to select the item Delete among the proposed options and put a check mark next to each of the messages you want to delete.

When you're done, tap the icon basket displayed at the top (on Android) or at the bottom (on iOS) and, finally, specify whether to delete the message only for you for all chat members. If you need a hand, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to delete WhatsApp messages, in which I have given you further details on the steps to take to get rid of messages that are "uncomfortable" for you.

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