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    How to find low cost flights


    How to find low cost flights

    Omio (formerly GoEuro) is one of the best services to find low-cost flights on the Internet, but not only those. In fact, it allows you to compare three modes of transport (flights, trains and buses) in cities and throughout Europe, checking in real time and with a single search all the possible solutions for your trip.

    Another extremely interesting feature is the integration of Omio with external services. In fact, Omio allows you to compare all the different travel solutions in a single platform, from its official website or from its app for Android and iOS, and to make a reservation directly on the platform, without being redirected to third-party sites for almost all of the operators. It supports most European operators (collaborates with over 800 partners in the transport sector) and, not to be underestimated at all, makes ticket management extremely convenient (as well as environmentally friendly) by providing mobile tickets, when available, to be used directly from a smartphone , without the need to print the ticket on paper.

    To find a low-cost flight on Omio, connect to the page dedicated to flights of the site (or start its app for mobile devices) and use the various fields of the form that is proposed to you to indicate if you are looking for a trip by one way o roundtrip, specify the Number of person for which to make the reservation and select any fidelity cards to use. Then use the fields Da e A to indicate, respectively, the places of departure and destination of the trip; specifies in the fields adjacent to the departure and return dates and click on the button Search, to start the flight search. If, in addition to the search results, you also want to view accommodations available on, leave the check mark on the relevant item.

    In the new Omio page that opens, select the tab Flights (in addition to flights, as already mentioned, Omio allows you to view the most convenient offers for trains and buses) and identify the trip that best suits your needs. If you want, by clicking on the menu Sorted by, you can arrange the search results according to various criteria (fast and convenient, convenience, duration e departure), while pressing the button Filter you can filter them very effectively by stops and changes (then choosing whether to view direct trips or with changes), prices and other parameters.

    Once you have found the flight that suits you best, select it. If you have opted for a return trip, repeat the same operation for the return trip as well and carefully check the ticket options (therefore the characteristics of the flight, the baggage you can take with you, etc.). Once this is done, click on the button Continue.

    At this point, fill in the form that is proposed to you with the necessary personal data. If you want to save your personal information and save time by not entering it for each trip booked on Omio, click on the button SUBSCRIBE and create an account on the service: you can use your profile Facebook, your profile Google or perform the classic registration via email e password. In the first two cases, you will have to authorize access to the selected account, in the third fill out the form that will be proposed to you, with name, last name, e-mail e Password.

    Once you have entered your personal information, click on the button Confirm and proceed, choose a payment method from those available (credit / debit card, PayPal o Apple Pay); if you have a coupon code, enter it in the field Apply a discount; if you want to enter a billing address other than that indicated in your personal profile, type it in the appropriate field and click on the button to complete the transaction. You will receive your ticket in electronic format via email (also viewable in the Omio app).

    For more information on Omio and how it works, consult the guide I have dedicated to the service.


    How to find low cost flights

    The first site that I recommend to find low cost flights on the Internet is Skyscanner. Here you can find low-cost flights to capitals around the world departing from airports throughout the city, also having the opportunity to specify the outbound and return dates and also the number of people to take on the trip (adults and / or children.

    To search for a low cost flight with Skyscanner, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the site and first indicate the city of departure in the field below the item Da and then the destination one in the field below the item A. Then choose whether to include in the search also any nearby airports by ticking the relative option and specifying the departure and return dates using the relative menus. Finally, indicate the class and number of travelers and click on the button Search flights.

    Eventually, you can further refine your search by choosing the option Direct flights only (if you are interested in finding non-stop flights only) and options One way o Multiple destinations, as needed, which are located at the top of the main page of the portal.

    Wait a few moments for the site to carry out all the necessary searches and comparisons, then you will be shown the page with all the flights found based on the parameters entered and sorted by price per adult (you can change this parameter via the drop-down menu you find in top right). If you prefer, you can refine the visualization of the results even more using the bar on the left indicating, for example, the departure time, the total duration of the trip, the airlines of your interest, etc.

    When you find the flight that you think is most suitable for you, click twice in a row on the button Guarda. You will then be redirected to the website of the relevant company through which you can finalize the purchase of the flight. Easy, right?

    Finally, I would like to point out that Skyscanner is also usable from smartphones and tablets, through the appropriate app for Android, for iOS and for Windows Phone.


    How to find low cost flights

    Featuring an attractive and well-curated user interface, Momondo is another great portal that can be used to find low cost flights. The features of the service are similar to those of Skyscanner allowing you to view all the cheapest offers for the selected destinations in a very practical and immediate way. The site also integrates a convenient calendar that allows you to get an immediate overview of flight prices even on days not indicated.

    To start using the service, connect to its main page and select the type of trip (Round trip, One-way flight o Multiple destinations) from the drop-down menu, after which it indicates the departure airport and the one (or those) of destination, specifies the departure date and possibly also the return date and indicates the total number of passengers.

    Then use the menus placed low to indicate the type of ticket you intend to buy (Economy, Premium economy, Business class or First class), specify if you prefer direct flights or not and if you want to include nearby airports in the search by checking the relevant options. Finally, press the button Search.

    At this point, a page will open containing all the offers (from the most convenient to the least convenient) for flights meeting the search criteria previously set. If you prefer, you can also change the display order by clicking on the tabs Faster flight o Best result that you find at the top.

    For each offer, information is made available on the reference airline, timetables, airports and reference Internet sites. To know more details about a given offer click on the item Details that you find in his correspondence. To finalize the purchase you have to click on the button instead Show.

    Using the options and control bars on the left you can then further refine your search while using the section Estimated prices that you find above you can compare the cost of prices for several days and immediately choose the most convenient one for you. Also at the top of the site, there is the button Combine tickets which, once clicked, allows you to personally combine tickets from various airlines.

    Momondo can also be used without problems from mobile via the appropriate app for Android, for iOS and for Windows Phone. The operation is good or bad the same as the website.


    How to find low cost flights

    Another excellent solution to find low cost flights on the Internet is the one offered by Bravofly, which provides users with numerous filters and ad hoc options to satisfy every search need and which allows them to find offers from over 400 different airlines.

    To start looking for low cost flights with Volagratis, connected to the main page of the service, indicate whether you want to search for round-trip or one-way flights using the appropriate buttons at the top and fill in the forms below indicated the city or airport of departure, the city ​​or airport of arrival, the departure date and also the return date (if you have chosen to search for return flights).

    Then indicate the total number of travelers from the appropriate drop-down menu, the payment method you intend to use and possibly also specify the travel class by clicking on the item More search options and selecting the preferred one from the drop-down menu under the heading Class.

    Then click on the button Find to start the flight search and wait a few moments for the site to examine and show you all the search results. By default all flights are sorted by price per person but if you prefer you can change this parameter by clicking on the menus at the top of the page (Now part., Now arr., Stopovers etc.).

    Using the bar located on the inbuilt you can possibly further refine your search by setting filters relating to the price range, the stopovers, the airlines and the purchase method while using the calendar at the top you can easily identify in which days the flights are available. at the lowest price.

    When you find a flight that you think might interest you, click on the button Details that you find in his correspondence while to proceed with the purchase click on the button Continue.

    Do you prefer to act as a smartphone and tablet instead of a computer? No problem, Volagratis can also be used mobile using the appropriate app for Android and iOS.

    Google Loves

    How to find low cost flights

    Yes, Google also offers a system to find low cost flights and that can be used as an alternative to the above solutions: Google Loves. This is a service attached to the search engine that allows you to find the best fares for air flights by comparing the various prices offered and taking a look at the cheaper alternatives directly on the map. Try it now and I'm sure you won't regret it.

    Therefore connected to the main page of Google Flights, indicate if you want to search for flights for the outward and return, for one way or for multiple cities using the appropriate buttons at the top and specify the travel class and the total number of passengers . Then indicate the city of departure and destination and specify the departure date and possibly also the return date.

    Then wait a few moments for the list of available flights to be updated. Then you will be shown at the top of the page displayed the best solutions and any useful suggestions while below you will find a map to use to organize your trip more conveniently.

    Once you have identified the flight that interests you most, click on it to know all the details of the case and to select the website through which to make the reservation.

    I also point out that, if you have a Google account (if you remember correctly, I explained how you got one in my article on how to create a Google account) and if you are logged in with the latter, you can monitor the prices for the chosen flight. by clicking on the button Monitor price that you are shown when you select a flight. You can also keep an eye on the prices for a specific search by bringing up ON the lever in correspondence with the section Monitor prices

    Other resources to find low cost flights

    How to find low cost flights

    Have the above solutions to find low cost flights on the Internet not been able to attract your attention in a particular way or in any case they have not been able to meet your needs? So don't give up yet and try to take a look at the other ad hoc tools listed below. Put them to the test now and you will see that you will not regret it.

    • Hipmunk - It is a flight search site that graphically displays seat availability and prices for each destination and airline. It is not in cittàn but it is still very easy to use.
    • Kayak - It is a famous portal used for flight comparison that offers characteristics similar to those of the aforementioned services, offering the possibility of planning a holiday practically in its entirety.
    • Goodbye - It's the perfect flight comparison portal for flexible travelers. In fact, the site offers a system through which searches can be carried out for approximate periods. It is in English but is still easy to understand for those who "chew" a bit of _british_ language.
    • Opodo - It is another Internet site widely used for flight search and price comparison. It offers several options, is very simple to use and is also well thought out in terms of design. Definitely to try.
    • Trabber - It is a no-nonsense portal that fulfills its task flawlessly. In fact, it allows you to search for available flights by ordering them for the increasing price, also showing separate fees and commissions.

    Article created in collaboration with Omio.

    How to find low cost flights

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