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    How to password protect a Word or Excel document

    You have a Word or Excel document that you want to password protect. It is possible and it is even very easy. Two options are available: simple protection (read or modify) and encryption for more security. In this tutorial, we will see how to do it.

    For the security of your professional or personal files, protect by password is essential. The Microsoft Office suite, and therefore the Excel and Word applications allow this. The process is the same for all the applications in the suite. Here's how to do it.

    How to put a password on Word or Excel?

    There are two ways to protect a Word or Excel file. The first is to simply add a password without which it will be impossible to modify or open the document. The second method goes beyond simple password protection. The file is fully encrypted for added security.

    Add a password to a Word or Excel document

    • Open the file you want to password protect
    • Click on File> Save As> Browse
    • At the bottom left of the Save button, click Tools
    • In the dialog box that opens, enter the password for reading (to prevent opening the document without the password)
    • Fill in only the second field Password for modification if you want to make the file read-only, i.e. allow free access to the document, but prevent any modification (saving)

    Encrypt a Word or Excel document

    If you want to go beyond adding a password to Word or Excel document, here's how to encrypt it.

    • Open the Word or Excel document to be encrypted
    • Click on File
    • In the tab Information, click on the drop-down list Protect document / workbook then encrypt with password

    All you have to do is enter the desired password and you're done. Be sure to keep the password jealously so that you don't forget it, as this will permanently prevent you from accessing the protected file.

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