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    How to find Apple ID

    Find Apple ID on iPhone and iPad

    To find out what is theApple ID associated with a iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is access the menu Settings (the gear icon located on the home screen) and select the you don't know from the screen that opens. The Apple ID will appear immediately below your name on the next screen.

    If you don't find your name in the iOS settings, but your voice Log in to iPhone o Log in to iPad, it means that your device is not associated with any Apple ID. If, on the other hand, you are using an iOS version equal to or earlier than 10.2, you cannot find your name as the menu is structured in a different way: to access your account details and view the Apple ID, you have to tap on the item iCloud.

    Another way you can go for find the Apple ID on iPhone or iPad is to access the iCloud menu by pressing on you don't know, and go on iTunes Store and App Store. A screen will open with, at the top, the Apple ID associated with your iTunes account and the App Store. If you are using an iOS version equal to or earlier than 10.2, you can reach the menu iTunes Store and App Store by selecting it directly from the screen settings of iOS.

    Find Apple ID on PC

    If you have one PC Windows on which the official iCloud client (I told you about it in my tutorial on how to use iCloud, remember?), you can trace your Apple ID simply by launching it from the menu Home Windows and checking the address located in the left sidebar. Then clicking on the button Account details ... (bottom left) you will be able to view all the details related to your Apple ID and manage it directly from your computer.

    If you don't have the official iCloud client installed on your PC, but you have iTunes, the multimedia software from Apple (which I talked about in depth in my tutorial on how to download iTunes), you can trace your Apple ID and the email address associated with the latter by going to the menu Account> View my account. As easily understood, the procedure will be successful only if in the past you have logged in to iTunes with your Apple ID.

    Find Apple ID on Mac

    If you have a Mac and have associated it with your Apple ID at least once, you have numerous chances of tracing your account. You can, in fact, follow different procedures to succeed in your intent.

    The simplest way you can go is to log in to System preference (the gear icon located on the Dock bar), select the icon of iCloud from the window that opens and write down the data listed in the left sidebar, i.e. name and email address of the Apple ID.

    Alternatively, staying in System preference, you can click on the icon Internet account I will select the voice iCloud from the left sidebar: you will find your Apple ID name and email address at the top right of the window that opens.

    If neither of the above two paths led you to find your Apple ID, you can try searching for the account in the default Mac applications.

    • iTunes - as explained earlier in the chapter dedicated to Windows, you can view your Apple ID by starting iTunes and selecting the voice View my account from the menu Account. If that fails, it means you've never used your Apple ID to access iTunes online content.
    • Mac App Store and iBooks - if you start the macOS App Store (the letter "A" icon on a light blue background) or iBooks (the book icon on an orange background) and go to the menu Store (above), you can find the email address associated with your Apple ID next to the entry View my account, while selecting the option in question you can access all the other account details.
    • FaceTime - by going to the preferences of FaceTime, you can see your Apple ID next to the entry Apple ID, in the tab Settings .
    • Messages - even the Messages application allows you to find out your Apple ID. To take advantage of this possibility, go to the preferences of Messages, select the tab Account and you will find your Apple ID in the list of available accounts (as long as you have linked the application to your ID in the past).

    Find Apple ID on Apple TV

    If you have aApple TV (the media center produced by the Cupertino giant, of which I told you in depth in my tutorial on how Apple TV works), you can find your Apple ID by accessing the menu of Settings and going up Account > iCloud o Account > iTunes Store e App Store.

    Find Apple ID via browser

    If in the past you have used your computer to access (the official iCloud site, through which you can manage your account and access the online services of the Cupertino giant, such as iCloud Mail or the iCloud Photo Library) and you have checked the box to let the browser remember your account, you can find your Apple ID by clicking on the you don't know (top right) and selecting the item ICloud settings from the menu that appears. On the page that opens, you will find your personal photo with the name and email address associated with your Apple ID next to it.

    Another site that could allow you to recover the Apple ID is the one that the company with the bitten apple has set up precisely for managing user accounts: If you have logged in to this site in the past and checked the box Remember my Apple ID, on the home page you will find the login form pre-filled with the email address associated with your Apple ID, while by logging in you will be able to view all the details of your account (name, associated devices, payment preferences and so on).

    Finally, I remind you that if you use the browser password memorization function and in the past you have logged in to sites such as iCloud or Apple ID, you can easily access the database of passwords stored in your favorite browser program ( ex. Chrome o Safari) and get your Apple ID email address and password from there. You can find more information on this procedure in my tutorial on how to recover passwords saved on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

    Recover Apple ID in case of loss

    If none of the above solutions allowed you to find the Apple ID, you can go directly to the Cupertino giant and follow the procedure of account recovery (if you don't remember the name or email address associated with your Apple ID) and / or that of password reset (if you don't remember the password to log in).

    To recover your account, connect to this web page and click on the item If you have forgotten your Apple ID, you can search for it here. which is located at the bottom. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering name, last name e email address in the appropriate text fields, copy the security code you see below in the field Type the characters in the image and click on the button Continue. If there is a match between the data entered in the form and one of the accounts on Apple's servers, you will see the message appear Apple ID found and, under the latter, the recovered ID (plus the button to access the account management page).

    If you do not remember the password required to access your Apple ID, connected to this web page, type theemail address associated with the account and the security code in the appropriate text fields and presses the button Continue. Then, if prompted, also type the telephone number you have associated with your ID, click on Continue and choose whether to reset the password using another device linked to Apple ID or the registered telephone number to the latter. You will receive a link to reset your password on one of the devices associated with your Apple ID (via push notification) or on your mobile (via SMS).

    If any step is not clear to you, you can find more detailed instructions on how to recover Apple ID password in my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

    Recover Apple ID data

    Would you like to retrieve the data associated with your Apple ID, so you can find out what information is being collected about you? At the time of writing, Apple does not offer a direct option to directly download the data associated with your ID (it will do so shortly to comply with the new European online privacy regulations), but you can send a request to do so (in English language) by connecting to this Web page, selecting the item Privacy issues give menu to tendin I have a question about and filling in the form that is proposed.

    Apple should acknowledge the request within a day or two and email a download link for all data associated with the Apple ID of the requesting user.

    How to find Apple ID

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