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    How to download song lyrics

    Testimania (Online)

    Let's start this excursus among the useful resources to download the lyrics of the songs starting from Testimania. It is a free service that, as easily deducible from the name sex, offers the possibility to find the lyrics of many songs, both national and international, and translations in the city of the most popular foreign songs. It is very simple to use and its archive is practically boundless.

    To use it, first of all connect to the home page of the site and then type in the search field at the top the title of the song of your interest or that of the reference artist and, once the page with the search results is displayed, select the relevant song or first the name of the artist and then that of the song and you will finally find yourself in front of the page with the complete text of the song.

    Alternatively, you can search by initial by selecting the reference that you find under the search bar and then the name of the song or first that of the artist belongs to the page that is shown to you.

    For many of the songs listed there is also the related music video. If so, select the link to watch it Watch the "song title" video that you find at the top of the page.

    In addition to what I have just indicated to you, I point out that you can search for the lyrics of this or that other song also based on the latest hits of the moment, the most searched songs etc. To do this, go to the home of the site and explore the various sections available. At the top you will find a series of links to the lyrics of the songs divided by genre, in the center you will find the most successful albums of the moment and by clicking on them you can access the completed archive of all the songs and the relative lyrics that compose them, below find the list of the latest insti texts and at the bottom of the page the rankings of the artists (and related texts) in contention and of the top songs, always with the following lyrics.


    Another portal to download the lyrics of the songs that in my opinion you should visit is LyricsMode. This is an excellent search engine for song lyrics which has the particularity of including an explanation of the meaning of the various songs. The amount of results offered is very large and there are also songs by less famous artists. It's free and it's fairly simple to use. In short, try it now and you will not regret it.

    To use it, connected to the home page of the service and type, in the search box at the top, the title of the reference song or the name of the artist who sings it or, again the album to which it belongs, then select the result relevant from the search results page you see appearing.

    On the next page you can therefore view the lyrics of the song and decide, using the buttons on the right, whether to share everything via social services (Share), via email (Email) or, again, whether to print the text (Print). If you want to know the meaning of a given part of the text, click on the button Meanings.

    In addition to this, as you just indicated, you can search for the lyrics of the songs of interest by selecting the most popular songs and the most searched lyrics on the right from the home page, the latest news in the center of the page and the categories found at the top. You can also search by letter by selecting the correct one always from the top of the site.

    Musixmatch (Online/Android/iOS/Windows Mobile)

    Another resource to download song lyrics that I think you should try is Musixmatch. Haven't you ever heard of it? Strange! It is practically number one when it comes to identifying song lyrics. It's free and allows you to search by song title, artist or part of the text. It also allows you to view the translations of the lyrics (when available) and also the videos of the related songs (always when disabled). It also has a nice, modern and easily understandable user interface. In short, what more do you want?

    To use it, connect to the Musixmatch website and type, in the search bar in the center of the page, the title of the song, the name of the artist or the words of the text of your interest, then select the correct suggestion from those you see appear automatically. If you do not see anything relevant in the suggestions provided, click on the link Show more to view all search results available on a new web page.

    If you had selected the title of a song, you will find yourself directly in front of the page with the complete text with attached buttons for translations in various languages ​​at the top of the page, under the title from the canon, and links to videos on the net, on the right.

    If, on the other hand, during the search phase you had selected the name of an artist or that of an album, in order to view the text of the song of your interest you must first select the title of the latter from the page that you will later see appear.

    In addition to what I have just indicated, keep in mind that you can search and view the lyrics of the songs by news or popularity, by scrolling the home page of the site and choosing from there the most popular ones, the news of the moment, the latest lyrics added etc.

    Finally, if you are interested in this, I would like to point out that Musixmatch is also usable in the form of an app for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets (as well as as an application for Windows 10, whose operation is practically similar to the app for mobile devices) . Even in this case, it is a zero-cost resource (but it offers Premium functions, for a fee) and its operation is well or badly similar to that of the Internet site I have just described to you, just go to the section Search to start searching for texts.

    In addition to what I have already indicated, the app however allows you to make the direct connection to Apple Music and Spotify in order to obtain the lyrics of the songs of interest immediately and automatically, I access the without Music, and to identify the songs being listened to and the relative text, by accessing the section It identifies <strong>financial incentives</strong>, grants and loans from local, regional and European institutions.. In both cases, the text displayed on the screen is synchronized with the piece of music listened to, like karaoke.

    Apple Music (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android)

    As I told you at the beginning of the guide, you can download the lyrics of the songs also using Apple Music, the music streaming service of the Cupertino company (if you remember correctly, I told you about it in depth in my tutorial on how Apple Music works). The thing is feasible by computer, through iTunes, and from mobile and Apple TV, via the app Music.

    From your computer, just select the song of your interest in iTunes and start playing it as you usually do. Then click on the button with the symbol oflist found in the upper right part of the program window (next to the playback progress bar), select the tab Text from the menu that opens and if available you will find yourself in the presence of the complete text of the song being played.

    The same thing can also be done by iPhones and iPads. To do this, start playing the song of your interest through the Music app on iOS, stop on the mini player at the bottom of the screen in order to expand it, make a slight scroll down the screen and if the text to the chosen song is actually available, just click on the link Show che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della dicitura Text to view it.

    On Apple TV, instead, start playing the song you are interested in through the Music app, swipe up the touch surface of the phone and, if the text is available, just select the button with the symbol from thelist attached to the screen to be able to view it immediately.

    Lyrically (Android/iOS)

    To conclude, I want to report you Lyrically, an application to download song lyrics available at no cost for both Android and iOS through which you can search for songs of the moment by artist or title. It offers more than 1 million texts edited and corrected by a constantly active community whose display can also be done in sync with the song that may be listening on the device. In short, try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

    To use it, download and start the app on your device and then stop on the symbol of magnifying glass which is at the top left and type the title of the song whose lyrics you want to view or, alternatively, the name of the reference artist (subsequently you will also have to select the album and song of your interest) or a part of the text you already know then presses on the relevant result among those proposed to you.

    On the next screen, you will be shown the complete text of the chosen song with a cover image of the relative CD and various other information below. By pressing the button of the sharing (the rectangle with the arrow) at the bottom right you can possibly share the button on social networks or export it to other apps by tapping on the reference icon.

    In addition to the way I just indicated, if a certain song is playing on your device you can directly view the text in the Lyrically home page, corresponding to the purple section at the top of the screen. Also in the home page you will find the songs (and related lyrics) most searched for in the last period.

    How to download song lyrics

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