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    The best connectionless games on Android and iOS in 2021


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    Time to occupy in transport or at your vacation spot, but all without a decent Internet connection? Fortunately, there are a slew of mobile games available offline. Here is a small selection of the best of them, in different genres, free or paid.

    Alto's Odyssey

    Despite the deployment of 4G and 5G, it happens on the move that you find yourself without a connection on your smartphone, whether in a metro, in a white zone or abroad if you do not have a package. international. However, it is not impossible to use your phone to play games, as long as you have taken the time to download the right games beforehand. So here's our pick of the best offline games for Android (and mostly iPhone).

    If you have an Apple Arcade subscription on your Apple product, we also have a selection of our favorite games for you. For Android users, consider the Play Pass service which, on the principle of a monthly subscription, provides unlimited access to a selection of high-quality mobile applications and games, without advertising or in-app purchases.

    The best free offline games for Android smartphones and iPhones

    Rayman Adventures

    Here we find the famous hero of Ubisoft without arms or legs, but always ready for adventure, in a fun platform game that uses the usual codes of the franchise. Rayman must this time find the ancestral eggs that have been stolen and scattered around the world. You choose your hero or heroine and then set off to roam the decor in search of the Incrediballs, these strange beings who will help you in your mission, or free the Teensies.

    A very pleasant game for the retina and which takes full advantage of the tactile controls which are very easy to assimilate. The game is free, but has some in-app purchases to take advantage of certain options (obviously you will need an internet connection at this time!)

    Rayman Adventures

    Download Rayman Adventures Free APK


    In Sixit, you play as a sort of mammal crystallizing the hopes of an entire village to escape a terrible storm that threatens the inhabitants. The only problem: you are only entitled to six actions each time you go for a walk in the said village.


    Download Sixit free APK

    So choose your six actions wisely to complete all your quests, explore all the places and solve all the puzzles. Please note that the game is not available in Spanish.

    I Love Hue

    Some games strain your nerves, while others on the contrary are a great way to decompress. I Love Hue falls into this second category. The goal is simple: replace the colored boxes in the order to restore a fresco with a gradient of colors to its initial condition. Between the relaxing music and the compliments at the end of each level, it's guaranteed Zen atmosphere.

    I Love Hue

    Download I Love Hue Free APK

    Alto's Odyssey

    Alto's Odyssey is the successor to Alto's Adventure. We embody a sand surfer who lets himself slide in superb sand dunes. You have point and trick goals to complete to unlock characters with various abilities. The game benefits from superb colors and very relaxing soft music. An unpretentious game that does its job perfectly on long subway journeys. The title is free, but you have to pay a handful of euros to get rid of the ads.

    Alto's Odyssey

    Download Alto's Odyssey Free APK

    Adventure Call

    Who hasn't dreamed of playing a llama? With Adventure Llama it is now a reality! The camelid advances automatically and you control its leaps, with the possibility also of hovering in the air at will. Jump from platform to platform, push boxes, activate buttons and solve puzzles to collect as many points as possible. This one-finger gameplay, accessible for all, and its crazy universe will make this game fun for young and old. On the other hand, the ads are numerous…

    Adventure Call

    Download Adventure Llama Free APK

    Fallout Shelter

    Taken from the best-selling Bethesda franchise, Fallout Shelter is a game of management and survival. You play as a builder, responsible for a fallout shelter. You will have to manage resources and energies, welcome inhabitants, assign them tasks according to their strengths and make sure that everything prospers. But beware, invasions are waiting for you and you will also have to take the risk of getting out of the shelter to retrieve objects.

    Fallout Shelter

    Download Fallout Shelter Free APK

    Once Upon a Tower

    A princess locked in a dungeon, a prince already defeated by the dragon. No problem, the heroine of Once Upon a Tower just has to use her hammer to descend the tower to escape quickly enough, avoiding traps and enemies. This platform game is one of the best available on Android.

    Once Upon a Tower

    Download Once Upon a Tower Free APK

    Kingdom Rush

    The Kingdom Rush series is undoubtedly the queen of Tower Defense on mobile. Long paid, the first episode of the series has become free. And if you've never done it before, here's what to expect: perfectly balanced gameplay, progressive difficulty, and sublime graphics that accompany ten hours of single player campaign play. A classic. Note the existence of Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Origins which are the next two episodes of the series. But they are not free (0,59 and 3,19 euros).

    Kingdom Rush

    Download Kingdom Rush Free APK


    The hack'n'slash style is arguably one of the most satisfying in the gaming industry. Massacre dozens of enemies with a vengeance or with a lot of incantations has something paradoxically soothing. Eternium is no exception to the rule and offers to live a fantasy adventure where you will have to explore dungeons, forests and villages while improving your character. The game has pretty neat graphics and is free to play, but obviously in-app purchases will entice you to spend money to unlock bonuses.


    Download Eternium Free APK

    Space Marshals 2

    Space Marshals 2 is an isometric 3D action / infiltration game set in a space wild west. We play a marshall of space in charge of maintaining order. Infiltrate and take advantage of the many nooks and crannies to move forward discreetly and isolate your enemies. Between action, infiltration and dual-stick shooter, this title shines both by its gameplay and its very neat graphics.

    It's available for free (with ads between each level, or a timer when you're offline), but you can remove the ads and get better rewards by paying the $ 6 Pro version.

    Space Marshals 2

    Download Space Marshals 2 Free APK

    Plague Inc.

    Since 2020, Plague Inc. has taken on a whole new dimension. It is nonetheless an excellent game, perfect for killing time. Your goal is to infect the whole world and wipe out the world's population with the help of a virus. Collect DNA points and mutate it to make it ever more contagious and deadly. For 99 cents, you'll remove the ads and get some extra, but dispensable, features.

    Plague Inc.

    Download Plague Inc. Free APK


    No question of strategy, reflection or puzzles in Duet, address and skill are the key words. In Duet, you have to direct two red and blue balls at the end of each level without hitting an obstacle. Easier said than done as some levels are complicated. To be reserved for patient people, but if you manage to overcome this barrier, you will quickly become addicted!


    Download Duet Free APK

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    Another game described as legendary. Entered into the video game Hall of Fame in May 2019, Microsoft's Solitaire has its mobile version with Microsoft Solitaire Collection. The game offers the classic 90-2000 era version and four other modes like Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks and Pyramid. The game also offers a system of daily challenges and rewards. It is a pleasure to find the animations of the time on this clearly legendary game.

    Microsoft Solitaire Collection

    Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection Free APK

    Hungry Cat Picross

    Picross was a reference on DS or a 3DS. Logic game par excellence, the Picross ask to tick boxes in a grid by following the number clues located outside said grid. The rules are very simple to assimilate, but a large dose of rigor and thought is required. The ideal kind of application for a long haul in transport. Here in Hungry Cat Picross the boxes are colored, adding a new dimension to simple numbers.

    Hungry Cat Picross Purrfect Edition

    Download Hungry Cat Picross Purrfect Edition Free APK

    Asphalt 8 : Airborne

    Asphalt is the benchmark for smartphone racing games. Gameloft offers its 8th opus with a fairly complete offline mode that allows you to drive on various circuits with your vehicles! Attention, the successor Asphalt 9 also exists, but this one is only available in online version. The game has high quality graphics and has an in-app purchase system.

    Asphalt 8: Airborne

    Download Asphalt 8: Airborne Free APK

    The best paid offline games on Android and iOS

    Note that if you pay for a game and you don't like it, you can request a refund from the Google Play Store within two hours of purchase.


    Gray is a moving game, telling the adventures of a young girl of the same name. Haunted by a painful experience, she created a world in which she lost her footing. Her grief is reflected in her aerial clothing and she discovers new abilities to help him evolve. A dreamlike and visually stunning epic, accompanied by a haunting soundtrack. A game that will not leave you indifferent and in which your logic will be put to the test to develop Gris, who is discovering herself as much as her reality.


    Download GRAY free APK


    Do we still need to present Minecraft? This game has conquered millions of players with its universe where we have to build simple houses at the beginning before tackling the creation of sumptuous palaces when we have amassed enough resources. The game is particularly distinguished by its fairly unique cubic graphics. There is a multiplayer mode, but you won't need any internet connection to have solo fun.


    Download Minecraft for free APK

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

    Final Fantasy XV has its version dedicated to mobiles: the Pocket Edition. It takes up the full story of the game with new graphics and adapted gameplay. Chapter 1 is free, but Square Enix had the good idea to pay the following chapters from 1 to 4 euros per chapter, or 20 euros for the whole game. Paying experience requires, the game does not include any pay-to-win or advertising mechanics, it's always good news on mobile.




    A gloomy environment, a little boy forced to flee from danger constantly, mechanisms to activate and a breathtaking artistic direction… Limbo is a brilliant game that you should not miss if you are looking for a title that combines action, skill and puzzles. We particularly salute the well-groomed handling despite the limitations of touch screens on this kind of gameplay. The end of the game, for its part, raises many questions as it is so mysterious. For that alone, it is worth the detour.


    Download Limbo for free APK

    Lara Croft Go et Hitman Go

    Lara Croft isn't just a super-armed heroine who can survive on her own with a machete and a matchbox on a desert island full of pirates. She is above all an explorer who uses her brains to solve puzzles based on levers while avoiding hostile fauna. And that's what Lara Croft Go offers, which perfectly manages to transcribe the spirit of the series while inserting welcome puzzle phases. A must have on Android.

    Lara Croft GO

    Download Lara Croft GO free APK

    And while you're at it, be sure to check out Hitman Go. The gameplay mechanics aren't the same at all, but the Agent 47 universe is just as interesting to wade through.

    Hitman GO

    Download Hitman GO free APK

    Card thief

    A self-respecting master thief must exercise the utmost discretion and a good dose of ingenuity. The character you play in Card Thief must not get caught if he wants to succeed in stealing the loot from the castles he visits. This title is a card game where you have to make the most of the moves you can make, the bonuses within your reach and the dark areas that allow you to move forward without being seen. Every move needs to be carefully thought out if you want to be sure to fool the guards, dogs, and owls watching the scene. If it is available for free, you will have to pay to pass the first level. And there is no Spanish version.

    Card thief

    Download Card Thief Free APK

    The Monument Valley series

    Still in non-combat games, Monument Valley is hands down one of the best puzzle games out there on mobile. The object of the game is to move little Ida from one point to another of levels inspired by the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher. Tables with impossible geometric shapes and changing depending on the perspective. An intelligent game, relaxing and of great beauty. The game had an equally successful sequel, Monument Valley 2.

    Monument Valley

    Download Monument Valley for free APK

    Monument Valley 2

    Download Monument Valley 2 for free APK

    The series The Room

    Are you stuck on a train for two hours not knowing what to do? So start The Room, whether it's the first, second or last episode, it doesn't matter, it's possible to do them separately without having done the others. The principle is always the same: stuck in different rooms of a dark mansion, the player must find a way out by observing the different objects there. The puzzles are always incredibly logical, the graphics are sublime and the whole is surrounded by an intriguing scenario. A classic on mobile.

    The Room

    Download The Room for free APK

    The Room Two

    Download The Room Two for free APK

    The Room Three

    Download The Room Three for free APK

    The Room: photo0.jpg

    Download The Room: Old Sins for free APK

    The Reigns series

    "The king is dead, long live the queen!" ". Reigns: Her Majesty is the sequel to Reigns, a narrative card game that puts you in the shoes of a monarch. Each year, a dilemma is imposed on you and your decision will result in the life and prosperity of your kingdom, or why not... your death. You'll quickly come back and swipe your finger right or left to see how many years you can last in power. Both titles in the series are successes that we recommend as much as the other.


    Download Reigns free APK

    Reigns: Her Majesty

    Download Reigns: Her Majesty for free APK

    Thimbleweed Park

    Have you experienced the golden age of Point & Click adventure games in the early 1990s? Ron Gilbert, screenwriter of Day of the Tentacle or The Secret of Monkey Island, wanted to return to it by creating Thimbleweed Park. This game takes up everything that made the quality of the games of the time: control of several characters, crazy dialogues, puzzles and a graphic style recognizable among a thousand, all with a very present humor and references to popular culture galore.

    Thimbleweed Park

    Download Thimbleweed Park for free APK

    The other best games for Android and iPhone

    If you do not find what you are looking for in this ranking of the best offline games for Android, it is possible that it is in our other selections of thematic games and in our selection of the best free games.

    The best free games for Android in 2021

    If you are looking for the best games on Android without spending a dime, here is a selection of free games that will let you pass the time for less.

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