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    How to find a Gmail address

    How to find a Gmail address (forgotten email address)

    How to find a Gmail address

    Let's start immediately with the resolution of one of the most common problems. I'll explain in the following lines how you can find the username of the email address and thus be able to re-enter your account relating to Google services, including Gmail.

    If you need to find the username of your e-mail account you must first connect to the Internet page relating to the assistance and recovery section of a Gmail account, made available by Google.

    How to do? Open the browser you usually use to browse (for example Google Chrome or Safari) and click on this Internet page which leads to the page dedicated to restoring your Google account.

    Once you have landed on the web page in question, all you have to do is follow the reset procedure for your account to the letter which you can see in the screenshot Account Support. The first thing you will be asked to indicate, in order to retrieve your email address, is the username you registered.

    If, as in this case, you cannot remember it, you can proceed to recover the email address that you have lost by typing the telephone number associated with it. Then type the telephone number and, to continue from this screen you will then have to click on the button NEXT.

    How to find a Gmail address

    You will then be asked to type thelast password that you remember associated with your account. Enter it in the text field you see on the screen and press the button NEXT. Alternatively, by clicking on the entry Try another question, you can try to reset your account using a disposable code sent to the recovery email that you have indicated for your account.

    If you do not have access to any alternative email address linked to your Gmail account, press the button again Try another question. You will be able to reset your account in other ways, for example by answering other questions.

    For example, you will have to indicate the approximate month and l 'year where you created the Google account you want to find, or use another email address of your choice for account recovery.

    These options are visible by clicking on the item Try another question, You will then be asked to type in an email address other than the previous ones that you have and that you can actually check. It would be better if that email address was linked to the Gmail account you want to find, but it's not essential.

    In this specific case, after you enter the recovery email address, Google will send you a verification code and instructions that will help you access the account you have lost.

    If, on the other hand, you want to try an alternative way to find the Gmail email address that you have lost, but you have not associated any phone number to your account, and therefore you cannot follow the procedure I indicated in the previous lines, I will explain how to do it.

    How to find a Gmail address

    Go back to the Internet page related to the recovery of the Gmail account and click on the entry Find my account. You will now need to attempt recovery through an alternate email address or with alternative phone number.

    It is absolutely important that, even at this stage, you enter an email address or mobile number to which you have access. Then enter the required data in the text fields you see on the screen and press the button NEXT. Finally, it indicates the name e last name associated with the Google account to be recovered.

    In case you have indicated an alternative email for recovery, by pressing the button Forward, Google will send an email containing a one-time code that you can use to log into your account.

    If, on the other hand, you had indicated a mobile number for recovery, you will then need to verify it through a captcha code and press NEXT.

    Note that this is the last option you have to verify your account. If you do not have any of the requested data, I recommend that you contact Google support.

    How to find a Gmail address (forgot password)

    How to find a Gmail address

    Finding an email address in case of a lost password is certainly easier. I indicate in the following lines the procedure to be carried out for the recovery of your Gmail email account.

    First, connect to the official Google website to recover your account and, since you are aware of it, type your email address for which you no longer remember the password. Continue by pressing on NEXT.

    It doesn't matter if you can't remember your current password anymore, but you need to type l in the next text field’ultima password that you remember to help Google find your Gmail account. Don't even remember your old account password? Do not despair? Try clicking on the entry Try another question repeatedly, to try to recover your email address password using the additional security options that vary depending on your account settings.

    How to find a Gmail address

    For example, you can evaluate the option that allows you to recover your account password via SMS verification code. In this case, enter your full phone number in the text field Receive a verification code via SMS to the number [part of the phone number associated with the Gmail account].

    By pressing the button again Try another question you can reset your password with an alternative phone number (then type the complete alternative phone number referring to the digits you see on the screen).

    In case you have activated other security options for recovering your account, such as backup codes, enter the 8-digit code in the text field Enter a backup code to reset your Gmail account password.

    Continuing to press on the item Try another question you may have access to other recovery settings: verification of identity by confirming your mobile number or through the alternative phone numbers you have indicated in your account, or through the Security Question set.

    Other options include the indication of month e year creation of your Gmail account and, finally, the verification of the possession of the Gmail account that you want to recover through an alternative email address.

    Not all of the alternative options I have indicated to you may be present; as I explained to you, it depends on the security level you have set for your Google account. However, keep in mind that, in the event that it is not possible for you to find the password of your Gmail account through this procedure indicated by me, you will have to proceed by contacting the Google support service.

    How to find a Gmail address (other recovery solutions)

    How to find a Gmail address

    An alternative that I recommend you try to find a gmail address for which you have lost your login data is the Google help center. This is a support section with a list of answers and related solutions to frequently asked questions.

    To use the section of Google indicated by me, all you have to do is connect to the appropriate website and select the problem from one of those that I indicate below.

    If you already have a clear idea of ​​what your problem is, just click on it and follow the instructions provided directly by Google to receive the appropriate assistance for your problem.

    The issues for which there is a resolution, in the Google help center, are the following:

    • Did you forget your password: indicates the procedure to follow for the recovery of the account and the suggestions to carry out the recovery correctly;
    • Forgot your username or the email address you used to log in: this section shows you how to proceed and what to do if you can't find your username
    • Remember your username and password but can't log in: you are asked to answer additional questions to investigate the nature of the problem
    • You think someone else is using your account: you are given the procedure to protect your account in case of theft.
    • You're having trouble with XNUMX-Step Verification: you are asked to answer further questions related to your problem you have encountered.
    • You are unable to reset your password with a code received in a message: in this specific case you will be shown the alternative procedure to follow.
    • Purposes a corporate, school, or other group Google account: to solve this problem you will have to answer further questions to understand the nature of the error you encountered.
    How to find a Gmail address

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