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    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    Preliminary information

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    Before going into the details of the procedure on how to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars, I think you might be interested in learning more about the character in question.

    In fact, the Brawler Mortis is interesting not only for its aesthetics, which makes it in some ways similar to a vampire, but also because of his stats and abilities. The character, of Mythic rarity, has basic of 3.800 health pointsas well as one very high movement speed.

    Its main attack is there shovelful, which flips the Brawler forward and allows it to deal damage in the surrounding Mortis area. The attack range is actually short and the reload speed of this move is very slow, but by default the damage dealt is 900.

    As for the Super of Mortis, the latter creates one flock of bats able to do 900 damage and at the same time of regenerate health vampire (health to damage ratio is 125%). The range of this attack is very long, therefore through the Super Call Bloodsucker excellent offensive actions can be carried out.

    Moving on to gadgets available for this Brawler, which can be found inside the brawl chests after reaching level 7, are there Rotating shovel e Survival shovel. The first allows Mortis to do spin the shovel, inflicting 1.300 damage to all enemies in the area. Survival shovelinstead, it allows the Brawler to reload attacks faster for 4 seconds.

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    Arriving at stellar skills, which are obtained through brawl crates once you reach level 9, are there Bleak harvest e Turboscatto. The first makes Mortis recover 1.800 health points “Borrowing them” from the brawlers he defeats, while Turboblock increases shooting distance by 75% when the appropriate indicator is charged. The latter employs 3,5 seconds to reload, when Mortis has all the shots available.

    In short, I understand why you want to unlock Mortis within Brawl Stars, since it is an interesting character and able to give life to good defensive and offensive actions. The Brawler has indeed a 'excellent statistics in terms of utility, which attests that it can be important for a team's strategy.

    For the rest, before starting, I want to clarify that the Supercell title is evolving and this means that the developers could make changes at any moment (in case, however, I will update the tutorial as soon as possible).

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    After briefly explaining the character involved, I'd say it's time to take action and show you how you can get the Brawler Mortis.

    I leave reassuring you: this character you can have it totally free, without spending a single cent inside Brawl Stars. However, you need to know that it can take some patience to reach the goal.

    In fact, Mortis' unlocking method is that of brawl speakers. If you have already played a bit at the Supercell title you already know what I mean: those rewards which are obtained as you play games within Brawl Stars. Perfect, the character you are looking for can be found for free opening these crates.

    If you don't know how to find these without spending money, you should know that it is possible to obtain them as rewards through The Walk of Trophies, Free Brawl Pass and Daily Shop offers.

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    Il Way of the Trophies obviously rewards you for the trophies obtained: the more you climb the more rewards you accumulate. To get trophies it is necessary win games within the game (or otherwise place well in certain events).

    If you want advice, play events like Footbrawl can help you get trophies quickly, especially early in the game. In fact, every game won is equal to 8 trophies and by choosing the right characters, as well as using a bit of cunning, you can quickly climb the Trophy Trail.

    To give you a concrete example, by choosing the Brawler The cousin you can use his Incredibly to break the "barriers" present near the opponent's goal, in order to free the field to be able to shoot e also score from distance. Obviously this is just an example, but it's fair to be clear.

    In any case, to take a look and redeem the rewards of The Walk of Trophies, just click on thetrophy icon, present at the top left of the main screen of Brawl Stars. Here you will be able to see all the "prizes" that you will get as you win the games. Often there are also brawl speakers.

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    Another method of obtaining the latter is the Free Brawl Pass. This functionality is based on the classic mechanism of Seasons to provide rewards every time the player level up. To get the "tokens" needed for the upgrade, you simply have to play and finish the games.

    Also, to get more "tokens", you can take a look at the challengesby first pressing on the box Brawl pass, present at the bottom left of the main page of the game, and then moving to the tab MISSIONS. Here you will find missions daily, seasonal and related to special events, which will allow you to level up faster (and consequently to get brawl crates faster).

    For the rest, I recommend you take a look at the Shop on a daily basis, as, in addition to the various "paid" offers, sometimes there are also free rewards to be redeemed, which could guarantee their own brawl speakers.

    In short, the methods to get Mortis for free within Brawl Stars are certainly not lacking. However, beware of those who promise you "magical ways" to get the character right away, as you have to be patient to be able to unlock the Brawler.

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    I therefore invite you to stay away from those who promise to get you to unlock the character immediately, since it is probably a joker or, at worst, a scammer.

    In any case, if you want to learn more about the various game mechanics, I suggest you consult my tutorial on how to get Brawler for free.

    How to train with Mortis without having him on Brawl Stars

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    How do you say? You haven't been able to unlock Mortis using the brawl crates yet but you want it so much train with this character right away? No problem: I'll explain what you can do!

    Well, you need to know that Supercell allows players to try all Brawlers for free present in the game without even having to unlock them. Of course, these characters can't be used in a match until you get them, but it's good to let you know that you can put various Brawlers to the test on a training ground.

    To proceed, just tap, starting from the main Brawl Stars screen, on the box BRAWLER, present on the left, scroll the page and press on the box Mortis. Then, tap the button PROOF and you will enter a training ground where you can use the Brawler's main attacks against essentially immobile bots.

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

    Sure, it's clearly not like having the unlocked Brawler at your disposal, but at least you can already check out basic attack, damage per second e Incredibly, in order to understand if that character can actually do it for you.

    Great, now you know everything there is to know about the possibility of unlocking Mortis within the Supercell title. For the rest, since you usually play the latter, I would advise you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Brawl Stars, where you can find many other tutorials that could be for you.

    How to find free Mortis on Brawl Stars

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