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How to install WhatsApp on Samsung

Install WhatsApp on Samsung

As I told you at the beginning of the guide, install WhatsApp on Samsung it's very easy: below you will find explained how to do it and how to configure the app so that you can immediately start using it. Happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary operation

Before taking the actual action, and therefore installing WhatsApp on your Samsung, it is advisable that you know some important information: the installation of WhatsApp takes place using the Play Store, the Android digital store that is used to download the various apps.

The Play Store, to be used, requires the configuration of a Google account on your device. Consequently, you have to worry about associating your Google account with your smartphone, however, check that you have done this and if not, fix it. If you don't already have a Google account, don't worry: you can immediately deal with it by reading my tutorial focused on how to create Google accounts.

That said, to associate the Google account with your Samsung smartphone you have to take the mobile phone, unlock it, log in to the drawer (the screen where you find the icons of all the apps installed on Android grouped) and press the icon of Settings (Quella with l 'gear). In the new screen you see, presses on the item Cloud and accounts, by your complaint Account and select the wording Add account. Then tap ongoogle icon and type yours in the fields displayed on the screen credenziali d'accesso to your Google account, so that you can log in.

Next, you will need to specify which ones give it is your intention to automatically synchronize with the cloud services of "Big G" (I advise you to leave all the default settings active) and you will have to set a payment method for the purchase of applications and multimedia content from the Play Store (if you do not want to set one, press the button Ignore).


After associating the Google account with your device you can, finally, install WhatsApp on Samsung. How you do it? Simple, indeed, much more! Grab your mobile, unlock it, log in to drawer (the screen where the icons of all the apps on the device are grouped) and tap on the icon Play Store (the one with the multicolored ▶ ︎ symbol).

At this point, you have to go to the section of the Play Store dedicated to WhatsApp. To do this, visit the link I just provided on your smartphone. Alternatively, tap on Campo di Ricerca at the top of the screen, type "Whatsapp" (without quotes) and select the first suggestion in the list that appears. In the new screen displayed, presses the button Install and (if necessary) on that Accept, after which the app download and installation procedure will start immediately.

If you can't find the Play Store icon in the drawer of your Samsung, it's not you who have vision problems, don't worry! Most certainly, you have an import device and / or a cheap terminal and the Play Store is not installed due to licensing issues. To remedy this, you can install it by following the procedure I explained to you in my tutorial dedicated to how to install Play Store on Android.


After installing WhatsApp on your Samsung device, you can launch the application and carry out the initial configuration, so that you can start chatting with your contacts.

Then start WhatsApp by pressing the button apri appeared in the relevant section of the Play Store or by selecting yours icon (Quella with the green speech bubble and the telephone handset symbol) just added to the drawer. Then press the button Accetta and continue e seleciona le voci Continue e Allow (twice in a row), in order to allow WhatsApp to access contacts, photos, multimedia content and files.

Now, WhatsApp must send you, by SMS, a code to proceed with the creation of the account and validate your number. So, enter your mobile number in the field telephone number, make sure that the correct prefix is ​​set in the adjacent field (presumably) and that your country is selected in the menu at the top. Then, press the button NEXT and on the voice OK.

Once this is done, WhatsApp will send you the aforementioned code. Once received, type it in the dedicated field shown on the display and wait for the account to be activated. If you haven't received the code yet, select the option for receive a new message or the one to proceed with thetelephone identification.

If you previously used WhatsApp on another Android phone and had activated the backup with Google Drive, you will see a screen appear from which you will have to choose whether you want to restore the latter or not. If you don't want to lose chats and media files, please agree.

Finally, type the name you want to set up for your profile in the field Enter your name, fai tap sull'icona della camera (left), select the photo you want to associate with the account from the smartphone gallery and tap the button NEXT.

Now, there is nothing left to do but get in touch with your friends. To find out how to do it and for more information on the use of WhatsApp, I refer you to reading my post dedicated to how you use WhatsApp.

Alternative procedure to install WhatsApp on Samsung

You can also install WhatsApp on Samsung by downloading the relevant one APK file (therefore its installation package) from the app's website or from other sources outside the Play Store, in the event that the latter is not present on your mobile phone or if, for one reason or another, you cannot to use it.

To do this, you must first activate the function that allows you to install apps from unknown sources on your device, i.e. from sources other than the Play Store, in the Android settings. Then take your smartphone, unlock it, access the drawer (the screen where there are all the apps) and presses the icon of Settings (Quella with l 'gear).

In the screen you now see, select the item Safety or that one Screen lock and security e carries his ON the lever that you find next to the wording Unknown origin o Unknown sources. If in doing so a notice appears by which you must confirm the execution of the procedure in question, tap on the item OK.

If you are using a Samsung mobile equipped with Android 8.0 or higher, to install apps from sources outside the Play Store, go to the menu Settings> Apps and notifications, select the item related to browser from which you want to download the APK package (eg. Chrome), select the section Install sconosciute app and move up ON the lever for the voice Allow from this source.

At this point, you can proceed with the download and installation of the WhatsApp APK file: visit the website page of the famous instant messaging app dedicated to the Android version, press the button Download now and, if a warning appears with which you must confirm the download, presses on OK. If you are also asked which application you want to use to download the file, choose the one related to browser of reference.

In addition to the WhatsApp site you can, as I mentioned in the previous lines, also download the app from third-party portals, as in the case of the excellent APK Mirror. So, visit the section of the latter dedicated to WhatsApp and locate the most recent version of the app (I do not recommend the versions marked with the wording beta, as they are often subject to bugs, crashes and various problems, being still in the test phase), presses the icon with the down arrow that you find next to us, select the exact variant you want to download from the section Download and tap the button Download aPK. Then wait for the download to start and complete.

Subsequently, regardless of whether you have downloaded the APK of the app from the WhatsApp site or from other portals, open the file in question using the app archive (it is the one for file management that is pre-installed on Samsung devices) or any other file manager (I recommend you Files Google), tap on the name of the downloaded file and press the buttons Install e end to proceed with the installation.

Then, start WhatsApp by touching its icon (the one with the green speech bubble and the telephone handset symbol) added to drawer and configure your account to start using the service by following the same instructions on what to do that I gave you in the previous lines.

Install WhatsApp on tablet

And on Samsung tablet (as well as those of other brands)? Is it possible to install WhatsApp? The answer is yes! Provided, however, to come to some compromise. I'll explain. WhatsApp is an app designed to work on mobile phones and, in "satellite" mode, on computers (in Web variant or using the client available for Windows and macOS), as I explained in detail in my tutorial focused on WhatsApp for PC .

Taking this into account, if your device supports the cellular network and if you have inserted a SIM card inside it, you can install WhatsApp by following the procedures indicated in this guide but, in this case, by creating an account with the number associated with the present card. in the tablet.

As for tablets without cellular network support, you can always install WhatsApp as I explained in the previous steps, but you can activate the account using the number of a SIM inserted in a mobile phone on which the application is not installed, as it is possible to use only one mobile device for each numbering. If this doesn't appeal to you, you could possibly consider using some alternative messaging app that allows you to do this, such as Telegram.

There are also applications created by third-party developers, whose user experience leaves enough to be desired, at least in most cases, which replicate the functioning of WhatsApp Web and which allow you to use the same WhatsApp account on both mobile and tablet. . If you want to learn more, you can read my post on how to install WhatsApp on tablets.

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