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    How to find Amazon discounts

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    Where to find Amazon discounts

    Prima di enter the live of this tutorial and spiegarti how to find Amazon discounts, you may find it useful to know where to look for offers, promotions and discount codes to use on the famous online shopping site.

    The first solution you can consider, however trivial it may seem, is to look for discounts directly Amazon same. In fact, the colossus of Jeff Bezos offers several sections dedicated to offers, in which flash offers are collected, with hundreds of discounted products for a few hours and in limited quantities, and offers without fixed deadlines, with thousands of items offered at affordable prices without time or availability limitations (if we do not consider the natural exhaustion of goods in stock).

    In addition to the sections in question, which are accessible daily by all users, Amazon also offers real ones private events during which it is possible to find thousands of products of all kinds at really advantageous prices. During the year, there are three main Amazon savings events.

    • Amazon Black Friday: it is certainly one of the best known and most anticipated events on Amazon that takes place in the week of the fourth Friday in November, to kick off Christmas shopping. The discounted products are offered in two ways: the offers of the day are valid for the entire duration of the event with almost unlimited availability and the lightning offers with discounted items only for a limited time and in limited quantities. The event is available to all Amazon registered users but Prime customers can see the discounted products 30 minutes before their actual activation.
    • Amazon Cyber Monday: it is held on the Monday following Black Friday and lasts for 24 hours, during which many companies in the hi-tech sector offer hundreds of products at advantageous prices.
    • Amazon Prime Day: this is also an annual event that usually takes place in the summer over several days, with discounts and special offers on thousands of products exclusively for users who have subscribed to Amazon Prime (or who have activated the free trial).

    In addition, it will be useful to know that you can also save on Amazon by using the discount codes which are made available by some sellers for a short period of time, in order to promote the sale of their products. Unfortunately, however, there is no Amazon section in which the codes in question are collected and the only solution to be able to redeem and use the promotional codes is to access the listing of the discounted product.

    Fortunately, there are Telegram channels dedicated to Amazon promotions that allow you to be constantly updated on both discount codes and the best offers available on the famous online shopping site.

    How to find discounts on Amazon

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, it is time to take action. So, for find discounts on Amazon, connected to the main page of the famous shopping site, click on the ☰ button, at the top left, select the option Offers and bargains at low prices give the menu check if you preem your voice Proposal.

    On the screen Today's offers, you can view the offers of the day, with discounted products throughout the day, the lightning offers, with items discounted for only a few hours and in limited quantities, and featured offers, with the most relevant offers to which Amazon dedicates a space in the foreground.

    In this section, through the options visible in the sidebar on the left (Category, Type of offer, Discount, Price etc.) you can only view the products of a specific category (Clothing, Books, Music, Products for animals, Video Game etc.), for a certain price range or those more discounted.

    Also, you need to know that the products listed in the section Today's offers they can be purchased by all Amazon registered users, unless a particular product bears the wording "Exclusive Prime Offer". In this case, the product in question can only be purchased by Prime customers. The latter can also access the section Prime Preview Offers which allows you to view and purchase discounted products 30 minutes earlier than "normal" users.

    I point out that from the section Proposal of Amazon you can access further sections where you can find other products at advantageous and heavily discounted prices.

    • Outlet: it is the section of Amazon in which items from old collections or that are no longer part of the recent Amazon catalog are collected. A real online outlet where you can find new products of all kinds (dozens of categories are available, such as Fashion, Electronics, do-it-yourself, informatics, Video Game etc. ) discounted.
    • Amazon Renewed: While not a real section where discounted products are collected, Amazon Renewed allows you to save money by purchasing refurbished products that have been tested and certified by qualified suppliers to look and function like new product. All products purchased in this section are covered by an additional 1 year limited warranty.
    • Used and Refurbished (or Amazon Warehouse): also in this section are not collected promotional products but used and reconditioned items. In addition, new products are also available but with small defects or whose packaging has been opened. Amazon Warehouse is operated by Amazon and all products are sold and shipped by Jeff Bezos' giant.

    Finally, by clicking on the option Bargains at low prices placed in the top menu, you can view thousands of products of all kinds which, although not discounted, you can buy at prices that, in most cases, do not exceed 10 euros.

    If you prefer to access the sections in question from smartphones and tablets, start the Amazon app for Android or iPhone / iPad devices, press the ☰ button, in the bottom menu, locate the item Programs and features and tap on the item you prefer among Today's offers e Occasions to low pieces.

    If, on the other hand, you want to access the section Amazon Warehouse, tap the ☰ button, press on the items Choose by category e View all in the menu that is proposed to you and select the option Amazon Warehouse Deals. Semplice, see?

    How to find Amazon discount codes

    As mentioned in the opening lines of this guide, the simplest and most comfortable solution for find Amazon discount codes is to use Telegram. In fact, on the famous messaging service there are some channels dedicated to Amazon offers that allow you to easily identify discounted products and / or offer a discount code.

    All you have to do to subscribe to one of these channels is to start the Telegram app for Android or iPhone / iPad devices or access the service in question from a computer (via client to install or web panel), select the option Chat (l'icona della speech bubble), write “Free Amazon” o "Amazon discount codes" in the field Search for messages or usersat the top and press the button Search (or on the key Submit keyboard, if you are using Telegram from a computer).

    In the new screen displayed, locate the Telegram channel that you think best suits your needs, click on its name e seleziona l'opzione Join, to enter the channel in question and always be updated on Amazon offers, promotions and special events. To learn more, I leave you to my guide on how to receive Amazon coupons.

    After finding a discount code for an Amazon product that you intend to buy, all you have to do is proceed with the purchase of the item in question and redeem the code in your possession. To do this from a computer, connected to the Amazon main page, access the screen of the product you want to buy, locate the item Price, click the option Promotion and press pulsating Apply, to redeem the discount code.

    If you don't see the option Promotionclick on your button Buy it now, enter the discount code you got on a Telegram channel dedicated to Amazon offers in the field Coupons, promotional codes and press pulsating Inserisci. If everything went well and if the code is valid, you will see the message The promotional code was successfully redeemed to indicate that you have successfully redeemed the discount code. Then press the button Buy it now, to complete the payment.

    If you prefer to redeem a discount code from your smartphone or tablet, start theAmazon app, access the listing of the product of your interest, locate the item Prices and, if a promotion is running, select the options View details e Apply. If not, tap the button Buy it now, to access the payment form, select the option Pay with and, in the new screen that appears, enter the discount code in the field Insertion codice.

    Finally, hit the button Add, to enter the Amazon discount code and apply the discount in question, locate the item Scroll to buy now and move the relative cursor to the right, to complete the payment.

    How to find Amazon discount coupons

    I Amazon discount coupons, unlike the discount codes I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, they are coupons that can be obtained by joining initiatives launched by Amazon itself and that can be used on most of the products sold and shipped by Amazon.

    Usually, the initiatives that allow you to earn an Amazon discount coupon are indicated on the main page of the famous online shopping site, near the item Cart. At the time of writing this guide, for example, it is possible to get an Amazon discount coupon of 5 euros by activating the free trial of Audible, the Amazon service dedicated to listening to audiobooks.

    In the past, Amazon has launched several initiatives of this kind and has repeatedly offered discount coupons to users who recharged their account, who purchased a gift voucher or who, after activating Prime Video, watched a movie or video for at least 5 minutes. an episode of any TV series.

    To be updated on these initiatives, you can either use Telegram, as I indicated in the previous paragraphs, or activate the Amazon newsletter from your account settings. In the latter case, linked to the main page of Amazon, click on yours name, at the top right, locate the box Email alerts, messages, advertisements and cookies e clicca sull'opzione Communication preferences.

    From smartphones and tablets, on the other hand, start the Amazon app, press the ☰ button, select the option My Account, locate the section Communications center and tap on the item Communication preferences.

    Now, regardless of the device used, press the icon of freccia rivolta verse il basso relative all'opzione Marketing communications by mail visible nel box Mail communication preferences, put the check mark next to the item I want to receive email communications regarding subscriptions, new Amazon products or services, offers or purchase suggestions and press pulsating Save.

    For more information on Amazon discount coupons and to know all the solutions to get Amazon coupons, I leave you to my in-depth guide on the subject.

    How to find Amazon discounts

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