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    How to find Sandy on Brawl Stars

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    Preliminary information

    Before explaining to you how to find Sandy on Brawl Stars, I have to give you some preliminary information about it. You must in fact know that Sandy is a legendary champion that can only be unlocked by opening the brawl speakers. For this reason, it is difficult to obtain: unlike other champions of Brawl Stars, in fact, it is not possible to receive it upon reaching a specific objective in the path of trophies.

    Having said that, it is still possible to have it: to do this you need to carry out a series of activities in the game and open the brawl speakers of rewards which, among other things, may also contain the sample in question. As easily understood, however, success is not guaranteed: indeed, to be honest, the probability of obtaining Sandy or other legendary champions like this are quite low.

    Things get much easier if you decide to put your hand to your wallet, but I'll tell you more about this later. Now let's see how to get the brawl speakers for free.

    Get Sandy on Brawl Stars for free

    If you wish get Sandy on Brawl Stars for free, you will be happy to know that you can do this by doing different actions in the game every day. These actions, as easily understood, allow you to get many brawl cases but require a high number of hours to be carried out.

    Level up on the trophy path

    One of the first solutions you can put in place to get the brawl speakers and, consequently, increase the chances of obtaining Sandy, is to level up in the path of trophies.

    Il path of trophies is a path to objectives that allows you to obtain various prizes, including the brawl speakers. Trophies are earned by winning matches against other players and when they stack up 180 trophies, you can go up to the next level and receive 10 tokens. THE coin they serve to progress in season di Brawl Stars and get the rewards provided by the threshold reached.

    For example, at the time of this writing, it is possible to get one checkout Brawl upon reaching 5 trophies. Clearly, the goal is to continue to level up in the path of trophies, in order to get the huge chest or the mega crate: the latter, in fact, allow you to obtain legendary samples with higher percentages than simple ones brawl speakers.

    Going into more detail, always at the time of writing, it is possible to obtain one huge chest upon reaching 650 trophies and mega crate upon reaching 5.000 trophies.

    Play Events

    To level up in the path of trophies (but also in the season) Of Brawl Stars and get the brawl speakers, you have to spend several hours playing the Supercell title. In this regard, the best solution to optimize the achievement of the desired goal is to play the private events and replay each time they reset.

    Su Brawl Stars there are different types of private events, such as the one named Arraffagemme, which allows players to battle in a 3 vs 3 map in order to collect as many gems before time runs out.

    Following the victory, gods are obtained experience points, as well as a variable number of coin and trophies: especially thanks to the latter it is possible to level up in path of trophies and progress in thresholds area of season.

    Going more specifically, progress in season it is very profitable from the point of view of rewards, as for each threshold reached it is possible to obtain one checkout Brawl, a huge chest or a mega crate. For example, at the time of this writing, it is possible to get one huge chest when the threshold is reached number 3.

    Play the daily missions

    To get faster i coin which allow you to level up in the season of Brawl Stars it is also recommended to complete the daily missions. The latter, in fact, require you to perform some particular actions in the game, such as those of defeating a certain number of enemies using a specific champion.

    For example, as of this writing, defeating 12 enemies with the champion Nita while playing a special event (as an example Arraffagemme) you can get a reward of 100 tokens. In this specific case, moreover, 100 tokens they are also enough to switch between threshold 2 to the threshold 3 in season and consequently obtain a huge chest, thanks to which it is possible to have a greater chance of obtaining Sandy.

    Get Sandy on Brawl Stars for a fee

    As anticipated, get Sandy on Brawl Stars it is not easy at all, as it is a question of the percentage of obtaining subject to the opening of the brawl speakers, obtainable as rewards after many hours spent in the game.

    However, it is possible to speed up the process e get Sandy for a fee, through the purchase of game items with real money: you will find more details about this in the next chapters of this tutorial.

    Buy the gems

    The main game currency of Brawl Stars are the gem, which are used to buy breakage, skin and other items in the shop. These can be obtained for free in the game, but only in a very limited way, as they are obtained as a reward for reaching specifics thresholds in season di Brawl Stars.

    To get more, you can buy the gem in shop with real money. Prices for the purchase of packages gem start at as little as € 2,29 per 30 gems to a maximum of € 109,99 for 2.000 gems.

    Relating to the purchase of a number of gem useful to get the boxes, you have to spend € 2,29 to purchase the package from 30 gems, necessary to obtain a huge chest. Instead, it is necessary to purchase the package from 80 gems, at a cost of € 5,49, to get one mega crate.

    Still regarding the possibility of speeding up the obtaining of the cases, it is possible to buy at the store, at the price of 40 tokens, doubles tokens (the minimum cost to get it is € 4,58) which allows you to double the next ones 100 tokens obtained upon completing battles in private events.

    Purchase the Brawl Pass

    The fastest solution to quickly and easily get more huge crates e mega speakers is to buy the Brawl pass. Through this season pass, in fact, it is possible to progress by threshold, obtaining additional rewards in addition to those obtainable by progressing in the season for free.

    For example, at the time of this writing, it is possible to get one mega crate upon reaching the threshold number 2 of the season, with the Brawl pass active.

    Il Brawl pass you get it through the purchase in gem: its cost is 169 gems (which correspond to € 10,99, thanks to the purchase of the package from 170 gems). Alternatively, you can purchase the Bundle del Brawl Pass, which allows you to automatically unlock the Brawl pass and also 8 thresholds: its cost is of 249 gems, which correspond to € 21,99, for the purchase of the package from 360 gems.

    How to find Sandy on Brawl Stars

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