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How to download WhatsApp on Android

The quickest and most immediate solution for download WhatsApp on Android is the one that plans to act through the Play Store. Then press the store icon on the home screen (the one with the symbol of a colored triangle), press on the search bar located at the top, type "whatsapp"And then select the first among the search results (WhatsApp Messenger).

If you want to speed up the execution of the procedure that I have just indicated, you can press here from your smartphone, in order to connect directly to the section of the Play Store dedicated to WhatsApp. In the new screen you see, then press the button Install and wait for the WhatsApp download and installation procedure to start and then complete.

When installation is complete, tap the button apri of the Play Store or presses onWhatsApp icon that you find in the list of apps available on your smartphone, in order to start the app immediately.

At this point, you must carry out the activation procedure for a free account for WhatsApp, following the wizard that is shown to you. The operations you need to perform are very simple and will simply require you to use your phone number to confirm activation.

First, press the button Accetta and continue, immetti il ​​tuo telephone number (make sure the international prefix is ​​indicated 39) and, on the next screen, enter the verification code you receive via SMS. The code is automatically entered by WhatsApp in case you consent to the app to access the SMS. If not, you will have a few minutes to do this manually.

Finally, the last step you need to take before you can use WhatsApp to communicate with your friends is to enter your personal information, such as the name to be displayed to other users and one photo to set as your profile picture.

Mission accomplished! Now you can already start chatting with your contacts (which will be automatically imported from the address book). If you want to know more about how to create an account, how to configure the app and how to use this service, I suggest you consult my guide on how WhatsApp works.

How to download WhatsApp on Android without Play Store

Is your smartphone not equipped with Google services? Don't worry, because in this chapter I will explain to you how to download whatsapp on android without the play store. This procedure is also very simple to carry out.

First, you need to know that to download WhatsApp without the Play Store, you need to get its file APK: this file is essential, as it represents the installation package with all the data necessary to ensure the functioning of the app.

But first you need to enableinstallation from unknown sources: by default, Android allows the installation of apps only from the Play Store, but you can still install apps from other sources by enabling this special feature. I warn you that the latter should not be kept enabled on the phone: after you have followed the procedures indicated in the next paragraphs, go ahead and disable it, it will affect the safety of your device.

To activate the installation from unknown sources on Android, start the app Settings and select the items Security and privacy> More> Install unknown apps. In the list of apps that is shown to you, now locate the one related to the web browser (for example Google Chrome) and move the lever up ON next to the wording Consenti l'installazione di app.

Now, launch the web browser on which you have enabled installation from unknown sources and go to the website of APKMirror, a very popular and reliable portal containing a database of many apps that can be installed via APK.

At this point, use the search bar located at the top (theicona della lens d'ingrandimento) to type the terms "whatsapp messenger“; then, in the screen that is shown to you, select the tab APPS and presses on the wording WhatsApp Messenger. Alternatively, you can use this link to quickly reach the WhatsApp card on APKMirror.

Well, we're almost there! Scroll down the screen and locate the tile All Versions. Now you don't have to do anything else to press on the latest stable version available: to be clear, it is the one where the wording is not present Beta. In the new section, scroll down to the box Download, tap on compatible version with your smartphone and press the button Download aPK, to proceed with the download.

When you try to download APK files, a message will warn you that this kind of file can damage your system, if you are not sure of the source where you are getting the file from. What you need to do is press on the button OK and then You open.

In the screen that is shown to you for installing the app, click on Install and, at the end of the setup, tap on apri, to complete the procedure. Therefore, the WhatsApp app will start through which you can create a free account using your phone number, so you can start using it to get in touch with your friends (just as explained above).

How to download WhatsApp Web on Android

Web WhatsApp is a WhatsApp Web platform to be able to access its services from a browser, opening a complementary session to the one already active on the smartphone. This is used, for example, to allow users to continue using WhatsApp even when they are in front of the PC, when they do not have the possibility or the convenience of acting directly from their mobile phone. And of course you can also use it to use the WhatsApp of another number on your smartphone or tablet.

Having made this brief introduction, you will surely have guessed that you do not need to download anything, except to act directly with the browser integrated on the Android smartphone. However, by accessing WhatsApp Web via this link, you will notice a screen that warns you to proceed with the download of the WhatsApp app for smartphones.

What you need to do, to still use WhatsApp Web on smartphones and tablets is to enable the desktop view of the site. If you use Google Chrome, you can do it by tapping on the icon , located at the top, and placing a check mark in the box next to the wording Desktop site, in the displayed pane.

In a few moments, the page will reload and you will be shown the login screen for this service, with the QR code to be framed, in order to access WhatsApp. Keep in mind that this operation can only be carried out on a smartphone or Android tablet other than the one in which WhatsApp is installed, otherwise it will be impossible for you to frame the QR code with the camera.

Once this is done, launch the WhatsApp, tap on the icon and press on the item Web WhatsApp, in the box that is shown to you. At this point, the camera will activate to allow you to frame the QR code. At the end, the web browser screen will update, showing you the list of WhatsApp conversations, on which you can interact to contact your friends.

If you want to know more about WhatsApp Web, how it works and possible unofficial clients to install on your Android device (which I do not recommend, to protect your privacy), I suggest you consult my guide on how WhatsApp Web works.

How to download WhatsApp Business on Android

If you want to use WhatsApp with two phone numbers on the same smartphone, apart from WhatsApp Web, you can use WhatsApp Business. If you have never heard of it, WhatsApp Business is a special version of WhatsApp designed for businesses and professionals which - very interesting - can be used on the same smartphone on which the classic WhatsApp is installed but using a second phone number. It works in a practically identical way to the classic WhatsApp but, if you want to know more, you can learn more by reading my tutorial dedicated to the app.

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