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    How to enter Messenger without a password


    • Retrieve the password
      • From mobile
      • From PC
    • Log in via Facebook
      • From mobile
      • From PC
    • What to do in case of problems

    Retrieve the password

    Can't log in to Messenger because you've forgotten your account password? Well, in this case you can remedy the situation by carrying out a simple procedure of password recovery. Now I'll explain in detail how to "move" both from mobile and from PC, however, know that it is very simple.

    From mobile

    To recover the password of your Messenger account from mobile, start the official app of the service and presses on the voice Forgot password? located below the fields to log in via email / phone and password. In the text field that appears on the screen, enter your address email or yours telephone number to find your account; then press the button Continueselect il your account and request the sending of the code to reset your password.

    Within a few seconds the Facebook team will send you via e-mail or SMS (depending on how you have decided to log in to your account) a verification code six digits: enter it in the relevant field that appears on the screen, create one new password typing it in the appropriate field, presses the button Continue and, on the next screen, decide whether to stay connected or to disconnect from all your devices.

    From PC

    You have tried logging into your Messenger account from PC, but you can't remember your password and now would you like to recover it? In that case, after connecting to the Messenger login page, click on the link Did you forget your password? that appears next to the message “The password you entered is incorrect“.

    Within a few seconds you will receive via e-mail or SMS (depending on how you decided to log into Messenger), a code sei code: enter it in the appropriate box located on the web page that opened after clicking on the link "Forgot your password?" and click on the blue button Continue.

    Now, type the new password access to Messenger in the field of the same name and check the box next to the item Log out of Facebook wherever my account is open, if you suspect that someone has hacked your account and, to complete the operation, click on the blue button Continue. From now on, you will need to use the new password you just chose to log into Facebook and Messenger.

    When logging in from a PC, I suggest you check the option Stay logged in if you want to log in to Messenger without entering the password.

    If for one reason or another you do not want to follow the procedure described above, you can try to recover the password of Facebook (and therefore of Messenger) by looking for it in the memory of your browser. All popular navigation programs, for example Chrome e Firefox, in fact, they include a function that allows you to memorize passwords. If you have used this feature after logging in to Facebook, you may be able to trace your password without having to request a reset on the social network.

    Don't know how to recover the passwords saved in the browser? No problem, read the tutorial I wrote on the subject and you should have everything clearer.

    Log in via Facebook

    After you have recovered your password, you can do so log into Messenger via Facebook. Using your Facebook account, in fact, it is possible to enter Messenger, both on smartphone and on PC, without entering your credentials: just log in to Facebook in the browser or in the official app of the famous social network, open Messenger and click on the appropriate button to login with your account (which should be detected automatically). For more details, read on.

    From mobile

    To enter Messenger via your Facebook mobile account, first start the Messenger application on your Android or iOS device by pressing on its icon (that of the blue cartoon with the white lightning bolt) and proceed to its configuration by tapping on the blue button Continue like [tuo nome].

    The Messenger app will connect to your Facebook account, allowing you to use the instant messaging service to chat with contacts who are on your Facebook friends list.

    After logging in with your Facebook account and pressing the "Continue as [your name]" button, you will be asked to activate the setting to send messages to your telephone contacts: press the button Activate, to activate the setting or tap on the item Not now, to skip this step temporarily and start using the app right away.

    From PC

    To enter Messenger from PC by logging in with your Facebook account, first connect to the Messenger login page from your favorite browser and log in to your account by clicking on the blue button Continue like [tuo nome]. As with the Messenger app for mobile devices, the service will connect to your Facebook account and allow you to log in and use the service even if you have not entered any password.

    Alternatively, since the Messenger chat is integrated directly into Facebook, you can enter Messenger simply by logging into your Facebook account. As soon as you have logged into your profile, you will be able to chat on Messenger by clicking on the icon blue speech bubble with lightning  (top right, in the blue Facebook bar). By clicking on the icon in question, a menu will open containing recent chats and from here you can access the Messenger section of Facebook.

    What to do in case of problems

    Are you having difficulty logging in (with or without a password) to your Messenger account? Despite the detailed instructions I gave you in the previous lines, you were unable to reset the access key to your account and now you are afraid that you have lost all your chats? Don't panic! Instead, try to find a solution to your problem by visiting the Messenger help center, which contains dozens of articles that could solve your doubts and problems.

    To find a solution to your problem, try typing in search bar which is placed at the top a keyword that identifies the problem you want to solve. Then click on one of the items listed in the menu that appears on the screen trying to identify the one that, in your opinion, can help you solve your problem and, as soon as you have found a useful one, read the instructions that the Facebook team has prepared for you and put them into practice.

    Alternatively, you can search for the answer to your doubt by visiting the section Popular topics which collects some of the most frequently asked questions by users. I am sure that by following the instructions indicated in the Messenger help center, you will be able to understand how to solve your problems.

    How to enter Messenger without a password

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