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    How to find holder number

    How to find a fixed number holder

    Are you going to find the holder of a fixed number? Well, know that this is a feasible operation, especially if the number you want to find is included in the public lists containing the landlines of individuals and professionals.

    White pages

    How to find holder number

    To trace the holder of a landline number you can use the "very classic" White pages, which are available as a website, but also as an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

    To use it, after connecting to the service's website by clicking on the link I have just indicated, select the tab telephone number and enter the number of your interest in the field Telephone number placed in the center of the page. Then click on the button search to start the search.

    At this point, on the page that opens, you should see information about the numbering searched and possibly the associated address (visible on the map by clicking on the link map).

    Yellow Pages

    How to find holder number

    Another service to always keep just a click away is Yellow Pages which allows you to find the telephone numbers, or names, of shops, professionals and other commercial activities. Also in this case, the service can be used in the form of a website or via an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

    To use it, go to the PagineGialle home page using the link I gave you previously, select the tab telephone number located on the right and type in the text field Phone Number the numbering of your interest. To start the search, then, click on the button search.

    If the number searched corresponds to a company or a professional, you will be shown a page with all the related information. In many cases, it is even possible to see on the map located on the right is the address where the professional or company to which the number is headed is located.

    Who's calling?

    How to find holder number
    Are you afraid that behind the phone calls you have received there may be a “known annoyance”, such as a telemarketing operator or a call center? If so, try using Who's calling?, a free online service which, through user reports, makes it possible to identify numbers of this type.

    To use it, go to the Who is calling home page, type the number you are interested in identifying in the search bar at the top right and click on the button CIRCLES. If the number of your interest is present in the database of the service, you will be able to view a page containing the name of the holder and the feedback given by users regarding the latter. Otherwise, you will not see any information about the numbering you searched for.

    Who's calling? it is also available as an app for Android and iOS and is known as the Should I Answer. If you want to learn more about how it works, I refer you to reading this other guide.

    How to find the holder of the mobile number

    Now let's move on to mobile numbers. As already pointed out above, there are no public directories for mobile network users, so you have to in a certain sense "get by" and cross your fingers so that you can find the holder of the number using collaborative directories.

    How to find holder number

    One of the best online services to look up mobile numbers is without a doubt Sync.Me, also available as an app for Android and iOS devices, which, if necessary, can also be used to search for fixed telephone numbers.

    To use it, connected to its home page, click on the symbol of pennant located on the left and, in the menu that opens, select the international prefix of your interest (eg. prefix to choose the cittàn one). Once this is done, start the actual search by typing the mobile number you are investigating in the relevant text field and then click on the blue button Search.

    On the page that opens, check the box I'm not a robot, so as to pass the security check and view the information that has been identified regarding the numbering sought. If they are not available, take into account that the holder of the number may simply not have made them public.


    How to find holder number
    Another service suitable for the purpose is Dive3000, which has a proprietary database containing the numbers provided by users registered with it. As you may have guessed, therefore, compared to this other service requires not only the creation of a free account, but also the publication of your number in its database. If you are willing to accept this "contraindication", take advantage of Dive3000 following the instructions I am about to give you.

    First, go to the main page of Dive3000, click on the link SUBSCRIBE which is at the top and then fill out the form that is proposed to you providing yours email address, username you intend to use and the Password with which to protect the account. Repeat the again Password in the appropriate text field, check the box next to the wording I'm not a robot and then click on the button Submit.

    Once this is done, access the email address you registered with and click on the link in the email sent to you by the Dive3000 team. By doing so, you can confirm your account and start using the service. Once the registration is complete, search for your interest by writing the mobile number you are investigating in the appropriate search form and give Submit on the keyboard, so as to check for any useful information about its owner.


    How to find holder number

    Another suitable service is tellows. In case you have never heard of it before, this collaborative portal allows you to identify numbers coming from the so-called "known annoyances" thanks to the feedback and reports of other users.

    To use it for this purpose, go to its home page and type the number of your interest in the text field enter the number which is located both in the center of the page and at the top right. Then start the search by clicking on the blue button search.

    Should further information be available regarding the numbering sought, you will be shown all the details of the case (based on any comments made by users).

    How to find anonymous number holder

    How to find holder number

    Is there someone calling you on your mobile or home phone by disguising their number? Don't despair. By subscribing to Whooming you can take advantage of the call forwarding technique to find out who is really hiding behind that "private number" or "unknown number" that is giving you the torment. Everything happens for free (at least as regards the basic use of the service) and in a very simple way.

    Once you have registered on Whooming, in fact, it is possible to trace the number of those who made an anonymous call simply by rejecting it and waiting for identification by the service. Keep in mind, however, that to access the free-to-air number you have to subscribe to the Whooming subscription, which starts at € 12,99 for three months. If you want to know more about how it works, feel free to check out my tutorial on how to discover anonymous calls.

    How to find holder number

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