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    How to find Bibi on Brawl Stars

    Preliminary information

    How to find Bibi on Brawl Stars

    Before explaining to you how to find Bibi on Brawl Stars, let me give you some useful preliminary information about it.

    You must first know that Bibi is a champion of rank epic, which can only be obtained by opening the brawl speakers. Unlike the other champions in the game, therefore, it is more difficult to obtain, as it cannot be unlocked only after obtaining a specific number of trophies in the path of trophies.

    This does not mean that it is impossible to get Bibi, but to achieve this goal for free it is necessary to accumulate numerous hours of play, carrying out all the activities that allow you to get the brawl boxes as a reward, such as the ones I will tell you about in the following chapters of this tutorial.

    Clearly, being an epic champion, Bibi has a percentage of drop rate (i.e. the percentage of being able to get it by collecting the rewards of the game) quite low, so it is possible to speed up the process by putting your wallet, as I will explain later in this tutorial. It is therefore up to you to decide which path to take, depending on your needs.

    How to find Bibi for free on Brawl Stars

    Having made the necessary premises, let's see together how to get Bibi for free by carrying out all the actions in the game that allow you to obtain the brawl speakers (in the face of a considerable number of hours of play, this must be said).

    Level up on the trophy path

    How to find Bibi on Brawl Stars

    The first goal you have to pursue, if you want to get the brawl speakers and consequently increase the chances of unlocking Bibi, is to level up in the path of trophies. It is, in fact, the main objective path of the game which, as a reward following winning matches against other players, allows you to obtain numerous prizes, including brawl speakers.

    Leveling up in the path of trophies precisely, i trophies: when you reach a certain number of trophies, you get to degree following. The rewards, of course, improve as the numbers increase degrees.

    For example, at the time of this writing, the first checkout Brawl you get achievement of 5 trophies but, as you progress along the trophy path, it is possible to get to the huge chest (650 trophies) and the mega crate (5.000 trophies).

    Play Events

    How to find Bibi on Brawl Stars

    Level up in path of trophies Brawl requires many hours of gameplay to get the crates. In this regard, what I advise you to do to optimize and obtain the desired result faster is to keep an eye on the countdown for resetting the private events, in order to play them whenever these are available.

    - private events of Brawl Stars provide that the player faces other users in pre-established maps, completing the challenges that are proposed. For example, the named event Arraffagemme requires players to compete in a 3 vs 3 map with the aim of reaching as many gems as possible before time runs out.

    Playing the private events it is very important: as a result of the victory they are obtained experience points, coin e trophies. As said, thanks to trophies it is possible to progress in path of trophies, but also i coin they are very useful, as thanks to these it is possible to obtain further rewards, equally profitable.

    I coin they are a reward that allows you to progress in thresholds of the seasons obtaining the brawl speakers as the main reward. For example, at the time of this writing, it is possible to get one huge chest already upon reaching the threshold 3.

    I'll tell you about the seasons of Brawl Stars even later, as threshold rewards can be earned faster for a fee.

    Play the missions

    How to find Bibi on Brawl Stars

    Another strategy that you absolutely must put in place, to get it faster Bibi on Brawl Stars, is to play the private events following the indications provided by daily missions and from those seasonal.

    Before starting an event, check the directions in this section Missionsand season of Brawl pass, to check the type of action that is required of you: usually you can be asked to win a specific number of games with a certain champion.

    For example, if the daily quest requires you to cause 6.000 points of damage with Splint, you can start any of the available events, as long as you use the champion in question. If, on the other hand, you are asked to win three games in Grab Grab, it means you have to play the event three consecutive times.

    By completing quest requests, you will receive i coin, which you will need to level up in the season and consequently obtain the rewards provided for by the thresholds.

    Get Bibi on Brawl Stars for a fee

    Don't feel like wasting a lot of time and would like to get Bibi on Brawl Stars faster? In this case, you just have to speed up the paid process, through thepurchase of game items with real money. In the next chapters I will tell you about the options available to you to get Bibi for a fee.

    Buy the gems

    How to find Bibi on Brawl Stars

    If you have the ability to spend money, one way to get Bibi on Brawl Star quickly is to buy the gem from shop. Gems are the main game currency of Brawl Stars and are used to purchase items such as breakage e skin.

    Le gem they can be obtained in a limited way for free upon reaching specifics thresholds in season di Brawl Star but, if your intent is to speed up the Bibi unlocking process, you must take into account the purchase of gem packs, whose prices start at 2,29€ (30 gems) and arrive at 109,99€ (2.000 save).

    After purchasing the gems you can spend them on the purchase of breakage in shop: a huge chest the 30 gems (in euros they correspond to € 2,29) while one mega crate the 80 gems (corresponding to approximately € 5,49).

    Alternatively, you can buy, at the cost of 40 gems (minimum cost € 4,58), the doubles tokens, a boost that allows you to double the first 1.000 tokens obtained in battle from that moment on.

    You can also use gems to quickly advance in thresholds area of season and get the brawl speakers provided as a reward.

    Activate the Brawl Pass

    How to find Bibi on Brawl Stars

    Finally, another method you can use to speed up the chance of getting Bibi on Brawl Stars is to activate the Brawl pass: this allows in fact to obtain greater rewards in the progress of season compared to those that can be obtained by progressing in thresholds for free.

    The paid Brawl Pass, in fact, allows you to get one huge chest upon reaching the threshold 6 (the reward provided by the same threshold with the Free Pass is only 50 coins).

    The paid Brawl Pass is obtained with gems. Its cost is 169 gems (corresponding to € 10,99 for the purchase of the 170 gem pack). Alternatively, you can buy the Brawl Pass da 249 gemme (€ 21,99 as the minimum purchase you can make is the package from 360 gems): in the latter case, they will also automatically block 7 thresholds and related rewards in brawl boxes.

    How to find Bibi on Brawl Stars

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