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    How to find the date of notification of a registered letter

    Preliminary information

    How to find the date of notification of a registered letter

    See the date of notification of a registered letter it's not difficult at all: just have the right tools! In detail, it's all about making the tracking of the registered letter itself and wait for its status to change from "In process" to "Delivered": the date of the last change of status, in the vast majority of cases, is the date on which the registered letter is notified to the recipient.

    In order to succeed in the enterprise, it is necessary to have a browser (through which you can access the dedicated Internet site) and the number of the registered letter for which to monitor: this sequence, of 10-13 digits (the last of which is separated by a hyphen), also acts as a tracking code.

    The registered letter number is always stamped on the copy of the acceptance coupon which is delivered by the post office clerk, in case of shipment made by post. If, on the other hand, you send a registered letter through the digital registered mail service of City post office, the coupon is found in your personal bulletin board on the site: to access it, connected to the institution's website, press on the item My Area or on the symbol oflittle man visible at the top and enter the credentials of your account, in the appropriate fields.

    After a few seconds, you should see yours personal dashboard: when this happens, click on the wording Dashboard, complete the two-step verification by entering the second safety factor (if applicable) and select the message related to digital registered letter sent previously. If you have trouble seeing it, type the word registered mail in the search bar at the top and go on Submit, so you can find it quickly.

    The number thus obtained must be entered in full, in the research phase, without the hyphen (“-”) separating the last digits.

    How to find the date of notification of a registered mail from PC

    How to find the date of notification of a registered letter

    After locating and noting the number of the registered letter, you can go back to the date of notification of the same, simply by tracking it. To succeed in the enterprise, connected to the main page of the City post office site using the browser you usually use to surf the Internet, click on the button in the shape of magnifying glass located at the top right and enter the number of the registered letter in the appropriate text box, visible immediately below the writing Search for shipments.

    Now, you just have to give Submit and wait for the search to be completed: if you have entered the correct number, you should see, a little further down, a box called Your shipments. Within the latter there are some quick information regarding the registered letter sought: the number of the same, the typology (With art. generic registered letter) and lo delivery status.

    In particular, pay close attention to this last item: if the status is set to delivered, it means that the registered letter has been delivered to the sender. To know the notification date, click on the item Shipping details, visible just below, locate the item delivered in the table that appears a little further down and take a look at the corresponding item in the column Date and time.

    If you prefer, you can send a PDF document containing the shipping data of the registered letter via email, by clicking on the icon depicting a chiocciola, or download it by clicking on the symbol down arrow.

    How to see the notification date of a registered letter from smartphones and tablets

    How to find the date of notification of a registered letter

    If you do not have a computer to operate from, you can safely know when a registered letter has been notified to the recipient by acting as smartphone o tablet. All you have to do, in practice, is to open the navigation app you usually use on your device and follow the same instructions I gave you in the previous chapter of this guide: the procedure is almost identical, except for the location of menu items, buttons, and text boxes.

    Alternatively, you can also achieve the same result using the app Post office, which can be downloaded for free at Android (both from the Play Store and from the alternative markets present on devices not equipped with Google services) e iOS / iPadOS. This method will be particularly useful if you have a paper receipt for sending the registered letter, as the barcode on the latter can be scanned directly from the app.

    To download it, go to the store on your smartphone or tablet, search for the application using the appropriate function and, when you have found it, first tap on its name and then on the button Installa / Ottieni, to download it. If applicable, authenticate via facial recognition, fingerprint or password of the account used to start the download.

    Once the app is installed, open it and, if necessary, give (or deny) permission to access the position e / o alla receiving notifications. Following this operation, you should arrive at the main Post Office screen: tap the button (=) at the top right, touch the item Shipping Policy located in the menu that appears and touch the tab In progress, attached to the panel that appears later.

    From there, tap on the item Search shipping (below) or on the button Search shipping (in the center of the screen), grant theautorizzazione to access the camera by answering affirmatively to the warning that is displayed and, if possible, frame the barcode located in the upper right corner of the paper receipt: the number should be recognized after a while.

    If you do not have the receipt, or if you are unable to correctly frame the barcode, tap the button Or fill in manually located at the bottom, type the registered letter code in the text field that appears later and tap on the symbol of magnifying glass, to start the search.

    In a few moments, you should see all the information relating to the registered letter indicated: also in this case, pay close attention to the date corresponding to the status delivered (visible if the registered letter has already been served). All registered mail with tracking and delivery to the recipient will be available on the card Deliver (found in the section of the app relating to shipments), while those still in transit will be listed in the tab In progress.

    How to find the date of notification of a registered letter

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