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    How to find diamonds in Minecraft

    Collect diamonds in the mine

    I diamonds are minerals that are generated underground in the world of Minecraft. Compared to all the other resources, they are rarer and their research can be quite difficult: in the next lines, I will show you the tools necessary for the extraction of this mineral underground and the useful methods to identify and process them.

    Create a pickaxe

    Before you go into the search for diamonds, you need to build a iron pickaxe or higher quality. Building this kind of tool is simple: you need them two units of wooden sticks e three of iron ingots.

    I iron ingots are obtained by working i crude iron blocks in furnace. The latter are easily recognizable because they are gray in color with light brown traces. Obviously, you will need a stone pickaxe or higher quality to extract raw iron.

    After you get the raw iron, you will need to place it inside the furnace and wait for i iron ingots. As regards, however, i wooden sticks, these are manufactured by placing two units of wooden boards arranged on two vertical panels.

    After retrieving the materials I indicated in the previous lines, open the bank gives lavoro, place three units of iron ingots horizontally on the three squares of the first row and the two units of sticks vertically in the center: in this way, you will have arranged all the materials forming one T, which will result in a iron pickaxe.

    Find the diamonds and work them

    As I mentioned earlier, diamonds are hard to find minerals. However, I can advise you to reach the depths of the subsoil between levels 1 and 16, where you will have a very good chance of finding diamonds. Take into consideration that the sea level is set at level 64, so you will have to descend several blocks deep before you have a chance to find this mineral.

    If you want to know what level you are at, just press the button F3 on the keyboard and locate the wording X Y Z. Therefore, take as a reference the second value that corresponds to the height of the game world.

    I rough diamond blocks they are easily recognizable because they are gray in color with some traces of light blue. After you locate these blocks, equip the iron pickaxe and interact on them to extract the diamonds.

    If you have a pickaxe impregnated with the spell Velvet touch, when you hit a block of rough diamond you get i rough diamonds to work in the furnace. Then go back to the shelter and place them in the furnace, waiting for them to be transformed into diamonds.

    Other ways to find diamonds in game

    In addition to the method that I indicated in the previous paragraph, there are other possibilities to get diamonds in Minecraft. A first solution may be to find them inside the trunks that you find during your adventures.

    For example, in the fortresses of the Nether or in the strongholds you can find chests that contain many useful resources, including diamonds or objects made with this mineral.

    Another possibility is to use an iron or higher quality pickaxe to break the diamond blocks present in some rooms of the Mansions in the forest.

    Finding diamonds via mods and tricks

    If you are in immediate need of diamonds and can't wait to find them, you can use specific strings in the command console to get diamonds directly in your avatar's inventory.

    If you don't know how enable the command console on Minecraft, whether you use the desktop version or the one for smartphones and tablets, I suggest you read my guide in which I explain how to do this.

    Once you have enabled the command console, type the string / give @p minecraft: diamond [quantity]. In the field amount you must indicate the amount of diamonds you want to be immediately added to your avatar's inventory.

    If, on the other hand, you don't want to use cheats, I recommend one against which can help you easily find the resources you need: X ray. This allows you to see through the blocks to locate the resources you need. I remind you, however, that this mod can be used only and only during single player games, in order not to incur any server bans when playing online.

    You can find this mod in the CurseForge repository, but you'll need to install Minecraft Forge first, a tool that integrates with Minecraft to manage and run mods. If you want to know how to install mods, I recommend that you read my guide on how to put hacks on Minecraft.

    After you have installed the mod X ray, start a new game or access a previously created one and press the button Z on the keyboard. You will be shown a panel in which you will need to set to ON or on OFF the display of the individual resources to be identified. Since you are looking for diamonds, locate the wording Rough diamond and click it to set it to ON. then press the button Close to return to the game.

    Now, press the button of the keyboard to activate the mod and identify the diamond blocks that are in the immediate vicinity of your avatar: you can easily recognize them as the blocks are surrounded by a purple color.

    How to find diamonds in Minecraft

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