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    How to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code

    Preliminary information

    How to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code

    From the moment you are wondering how to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code I have to provide you with some important information in this regard.

    You must in fact know that Leon is a grade champion legendary which can only be unlocked by opening the brawl speakers: It is not possible to obtain the champion with methods other than the one indicated and the possibility of using a secret code to unlock it is an urban legend related to an alleged glitch in the Supercell game.

    At the moment it is not possible to do anything of the kind and, even if it were, exploiting a bug in the game to your advantage would result in a serious violation of the terms of service, resulting in the risk of ban of your account.

    That said, if you wish to obtain Leon, you can still do this by taking advantage of the various official game modes of Brawl Stars, through which to obtain the brawl speakers and, consequently, have a chance to unlock the champion in question as a reward (knowing that, however, the rewards are random). For all the details, read on.

    How to find Leon for free on Brawl Stars

    In case you wish find Leon on Brawl Stars for free, you have to take into account that it will take several hours of gameplay in order to get a number of brawl speakers such as to make it more likely to get this sample as a reward. However, by following the advice I am about to give you, you can optimize the collection of these in-game items and increase your chances of success.

    Level up on the trophy path

    How to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code

    To get the brawl speakers you must first of all keep in mind that the first objective to complete is to level up in the path to the main objectives of Brawl Stars, Namely The path of the trophies.

    The path of the trophies, if you do not know, it is a path to objectives made up of several degrees which requires to obtain 50.000 trophies as a final goal. There are however, several intermediate levels to be reached, and just by accumulating trophies you can get different types of rewards, including the brawl speakers.

    The rewards improve as the gods rise degrees, which, of course, require more and more hours of play to be achieved. Anyway, ai degrees initials it is very easy to obtain brawl speakers as a reward as, for example, at the time of this writing, you can get one checkout Brawl already upon reaching 5 trophies.

    To get higher rewards, for example the first mega crateinstead, it is necessary to reach 650 trophies, thus arriving at the grade 2.

    Play events

    How to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code

    In order to optimize the collection of brawl speakers regarding the progress ne The path of the trophies, what you need to do is play the private events di Brawl Stars. It is, in fact, the main game mode, which requires you to face other players in short-lived clashes.

    There are various types of private events and it is very important to always keep an eye on the reset of the same, in order to play them every time they are available again. The game modes proposed by private events vary depending on the event.

    Also, there are gods brawler more suitable for completing one event rather than another. For example, to play the event Arraffagemme, which requires you to face other players in a 3vs3 map to collect as many gems as possible before time runs out, good coordination between the three team members and balance in the team is required which should consist of an attack brawler, from one for defense and one for support.

    If, on the other hand, you have to play the event Survival in single (or in the two) it is recommended to use a defense champion and possibly a support one. The first player, in possession of a brawler with many health points, is able to survive the clashes, while the other player, facing the game with a support champion, will take care of heal him.

    By completing the private events you will get as a reward experience points, coin e trophies. As mentioned, by accumulating trophies it is possible to progress in the de levels The path of trophies. Accumulating i coininstead, you will be able to advance in the thresholds of the seasons, thus obtaining the rewards foreseen by the route at seasonal levels of Brawl Stars, which I will tell you about in more detail in the next chapter.

    Play the missions

    How to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code

    Complete the missions is the fastest way to get more brawl speakers and, consequently, have more chances to unlock Leon. The missions, in fact, are part of the objectives required for the advancement of the thresholds related to season di Brawl Stars.

    It is, in fact, a path to objectives that allows to obtain numerous brawl speakers as a reward. In order to progress in the thresholds, however, it is necessary to strictly follow what is indicated by the missions. For example, if you are asked to restore 30.000 health in survival (in two) means that you must play this event with a support champion who can heal allies (for example the brawler Pocho).

    After completing the daily mission or that seasonal you will receive as a reward of coin, which will allow you to progress along the path a thresholds of the season of Brawl Stars.

    Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of missions in that practically every threshold area of season di Brawl Stars you can get one cassa brawl as a reward. For example, at the time of this writing, it is possible to get one huge chest already upon reaching the threshold 3.

    How to find Leon for a fee on Brawl Stars

    From the moment Leon is a rank brawler legendary, it may take you several hours of gameplay to get it, since the rewards obtained following the opening of the brawl crates are random and the drop rates (i.e. of obtaining) of the legendary champions are rather low.

    For this reason, you can speed up the process of obtaining brawl speakers for a fee, by purchasing some game items in euros that will allow you to obtain a greater number of chests. Read on to learn more.

    Buy the gems

    How to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code

    The fastest, but also the most expensive way to get Leon for a fee on Brawl Stars is to buy the gem. It is, in fact, the main and also the most sought-after virtual game currency, which allows you to make most of the purchases in the store, such as casse brawl, skin for brawlers and account boosts.

    You can get the gem su Brawl Stars even for free, but in a very limited way; therefore, if you wish to unlock Leon faster you have to buy them for a fee, so you can spend them on the purchase of brawl speakers in shop.

    Le gem su Brawl Stars they are purchased in packages: prices start from a minimum 2,29€ (30 gems) and reach a maximum of 109,99€ (2.000 gems). In order to purchase the brawl speakers, however, it is necessary to spend 2,29€ (for the purchase of a huge chest at the cost of 30 gems) or 5,49€, in order to purchase one mega crate at the cost of 80 gems.

    Alternatively, in the shop is available, at the cost of 40 gems (the minimum price to get it is 4,58€), the doubles tokens: in this case, it is an upgrade that serves to optimize games, from the moment it allows you to double the first 1.000 tokens obtained in battle from the moment it is purchased.

    In case you have any gem you can use them to quickly unlock thresholds area of season: in this way you can get the cassa brawl provided as a reward according to the threshold unlocked.

    Activate the Brawl Pass

    How to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code

    One of the fastest methods for find Leon on Brawl Stars for a fee, also optimizing the expense, is to buy the season pass Brawl pass: it is an in-game item that allows you to get additional rewards as you progress through thresholds of the seasons compared to those that can be obtained by progressing for free.

    Just to give you an example, coming to the threshold 6 of Free Brawl Pass you get 50 coins, while with the Brawl Pass pagamento you get one as a reward huge cash brawl.

    If you intend to play Brawl Stars for a long time, it is worth buying the Brawl Pass, as you can get several brawl speakers during your gaming experience. In this regard, you will be interested to know that the Brawl pass you buy through the gem: its cost is 10,99€, since to get it you have to buy the 170 gem pack.

    At the minimum cost of 21,99€Instead, you can purchase the 360 ​​Gem Pack and in doing so unlock the Bundle del Brawl Pass from 249 gems: in this way, in addition to activating the paid Brawl Pass, you also automatically progress in 8 thresholds, thus obtaining the relative rewards in terms of brawl speakers.

    How to find Leon on Brawl Stars with a secret code

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