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    How to find hidden cameras

    Types of hidden cameras

    How to find hidden cameras

    Before delving into the guide and see in detail how to find hidden cameras, I would say that it is necessary to make an excursus on the main types of hidden cameras available on the market. This, in fact, will help you understand how to move.

    • Indoor spy cameras - these spy cameras are usually inserted inside objects of common use, such as indoor plants, wall clocks, pen holders, paper document binders, picture frames, books, furnishing accessories, etc.
    • Standalone cameras - these are particular cameras that have the characteristic of being made up solely of the camera module, which allows them to be placed practically anywhere, making their identification somewhat complex.
    • Wearable spy cameras - these cameras are usually very small, as in fact they have to be worn. Some are so small that they can be integrated into accessories such as watches, glasses, tie clips, brooches, pendants, wallets and even buttons on clothing.

    As you may have noticed, the main feature of spy cameras is their extremely small size, which makes them extremely difficult to spot (otherwise they couldn't be defined as such, right?).

    Therefore, take into account that, while applying the "tips" that I will give you, being able to find them could take a long time, especially if the person who placed the cameras (assuming your suspicions are well founded) is a professional in espionage and, above all, if you decide to carry out your "investigations" without using dedicated devices (I will have the opportunity to talk to you about the latter later).

    How to find hidden cameras in the house

    How to find hidden cameras

    Having made the necessary overview of the most popular types of spy cameras, let's go to the point and try to understand how to find hidden cameras in the house.

    If you suspect someone has placed a camera inside your home, first try to find out if there is one in the house something out of place. If those who (possibly) installed the camera were not particularly careful, in fact, they may have absent-mindedly moved something without putting it back in place to do the work in your absence.

    Start from one room of the house and move on to all the others until you find something wrong: books arranged in a different order, plants turned in another direction, crooked paintings. Furthermore, if the attacker who entered your house has recently "visited" you, he may have absent-mindedly left some footprints: try to note this detail as well.

    Once you have done this first round of patrolling, start scouring the whole house (if you have found something out of place in a room, start there) and try to see if you notice the presence of spy cameras in areas such as indoor plants, cavities. , bookcases, shelves, paintings, furniture, furnishings, portable radios, etc.

    If you can't find anything in one room, move on to the next one, until you complete the whole tour of the house. If, on the other hand, you find a spy camera, continue the search until you have finished the tour of all the rooms, as it is very likely that there are others.

    You would like to know how to find hidden Wi-Fi cameras? Well, in reality, espionage professionals usually do not rely on wireless solutions, as they are more subject to interference than wired ones and, moreover, they can be identified more easily (in many cases the use of a special video scanner to find them).

    You're wondering if there are any Whatsapp that can facilitate the detection of spy cameras inside the house? The answer is yes, but these are solutions of dubious reliability and which, in many cases, are paid.

    If you really want to spend some money, do it to buy tools that can help you in a concrete way, such as i spy equipment detectors, which can be purchased in the most well-stocked electronics stores and online stores, such as Amazon.

    Vedi offers your Amazon

    How do these devices work? Once you have purchased one, turn it on via the Power button present on the same and go around the house, following the "tips" I gave you earlier. If there is one or more spy cameras in the house (both wired and wireless), the detector will emit a sound, which should become more and more pressing as you get closer to the spy camera itself.

    These devices, in fact, are able to perceive electromagnetic signals transmitted by an electronic device (such as spy cameras), converting them into an audio signal that is emitted due to the strong frequency that they were able to intercept. By purchasing a good quality detector, the chances of being able to locate hidden cameras are much higher.

    What to do if hidden cameras are found

    How to find hidden cameras

    We conclude the discussion by seeing what to do if hidden cameras are found (assuming you found them in your home, of course!). Since spying on a person is a serious violation of privacy and a criminal offense, I recommend that you contact the competent authorities.

    Then go to the nearest police station or the nearest carabinieri station and report the incident. Work with law enforcement so that they can ascertain the facts and answer all their questions (for example, they may ask you how did you find out about the presence of the cameras and when this happened, if you have any suspicions, etc.). I really hope that thanks to their help you can understand who was spying on you and, above all, for what reason.

    How to find hidden cameras outside the home

    How to find hidden cameras

    Let's see now how to find hidden cameras outside the home. In this case, to succeed, you will have to work even more since you will not be able to go around armed with detectors of spy devices and pass people, things and places (public and otherwise) to the "scanner".

    However, this does not mean that you can try to see if there are micro-cameras in the area where you are, following more or less the same precautions I gave you in the previous chapter. Of course, you have to be very careful about what you do: you certainly can't start rummaging through furniture, ornamental plants and the like! Quite simply, pay attention to any objects placed in "strange" places, because they could somehow hide spy cameras.

    One thing you should pay close attention to is wearable cameras. They are extremely small and difficult to spot and are often integrated into various clothing or accessories. If you suspect that the person you are talking to is wearing a spy camera, pay attention to what you say and what you do - there is nothing else you can do.

    Regarding the identification of public cameras present in the area where you are (perfectly legal), try to identify them through apps suitable for the purpose, such as EarthCam (Android / iOS / iPadOS), WebCam Live Weather (Android) e Live webcam (iOS / iPadOS).

    Also, almost needless to say, but take a look at the signs present in the vicinity of buildings: video surveillance areas are often marked with special notices.

    How to find hidden cameras

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