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    How to enter another email


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    You are interested in accessing two or more different accounts at the same time gmail? No problem, as both the web version of the service and the app for smartphones and tablets allow you to view and manage multiple accounts at the same time. Below I will explain how to proceed in both cases.


    To proceed from a computer, connect to your Gmail mailbox, log in (if necessary) and wait for the inbox to be completely loaded in the browser; after that, click on yours profile picture located in the upper right corner of the page and press the button Add account in the menu displayed on the screen.

    At this point, indicate on the new page that the second Gmail address in which you want to log in, press the button NEXT, enter the password of the account in question and that's it: after a few moments, you should be able to access the second mailbox!

    If necessary, you can quickly switch from one email to another by clicking on thepicture profile located at the top right and choosing, from the proposed panel, the email to be displayed. It wasn't difficult at all, was it?

    Smartphones and tablets

    Associate a second email with the Gmail for smartphone and tablet it's just as simple! If, for example, you use Android, you must first start the application by recalling it from the drawer of the device, press the button  located at the top left and then tap on the items Settings Add account.

    Once this is done, touch the voice Google, unlock the security settings in the most appropriate way (footprintfacial recognitionsequencePIN Password) and proceed with adding the second account to configure: enter theemail address in the appropriate field shown on the screen, touch the button NEXT, repeat the operation by entering the Password and finally, define the synchronization options for the newly added profile.

    If everything went well, you should see the Inbox folder relating to the account you just configured: to quickly switch from one mailbox to another, tap on thepicture profile located at the right end of the search bar and select, from the screen that opens, the email you are interested in using.

    For Gmail per iPhone, the procedure is quite similar: after calling up the app from the iOS Home screen, press the button  located at the top left, then press the button placed in correspondence with the e-mail address already configured and, subsequently, on the items Manage accounts Add account.

    At this point, fai tap sulla voce Google, award-winning Continue to allow access to and indicates, where required, theemail address and Password of the second mailbox that you are about to configure; when you're done, tap the button NEXT and, after making sure that the lever corresponding to the newly added profile is set to ON, presses on the voice end to immediately access your inbox.

    To quickly change the mail account used, tap the button  located at the top left and touches theimage for the mailbox you want to access. That's all!

    Regarding e-mail addresses, things change slightly compared to what we have just seen for Gmail: although the homonymous app for smartphones and tablets allows you to access multiple e-mail addresses at the same time, this is not true, however, for the Web version of the service. This means that if you are interested in accessing another email via your browser, you will need to log out of your current mailbox and log into the service with your new credentials. Below I'll explain everything in detail.


    To access a second Outlook email via computer, proceed as follows: connect to the website, wait for the page relating to the currently configured mailbox to load and then click on yours picture profile located in the upper right corner of the page and choose the item Disconnect from the small panel that opens.

    Once this operation is complete, you can log in to the second e-mail box simply by entering the relevant credentials in the fields displayed on the screen: that's all!

    Smartphones and tablets

    After starting the Outlook app for Android or iOS (the procedure is identical, in both cases), swipe from the left to the center to access the application menu, press the button (I.e. located on the left side of the bar and touch the item Add account / Sign in with placed in the next panel.

    Once this is done, touch your voice Add email account, specify the second Outlook email in the appropriate field, press the button Log in with Outlook and then enter the password of the mailbox; when you are done, press the button Log in and that's it: now you can safely close the settings by pressing the button located at the top left.

    From this moment on, you can quickly select the mailbox to check by swiping from left to center and tapping on the relative personal image, located on the left side of the management panel.


    As regards iCloud Mail, the e-mail service made available by Apple, things are as follows: via the Web, it is not possible to access another e-mail without disconnecting from the one currently in use; on the contrary, it is possible to configure multiple iCloud accounts together on smartphones and tablets, both Android and iOS, albeit in different ways. Below I'll explain everything in detail.


    To access another iCloud email via computer, you must first connect to the website of the service and wait for the e-mail box to be completely loaded; when that happens, press on yours name located at the top right and, from the menu that appears, choose the item Logout. Finally, choose whether to simply exit or exit and authorize the browser, so as to avoid the request for two-factor authentication for subsequent accesses.

    Once you have logged out, you will be automatically brought back to the login screen: enter, therefore, the address of the second e-mail box you wish to access, press the button Submit on the keyboard, then specify the Password access to the service and that's it: if necessary, press the button Mail in the iCloud management screen to access the mailbox directly.

    Smartphones and tablets

    At the time of writing this guide, there is no iCloud email app dedicated to smartphones and tablets Android: What you can do, however, is to add the additional mailbox to the Gmail app, fully compatible with Apple's service.

    Due to some security settings, however, it is not possible to use the general iCloud password to configure e-mail within clients not produced by Apple, but a specific password must be generated to be associated with the app in question; for this step to be successful, it is essential that thetwo-factor authentication is active on the account in question: if you have not yet done so, you can fix it by following the instructions I have given you in this guide.

    Once two-factor authentication is activated, you can generate a specific password for the Gmail app for Android as follows: connect to this Internet page directly from the device you intend to act on, log in by entering the necessary data and then , tap the links Safety Generate password.

    At this point, enter a label to identify the password you are about to generate (eg. Android Gmail) and tap the button Generates: take note of the password shown on the screen, respecting upper and lower case (and including any special characters), as you will need it shortly. Also know that app-specific passwords can be used once and only once.

    Finally, launch the gmail, swipe from left to center to call up its main menu, tap items Settings Add account, specify the option Other and proceed in the same way as indicated in the paragraph dedicated to Gmail for Android, but taking care to use theemail address associated with the iCloud account and to specify the password generated previously and not the one you usually use to log into iCloud (which will be reported as incorrect).

    If, on the other hand, you have to enter another iCloud email from iOS, things are much simpler, as the service is natively integrated into the operating system. To proceed, open the Settings of your device by touching the gear-shaped icon located on the Home screen of the same, tap on the items Settings Password and account (on iOS 14 and later you have to go up Settings> Mail or Settings> Contacts) and tap the option Add account present in the new proposed panel.

    At this point, tap on the icon iCloud, enter the e-mail address in the appropriate field, press the button NEXT, specify the access password and tap again on NEXT; Finally, define the synchronization options (taking care to leave it on ON the stalk at Mail) and il gioco è fatto!

    This will automatically add your mailbox to the app Mail which, by default, will display all the mailboxes configured on the device. To access individual emails selectively, start the app Mail, swipe from the left edge towards the center and choose the box of your interest from those proposed.

    How to enter another email as a client

    How do you say? You have only partially found the information I have given you in this guide useful, as you would like enter another email through the email client you usually use on a computer? Then this is the section of the tutorial that best suits your case.

    Most existing e-mail programs allow you to configure and manage multiple mailboxes at the same time: a fundamental requirement, however, is activate IMAP for the email service you intend to configure; for your information, the IMAP protocol is what allows you to manage emails across various devices, avoiding unexpected behavior caused by synchronization errors.

    If you have not yet activated the IMAP protocol, I invite you to follow the instructions indicated in this guide to immediately remedy; also, I invite you to note the mailbox configuration parameters specific to your service, as you will need them to add the email to the program of your choice.

    Below I show you the procedures to use to configure an additional mailbox in the most popular desktop clients.

    Windows 10 Mail

    To set up an additional mailbox in the program Windows 10 Mail, proceed as follows: first start the software by calling it from the menu Home (l'icona a forma di pennant located in the lower left corner of the screen), presses the button (I.e. placed at the bottom and then on the items Manage accounts Add account.

    At this point, select the type of account you intend to use (eg., Google Yahoo!) and proceed by entering the requested information. If your mail service does not appear among those listed, click on the item instead Other account, insertion l 'email addressname to be specified in the messages sent and the Password account and click on the button Log in.

    With a bit of luck, the optimal settings will be detected automatically and you will simply have to confirm the addition of the account by pressing the button end; otherwise, you will be asked to proceed with the manual configuration account: if so, enter i IMAP parameters previously noted in the proposed fields.

    Apple Mail (macOS)

    Enter an additional account in the program Mail, the default mail manager already present in Macs, is just as simple: first, launch the program via its icon located in the bar Dock (Quella a forma di stamp), pigia sul menu Mail placed at the top and select, from the latter, the item Previous.

    Once in the new window, click on the button [+] placed in the lower left corner, put the check mark next to your email manager (to be chosen between iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo! or AOL), click on your button Continue and log in using your account details.

    If the service does not appear among those listed, put the check mark next to the item Other Mail accountclick on your button Continue and enter name, address Password in the proposed fields; to finish, click the button Log in and select the items to synchronize.

    If Mail fails to correctly retrieve the parameters of the configured mailbox, you should be offered additional mailboxes that you must manually fill in with the IMAP parameters obtained previously.

    Outlook (Windows / macOS)

    Do you want to add a new email account in Outlook, the client that comes with the Microsoft Office suite? Then proceed as follows.

    They cost you one PC Windows, after starting the program, click on the tab Fillet located at the top left, press the button Add account placed immediately below the already configured mailbox and enter theemail address to be configured in the appropriate field, then click on the button Connect to attempt automatic configuration, an operation that I recommend you do if your e-mail provider is one of the most used (eg. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and so on).

    If, on the other hand, the automatic configuration is not successful, repeat the previous steps and, after entering the e-mail address in the appropriate field, click on the item Advanced options and check the box Allow manual account setup.

    When you're done, press the button Connect to access the next screen, select the protocol IMAP from the available choices and enter, in the proposed fields, the configuration parameters noted previously.

    If, on the other hand, you are on a Mac, proceed as follows: after starting the program, go to the menu Outlook> Preferences (above), press the icon Account located on the screen that opens, then click on the button [+] located at the bottom left and choose the item New account from the menu that appears on the screen.

    Next, enter theemail address you want to add to the program, click the button Continue and indicates the Password access in the appropriate field: if everything went well, the program should automatically detect the server settings. When this happens, you just have to click on the buttons Add account Done to conclude the procedure.

    If, on the other hand, the settings are not detected automatically, select your mail manager on the screen Choose the provider for [email address] or, if it does not appear among the options, choose the item IMAP / POP to start manual configuration: next, set the drop-down menu Type su IMAP and enter, where required, the configuration parameters noted above.

    For more information about the Outlook configuration procedure, I invite you to consult my specific tutorial on the subject.

    Thunderbird (Windows / macOS / Linux)

    It was used Thunderbird, proceed as follows: once the program is open, click on the button  located at the top right and go to the menu Options> Account settings; alternatively, you can access the same item by clicking on the menu options located at the top of the window (you can make it visible on Windows by pressing the key Other).

    Once this is done, press the button Account actions located at the bottom left, select the item Add mail account ... from the proposed menu and fill in the next form with the requested information: e-mailname Password. With a bit of luck, Thunderbird will be able to independently retrieve the configuration parameters of the mailbox, automatically adding it to the program.

    If this does not happen, you will be offered additional boxes to fill in with the IMAP parameters retrieved previously.

    How to enter another email

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