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    Sites to find work abroad

    Site to find foreign work

    If you agree, let's get straight to the point and see some of the best sites to find work abroad che potrebbero fare al tuo case.


    One of the best known web portals that you can use to look for work in Europe is definitely EURES, a platform that helps people move abroad and find them a job. The strong point of this website is certainly its user interface, which allows you to search for a job in a simple and immediate way.

    Furthermore, you should know that using this site does not require registration, which can be done optionally in order to create your curriculum vitae online and make it available to employers throughout Europe.

    To get started, go to the main EURES page and click on the button Find a job, in order to go to the section relating to the search for available jobs. At this point, type the task,company or the qualification of your interest and set the Country in which you want to find work, using the appropriate drop-down menu. After that, click the button Research, to identify the results of the search started.

    Alternatively, you can customize your search by filtering the results by place, For sector or for professions, by clicking on the appropriate buttons that are shown to you on the main screen.

    To view more details about the vacancies found, click on theoffering of your interest, among the search results that are shown to you, so that you can read in detail the job description, requirements and other useful information to be able to send your application.

    If, on the other hand, you would like to register and create an account as a candidate looking for a job on EURES, connect to the section relating to creating an account and press the button Sign up for free, so that you can fill in all the data relating to your profile and proceed with the creation of your online resume.


    Monster is a popular search engine for job advertisements, which can also be used to look for a job abroad. Its database can be consulted for free, but to be able to respond to job advertisements it is necessary to register, which also allows you to create your own virtual resume and make it available to employers if necessary.

    To get started, then connected to the official Monster website, click on the item Log in, located in the upper right corner and then press the button SUBSCRIBE, in order to create your profile and register via Facebook (continue with Facebook) the Google procedure (register with Google). Alternatively, type a email address it's a Password, accept the terms and conditions of use of the service and press the button Subscribe, to register with your e-mail address.

    At this point, fill in all the information you are asked for regarding your personal data, in order to fill in your profile form and upload your curriculum vitae from your computer.

    After registering, you can start searching for ads, typing, in the text field that is shown to you, the job type you are looking for, also specifying the city in which you would like to find a job. Then press the button Research to view all job advertisements in the database.

    After identifying the advertisement of your interest and all the details relating to the offer, click on the button Apply now, to send your profile to the company and wait to be contacted.

    Also, in case you are interested, I would like to point out that Monster it can also be used in a similar way from smartphones and / or tablets, using the appropriate one Whatsapp for Android (downloadable from Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS.


    Another site that I recommend you turn to to look for work abroad is definitely InfoJobs. This service is quite known for its vast database of job advertisements for the city but it can certainly also be used for the possibility of finding a job abroad, as it is frequently used by companies for the publication of ads.

    Using InfoJobs to look for work abroad is completely free, but to be able to send your application you need to register. To start, then connected to the main page of InfoJobs, click on the button Candidate access and press on the item Subscribe, in order to fill in all the forms dedicated to the creation of an account, the personalization of the profile and the indication of all personal data, in order to create an online curriculum vitae.

    After registering for an account, start looking for the job of your interest by typing the role, company name or specifications keyword in the text field located next to the item Find offers and, via the drop-down menu In, set the item Worldwide, to search for the job offers of your interest. Then press the button Search.

    At this point, find the job offer most in line with what you are looking for among the search results that are shown to you and, after viewing all the details in the specific information sheet, send your application by pressing the button Subscribe to this offer.

    Please note that the InfoJobs job search engine can also be consulted from smartphones and tablets, using the specific app for Android (downloadable from Play Store the alternative store) and iOS/iPadOS.


    If you are looking for sites to find internships abroad, I advise you Stage4eu: a web portal specializing in the search for internship advertisements throughout Europe.

    This service can be used from computers, but also from smartphones and tablets, by consulting the job advertisements in its free app for Android (downloadable from Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS. In both cases, in order to take advantage of its offer database, it is not necessary to register for an account.

    To find internship job offers abroad, connect to the official website of Stage4eu and start filtering the search, indicating the Country where you would like to work and theprofessional area of your interest, using the appropriate text fields.

    Find the job advertisement that best suits your needs, click on it and then press the button Read more, to view all the details of the offer, through its descriptive card. For more information on this and to send your application, then click on the button Go to the offer.


    To look for work abroad you may also find it useful to sign up for LinkedIn, a social network dedicated to the professional world that can be used from computers, but also from smartphones and tablets, using the appropriate app for Android (downloadable from Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS.

    LinkedIn, in fact, while not falling precisely into the category of websites dedicated to job offers, it can be useful to start a new job relationship, since it has a section dedicated to job advertisements, also allowing you to highlight your profile, in order to make it stand out to companies looking for new professionals.

    For more information about it, I suggest you read my specific tutorials on the subject: what is LinkedIn, how LinkedIn works and how to make a LinkedIn profile.

    Other sites to find work abroad

    You would like to consult other sites to find work abroad, in order to broaden your searches for a new job? In this case, take a look at the web portals that I point out to you in the following lines.

    • Indeed: this is another very famous website to look for work that can also be used via apps for Android and iOS / iPadOS. Mainly known for looking for jobs in the city, this service actually has a rich database of job advertisements around the world. In fact, you just need to connect to its Worldwide section, in order to choose the country in which you want to look for work.
    • Adzuna: is another job search web portal similar to those listed above. It can also be used via an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS and allows you to look for work even abroad, as well as in the city.
    • Euractiv: is another website dedicated to job search within the European Union, which has a very rich database of advertisements. It can be used for free, without having to register.
    Sites to find work abroad

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