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    How to install WhatsApp for free

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    Install Whatsapp for free on smartphone

    Need help with install WhatsApp for free on smartphones? Do not worry, in the course of the next chapters I will explain in detail the procedures that concern Android and iOS devices.


    If you have an Android smartphone, before installing WhatsApp, you need to make sure your device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data. To perform this check quickly, check that the respective icons located in the Android notification bar (accessible by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom).

    If your smartphone is connected to the internet, log in to Play Store of Google by pressing on its icon on the home screen (the ▶ ︎ symbol colored) and type in the term WhatsApp in the search field above. Then, press on the symbol of a magnifying glass that you find on the keyboard, in order to start the search.

    Once the preview tab of WhatsApp, press on it, tap the button Install and finally, press on Accept, to start downloading and installing the app automatically. If you are reading this guide via your smartphone Android, you can speed up the execution of these steps by directly tapping on this link that refers to the app WhatsApp in the Play Store.

    If, on the other hand, you intend to install the application WhatsApp Business (intended for professionals and commercial activities), type its name in the search bar of the Google virtual store or press directly on this link to download and install it as already explained.

    Once the download is complete, launch the WhatsApp pressing on the button apri that you see on the screen or, using the home screen of your smartphone, touch the icon of the app that will have been added.

    Your smartphone does not have the Play Store? In this case, to install Whatsapp for free you need to connect to the application's website, in order to download its file APK. Before doing this, however, you need to enable the ability to install apps from unknown sources via the browser or via a file manager app, such as Files Go by Google.

    To do this, go to the menu of Settings of Android by pressing the icon with the symbol of a gear on the home screen. Then press on the items Security and Privacy > Install sconosciute app, choose the app with which you want to open and install the WhatsApp app (for example Files Go by Google) and, finally, move the lever to ON, corresponding to the item Consenti l'installazione di app.

    In case you have any doubts about the execution of this procedure, refer to my guide in which I tell you in detail how to perform this operation. Once this is done, start the browser you usually use to browse the Internet (such as Google Chrome) connected to and tap, in sequence, on the buttons Download now e OK, in order to download the installation package on your smartphone.

    Once the download is complete, start the file APK via the browser or via the previously enabled file management app, then press, in order, on the buttons Install e apri to install the WhatsApp.


    If you own a iPhone, before installing WhatsApp you need to make sure your device is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. To carry out this verification in record time, make sure that the respective icons located in the Control Center iOS (which you can access with a swipe from the top right corner of the screen on iPhone X and later or with a swipe from bottom to top on all previous models of "iPhone by").

    Once this is verified, tap on theApp Store which is present on the home screen of your iPhone (the letter "A" on a blue background), presses the button Search (the symbol of magnifying glass) located at the bottom of the screen, then type the term whatsapp e fai tap sul pulsating Search located on the keyboard.

    Once you have identified the WhatsApp icon among the corresponding search results, press on it and install it by tapping the button Get e Install. If requested, for confirmation purposes, authorize the download by typing the Password of your iCloud account or by verifying your identity through the touch ID or Face ID.

    If you are reading this guide directly on your iPhone, you can also tap on this link to view the app directly WhatsApp within the App Store and install it as just explained.

    Once the download is complete, launch the WhatsApp pressing on the button apri you see in the App Store or presses on its icon: you will find it on the iPhone home screen.

    Install Whatsapp for free on tablet

    As for the installation of WhatsApp on tablet, refer to the next paragraphs and to the instructions regarding Android and iOS. But first a clarification: you must know that in reality WhatsApp is not compatible with tablets but there are some solutions, which I will talk about in the next lines, that allow you to install and use this application.


    If you have an Android tablet with telephone functionality and therefore with a SIM installed, you can easily download WhatsApp on it, just as if it were a smartphone. Obviously in this case you will not have the same number, as you will get a specific account for the SIM present on the tablet. To download and install WhatsApp, refer to the previous chapter.

    If, on the other hand, your tablet does not have the possibility of inserting a SIM, you can still install the application of WhatsApp means APK, by downloading it from the official website, as I indicated in the previous chapter dedicated to Android smartphones. In that case, I remind you that you can only have access to the app from one device per number.

    Alternatively, if you want to use the same number on your Android tablet, you can use the WhatsApp Web service by connecting to its official website from a browser. In this case, to configure usage of WhatsApp Web on an Android tablet, also take the smartphone in which the WhatsApp app is installed and, once you reach the section Settings> WhatsApp Web, frame the code QR that you see on your tablet.

    In case of problems or doubts looking at the use of WhatsApp Web, read my guide dedicated to the subject.


    As for the iPads, even on iOS it is possible to install the WhatsApp application only on smartphones. In reality, however, there is a "loophole": it is in fact possible to install WhatsApp on the iPad but only on devices with the jailbreak.

    In this regard, if you want to know more about this topic, as it is a complex procedure to be explained in a few lines, read my guide on how to install WhatsApp on iPad.

    If, on the other hand, you want to opt for an easy and affordable solution for everyone, I recommend using an application like WhatsPad, which allows you to have WhatsApp on your tablet through the use of an app that connects to WhatsApp Web.

    To install this application, once identified through theApp Store just press the button Get and then on the one named Install, possibly starting the download via the touch ID or by typing the Password iCloud account.

    Alternatively, you can go directly to the WhatsApp Web site from your tablet using the Safari browser, and log in to your account by scanning, with the help of your smartphone, the QR code you see on the screen.

    This way you can avoid installing the previously mentioned app and use WhatsApp at the same time on both iPhone and iPad. In particular, by logging in to Web WhatsApp via the browser Safari you can take advantage of the special feature that allows you to add a quick link icon on the device home screen.

    To do this, once the initial screen of Web WhatsApp press the icon with the symbol of sharing (The quadrato with the freccia verso l'alto); then in the drop-down menu that appears on the screen, press button Ago to home, so add Web WhatsApp as an icon on the home screen.

    Install WhatsApp for free on your computer

    If it is your intention to find out what needs to be done in order to install WhatsApp for free on your PC, I have good news for you: using the famous instant messaging service on a computer is possible, as you just need to take advantage of the free official web client.

    In order to use WhatsApp on a PC, however, you must also have the app installed on your smartphone, as you will be prompted to scan the QR code and log into your account, just as if you were using it Web WhatsApp.

    In this regard, in the next few lines I will talk to you in detail about the procedure to be carried out to install WhatsApp on Windows and macOS computers.


    If you want to download the WhatsApp on PC Windows, connected to the official website of the company, press the button Download located in the top bar and then click on the button Download for Windows you see on the screen.

    Once done, once the download of the installation file is finished WhatsAppSetup.exe, start it by double-clicking and wait for the program to install and start automatically.

    Alternatively, if you own a computer Windows 10, you can connect to the Microsoft Store in order to download the WhatsApp application even faster by pressing the button Install.


    To install WhatsApp su MacOSinstead, connected to the official website of the application, click on the button Download located at the top and then press the button Download via Mac OS X present in the center of the page, in order to take the file .dmg.

    Once the download of the executable is finished, start it by double clicking and dragging the icon of WhatsApp in the folder Applications macOS to install it. If you need more information on how to use WhatsApp on PC, refer to my tutorial dedicated to this topic.

    Also, don't forget that, if you want to use WhatsApp on Windows and macOS, you can directly connect to the WhatsApp Web page, in order to scan the QR code located in the WhatsApp app settings on your smartphone. In this way, you can easily use the service from a computer, through the use of a browser.

    In this regard, if you want to know more about the functioning of WhatsApp Web, read this tutorial of mine in which I talk about it in detail.

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