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    How to find legendaries on Clash Royale

    Preliminary information

    How to find legendaries on Clash Royale

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to find legendaries on Clash Royale, I think it might interest you to understand why the cards of this rarity are stronger than the others.

    Well, legendary cards differ from other cards by different statistics, that is Damage, Damage per Second, Hit Points, Hit Speed, Targets, Speed, and Range. To give you a concrete example: the Cavaliere Level 2, one of the free cards that are given at the beginning of the game, has damage equal to 86, 717 health points, has Medium Speed ​​and is capable of dealing 71 damage per second. The legendary card Miner At level 11, however, it reaches 193 damage, 1.210 hit points, 160 damage per second and has Quick Speed.

    In short, you can well understand that unlocking legendary cards is very important to gain a competitive advantage over your opponents and win hands down on the battlefield.

    How to find legendaries on Clash Royale

    How to find legendaries on Clash Royale

    Clash Royale has a very simple system to unlock legendary cards, which however also includes the luck factor.

    In fact, to unlock the legendary cards of Clash Royale, you have to find them inside the trunks in the game or buy them through the Shop when you are in the Legendary Arena or in any case in advanced Arenas (this depends on the active daily offers, which are managed by the developers). Chests can be obtained simply by playing the Supercell title or through microtransactions.

    To unlock the Chests, you must win as many games as possible, in order to obtain the trophies necessary to earn the rewards of the Path of Trophies. When you win a game, in fact, the game rewards you with trophies; when you lose, on the other hand, Clash Royale goes to remove a certain number of trophies from the total amount.

    The higher the number of trophies your profile has, the higher you will get on the Trophy Trail, so the more chests you will unlock. The Way of the Trophies it is made up of several “levels”, starting from the Goblin Stadium up to the Ultimate Champion, passing through the Legendary Arena. To access the Trophy Trail, you must press onarena icon present in the center of the main screen of Clash Royale.

    If, on the other hand, you want to accelerate your progress in Clash Royale by opening a greater number of Chests, you can take advantage of the microtransactions, via the shop included in the game. To access the Shop of Clash Royale, you have to do two swipes from left to right starting from the main game screen. You will then be shown all the offers of the day, which can also include legendary cards and legendary chests. However, to see the latter inside the Shop, you must have reached at least the Legendary Arena or, in any case, the more advanced Arenas. Unfortunately, I cannot be clearer with my indications, as the offers vary on a daily basis.

    How to find legendaries on Clash Royale

    Microtransactions have different denominations, that is 80 gems (1,09 euros), 500 gems (5,49 euros), 1.200 gems (10,99 euros), 2.500 gems (21,99 euros), 6.500 gems (54,99 euros) e 14.000 gems (€ 109,99). Gems can also be obtained totally free of charge simply by playing, but they are very rare to find and therefore it is rather difficult to get to a large number.

    How to find legendary chests on Clash Royale

    How to find legendaries on Clash Royale

    Legendary chests can be found in several ways within Clash Royale. Which? I'll explain it to you right away!

    The easiest way to get Legendary Chests is to win as many games as possible until you get to the Legendary Arena or in any case to the more advanced Arenas. In this way, you will get several chests of this type during your adventure and you will set aside numerous gems, which you can later use to buy other legendary chests in the Shop. A Legendary Chest usually costs 2.500 gems, or 21,99 euros, and guarantees 100% obtaining a legendary card.

    How to get free Legendaries on Clash Royale

    How to find legendaries on Clash Royale

    After explaining the main methods to find legendary cards in Clash Royale, I would like to give you some tips on how you can speed up their obtaining for free.

    One of the simplest methods to earn additional Chests (even legendary ones) is to take advantage of the missions offered by Clash Royale. To access the latter, just tap on the icon Missions present at the top left of the game's home screen. You will then be shown all the useful information to earn the Chest offered as a reward.

    Alternatively, you can take part in the Challenges organized by Supercell. In this case, the timing and availability of these special events are at the discretion of the developers. Every so often they give away a few legendary chests or legendary cards. Therefore, I advise you to consider this possibility. To access the challenge currently active, just do it two swipes from right to left.

    Also, Clash Royale sometimes gives away Legendary Chests after the user has won a few games. This usually happens every 500 other chests opened in multiplayer mode. In addition to this, once you reach the 4.000 trophies a nice surprise is always made.

    In short, the methods to earn Legendary Chests in a totally free way are certainly not lacking. I remind you, however, that Clash Royale is a constantly updated game and therefore the information I have given you is to be taken for indicative purposes only, since the developers may decide to change some mechanics at any moment.

    How to find legendaries on Clash Royale

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